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Morphic Clerical Kit


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The Morphic Clerical Kit is a traitor item which would allow antags to fake signatures, stamps and paperwork at all. It is a box that contains a stamp that can take any shape, a pen that can change its color and if possible fake signatures and with other things like a hand labeler and wrapping paper.

So, if your nuke team plans to be a NanoTrasen inspection team, they can come with a paper with the stamp of central command itself allowing them.

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It would certainly make for some interesting situations. I love it.

Though to make it fair, to forge signatures of people present on station they'd need to somehow steal it - steal a document with their signature on it, have a blood sample or SOMETHING that doesn't make it like 'lol I'm signing like this guy now'.

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The device could be part digital, part mechanical. The digital portion consults the global NanoTrasen employee database (which would have their signed contract, mind you) and steals that signature to place it on another paper. There, mechanics justified.


Genius. Also, considering how many times we barely ever do paperwork, I think it should cost 1-3 telecrystals.

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Still makes things too easy.

For that idea, then - at round start the antag gets to pick seven signatures - two off-station signatures and five signatures of crewmembers. They can't change it without ordering a new pen.


You're spending TCs to get a task done right and efficient, and paperwork manipulation is an incredibly rare/risky form of subterfuge as is, considering how most people verbally contact/ask their upper command about anything that seems off. I really wouldn't add limitations for something that niche.

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