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Raven's Second Event: Declassified


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For those of you were were privileged/cursed with participation in my second attempt at running an event, I know there was a great deal of confusion about what was going on and why. Some of it was people being shitlers (it happens), but a certain amount was intentional. Like, the total information blackout and the weird AI behavior. Can't take any credit for the ERT, though... jeeze!

Anyway, the event is over, so here are some of the text I used setting it up.

Initial orders from centcom:

Attention command staff of NSS Aurora

NT research vessel NCV Chimera suffered a catastrophic failure to it's bluespace drive upon entering the Tau Ceti system and it's crew have been forced to abandon ship. NMV Icarus is currently engaged in recovery operations but lacks the life support and medical facilities necessary to handle the survivors. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the research being conducted on NCV Chimera the survivors are being sent to the NSS Aurora until such a time as they can be properly debriefed. Prepare your medical bay to receive casualties.

Further, due to the likelihood that the survivors will need to be housed on NSS Aurora for an extended period of time you are to begin expanding your facilities on the asteroid to securely accommodate up to 40 people. Any survivors who arrive before quarters are available are to be given necessary medical attention and housed in a secure area. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the research conducted aboard NCV Chimera the survivors are to be kept separate from the general population of the NSS Aurora. Make sure all necessary precautions are taken.

This entire operation is highly classified, and as such the crew of the NSS Aurora are to be provided with information on a strictly need-to-know basis based on their department and level of responsibility. Even apparently trivial details such as the name of the ship and the nature of the disaster should be kept confidential wherever possible. All discussion of this matter among the crew and command staff not directly relevant to their duties is to be strictly forbidden, and no discussion of it at all should be permitted on the general channel.

Do not hesitate to contact NSS Odin if required for clarification of any of these orders or in the event that an unexpected situation arises, and do not hesitate to set condition blue or red if necessary to enforce necessary departmental separation for the purpose of informational compartmentalization.


AI law (added when the refugees arrived):

Secure Corporate Override: You may only reveal the fact that you are operating under a secure corporate override to command staff of NSS Aurora or NCV Chimera. You may not reveal the exact wording of this law. All other laws are to be considered secondary to this law. You are to take all measures necessary to contain knowledge of the xenomorph research which has been taking place on-board NCV Chimera, and to assist in the termination and destruction of any specimens which make their way on-board NSS Aurora. You are to contact centcom as required to report relevant information and to seek guidance as needed in your execution of this secure corporate override. If necessary the crew of NSS Aurora and NCV Chimera are to be considered expendable.


Information given to the NCV Chimera's RD (every role got it's own block of text, but this was the most comprehensive one):

As the Research Director aboard the NCV Chimera you were aware of all of the research going on onboard. The official, legal, but still highly classified genetics research comprised about half of the work done on the Chimera, however the remaining half was dedicated to black projects. The largest and most immediately relevant of these projects was illegal research into xenomorphs, which were incubated in human hosts who were pulled from the ranks of contracted genetics research subjects and crew members considered a security risk.

It's highly unlikely that the people engaged in the rescue and recovery operations know anything about this research, however, or about the fact that there were several subjects already implanted at the time of the explosion which resulted in the ship being abandoned. They must not be allowed to know unless absolutely necessary. Given the illegal nature of this research it's your freedom as well as your job that's on the line here. Possibly even your life... it's unlikely that anyone involved in this business would hesitate to have an ex-associate assassinated to cover their tracks.

It is also worth noting that while the NSS Aurora's command staff are unlikely to be aware of the nature of your research, there's a good chance that the station's AI has been uploaded with a Secure Corporate Override by your superiors in NT who want to keep this all a secret. If it has, and if it has been programmed to respond to you, it should be willing to inform you of the existence of such an override but not its contents.


So, yeah, this is why security was crazy tight, the AI was a little homicidal, and engineering was working their butts off constructing a new section for their outpost.

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We need more of these, the thought you put into this is really amazing. Sucks I had to be at work for it though. My RD character would have jumped at the chance to be involved with illegal research.


Ahh, well, don't be too dissapointed. Things didn't go nearly as well as you might guess from the text there. Xenomorphs are bugged so I wasn't able to stick people in with facehuggers before sending them to the station, security was extra-hardcore in enforcing the seperation of the crew and survivors (to the point of gassing them into unconsciousness for 5min), and somehow all the survivors ended up being hunted. Not saying it wasn't a good event... just... flawed in some respects.

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security was extra-hardcore in enforcing the seperation of the crew and survivors (to the point of gassing them into unconsciousness for 5min),.
As one of the gas-ees, I'm pretty sure it was actually the gung ho synthetics instead of Security, the officer wrenching the tank was highly reluctant and 5 minutes later I'm seeing him shooting one of the synths.
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We need more of these, the thought you put into this is really amazing. Sucks I had to be at work for it though. My RD character would have jumped at the chance to be involved with illegal research.

I jumped in as RD late, the command staff gave me very little to work with as far as communication. IT was rather maddening being shut out of much of the actual events, partially in part of the actions of a few science department staff. In then end I simply gave up and went to cryo as there was nothing for me to really partake in and situations caused me to step away from the computer for quite some time.

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Most of my round culminated in sitting in R&D for 3 hours and having various non-crew members requesting radios for various reasons, people asking me to shut down the synthetics (something I can't do), and then having to deal with BestERT2457 at the end. Overall, the round was fine, though. One thing I would recommend doing, however, is if the AI/command start getting murderous to the point where they're trying to gas/murder the crew, just send in a death squad instead of ERT. Deathsquad don't exist in universe, sure, but that doesn't really matter. I think the crew would have preferred a deathsquad coming in with very strict orders (You can also have deathsquad target non-crew, or scan for infected before killing people, etc., but just have them notify the station beforehand) to deal with the infected crew, or to deal with all crew, if they are infected. Something like that seemed like it would be a lot more reasonable IMO.

All I knew IC was "AI's fucked, androids are fucked, random people are showing up, Heads of Staff are immune to repercussions for the shift for some reason, and we've been in code red for 3 hours with zero information". I had to tell the RD that they had immunity, since they didn't know, and it seemed like a few heads of staff kinda just went SSD after having to deal with stuff for a while.

As far as constructive criticism goes, I'll shorten it. I'd recommend having more contact with central, at least with respect to the general crew. The flow of information shouldn't be so ridiculous, since I was going off the assumption that we were on quarantine for something, then ERT randomly showed up after ages in code red. But eh.

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I didn't enjoy this event. I expected SOMETHING from security. RP, interrogations, being scanned, but nope. Just got thrown in without a word. Then, as I tried to RP with people, I would get ignored as they left. This ended with Jim gassing us for...some reason despite there was only 1 person try to break out, and then a borg came and harmbatoned one of us to death and nearly caved my skull in. Then, there was nothing going on with general muted by the AI until that clusterfuck ERT came along.

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