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Being part of the Cult



Hi all, I asked this on OOC chat today and got a no but I thought I'd ask this to the community at large.

Is it possible for a character to be part of the Cult outside of cult rounds (obviously in secret and not antaging)? The answer I got in OOC at the time was that to be converted you have to travel to Nar-sies' realm for a time so you can't be a cultist. My thoughts are that the cult has to actually get on the station some how anyway, so what's to say a member isn't already there?

During a cult round the character would obviously not be part of the cult (unless converted) for the sake of gameplay.

Either way it doesn't matter, just wanted some clarification is all.

Thanks in advance you guis.

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No, from the rules; Knowledge of the antagonists and Syndicate Items is restricted.

And from the baywiki's link which this rule itself redirects;


The Order of Nar'Sie is a secret and secluded cult, and is therefore not known by the crew.

The Chaplain/Counselor has limited knowledge, up to knowing that the cult is evil, should probably be stopped, and that holy water will deconvert those influenced by the cult.

However, it is (and should be) hard to convince anyone else of this.

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Fair enough. It just seemed like an interesting variation/addition on jackboots antag contest where an antag could be a cultist and carry out a secret objective of say converting folks or whatever.

It wouldn't be used as an ability to gain meta knowledge of the cult (which the "you dont know anything about the antags" rule is there for) because during a cult round the character wouldn't be part of the cult or know anything about it...unless of course the character is part of the cult for that round.

My next question would then be:

Can a character be part of another secret cult? A made up one in this case.

EDIT: Actually I've stumbled across an old topic where some folks agreed that knowledge of the cult (not of the runes but general worship) was OK. http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=553&hilit=Nar%27sie

Would a lore guy be able to confirm this?

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The "official" stance on this is no, but the reason for this rule was to prevent metagaming against the cultists, nothing else (after all, it wouldn't really be fair for them if they were arrested the moment they started to mention Nar'sie because everybody knew cultists were out to destroy the universe.)

If you want to pretend to be a cultist in your free time, imo, who really gives a damn? As long as it's done covertly and away from prying eyes, I really, really doubt it would cause much harm. You'd just have to make sure the people you talk to the cult about are cool with it, cause not everyone might want to play that game.

Anyway, you want to wait for word from an admin/loredev to be sure, but that's my take.

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