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Future Slang!


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Basically a thread to come up with slang for our characters to use in the year 2457. I'll probably be updating it as it goes on.

-Smeggo, an insult that is used to call someone gay/weak, considered homophobic.

-Guzzoline, blanket term for fuel.

-dakka, firepower.

-unit, term to refer to male friends, unette is female version.

-null, means bored.

-bonesprocket, killjoy.

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Bosh'tet: Derogative term for Tajarans.

Urdnot: Unathi compliment meaning strong and wise.


Oh you salarian you.

BUT YES - if we want to go there, Firefly has a nice collection right here.

My favorites:

Bughouse: Mental Hospital

Fuzzie-wuzzies: Someone who's easy to manipulate

Mite: Small amount. Can also be used sarcastically (as in: "We've got a mite amount of damage" when 50% of the place is breached)

Moonbrained: Dumb or crazy.

Sly: Another piece of slang to imply homosexuality

The Black: Space

Doxy: Prostitute

OTHERWISE there's also a few Mass Effect classics as above (translated to an Aurora context):

Cloaca: Human insult to Unathi, equivalent to 'lizard dickhead'

Boomstick: Hot-headed member of either Security or ERT

Sparks: Derogatory term that refers to engineers.

A few more that I mostly came up with:

(To)Tin, Tinning, Tinned: Terms referring to cyborgification and the people who go through with it.

Squiggly, Squiggles: Derogatory term that refers to Skrell

Brambles: A generic term that specifically refers to Diona security members

Wallflower: A generic term that specifically refers to Diona scientists

Boiled Egg: Derogatory term that refers to scientists - implies they aren't doing anything. Stems from the old insult 'egghead'.

Fedive[Noun], (To)fedive[verb], fedivic [adjective]: Human slang for synthetics (90% of the time, IPCs) with who they disagree with. Examples: "Synthetics aren't superior, you fedive!", "You're suggesting we DON'T evacuate the station? You're fediving." "Yeah I don't know why that IPC's allowed in command, they tend to be... fedivic.". Refers to the Pentium FDIV bug, suggesting they're processing things wrong.

Crayfish: Refers to a malfunctioning synthetic (AI, IPC, borgs). Refers the (by then) antiquated CRAY computers.

Will come up with more later

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