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Mount&Blade: Warband


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Upcoming Viking DLC (With Sailing! http://store.steampowered.com/app/321300/), whoop whoop. Time to bring these 622 hours of gameplay up to atleast 722.


I've bought the mod. Honestly, it's a buggy piece of shit and feels rather grindy at the moment.

I think I have some 400 hours in the normal game, but it isn't displayed on my steam page coz 'Arr'. The closest I got to unifying Calradia was with Vegirs as a loyal and rich vassal, where we conquired the Nords and great part of Swadia, but started getting raped by Khergits, Swadia and Rhodoks at the same time. The king refused to sign piece and I lost my town as a result. I ragequit.

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I took over the entire map. And then I fought some bandits and quit.

There was a cool mod for the vanilla M&B that I enjoyed, "Solid and Shade." Had a darker kind of tone to it, a la Edgar Alan Poe (and with plenty of references to boot.) Throw in some zombies, strange necromancy and creepy alchemy, and it was actually quite interesting.

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