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Watches Displaying ETA and ETD


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Currently, watches do one thing, and that's to tell the round's time. If watches displayed ETA and ETD, they'd have a useful purpose as a utility. This could help you keep track if you were in the dark.

Oh and it can be explained with programmed timers and stuff. Watches can do that IRL.

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For it to display a date we'd have to anchor the round to a timezone, which isn't a problem, just a general complication. I use whatever the date was when the round started in my time. (So if a round starts 10/28 at 11pm and rolls over to 10/29 at 1am, I use 10/28 the whole time.)

Anchoring the date for it might fall in line with another suggestion I saw. http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=3846#p37919

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one more watch suggestion, could we add in like, long term countdowns with a beep at the end?

sec can use it to keep track of prisoners and synch it to cells

ops can use it to coordinate operations and have specific times to do stuff

assistants can use it to play games in the library instead of doing work

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