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Staff Complaint: Thundy

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BYOND Key: Kazkin

Staff BYOND Key: Thundy

Reason for complaint: Waited until after I stated I was logging off because I had work in the morning to admin message me, then took so long to reply I left because irl priorities.

Evidence/logs/etc: Don't have them but someone can check the server logs and the time stamps.

Additional remarks: He waited until after I said I was logging off to message me about something I was ordered to say as pAI over general comms, the said statement happened roughly fifteen minutes before I stated I was logging off. He never said anything was wrong, only that I should not say what I did. I didn't reply seriously at first and after nearly ten minutes of waiting for a reply I logged off, stating in dead chat that I was logging off because I had work at 7:00 in the morning the next day and it was around 10:45 already. He didn't admin message me for the full minute after this statement as I waited in case anyone wanted to say good night and still didn't message me on byond when I was online for another ten minutes talking with someone else. He didn't say it was an issue or that I was actually in trouble so I didn't treat it seriously, and given what people told my pAI to act like, most of that round was far from serious. I can completely see why what I said may have been inappropriate for general comms but waiting nearly half an hour to bring it up /after/ I stated I was just about to log off because I had work /and then/ not replying for nearly ten minutes made me assume the issue was resolved.

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Hi, So what happened was:

I was told to ahelp you about the fact that you as your pAI was making comments that, although they were part of your laws, were highly sexual in nature and not PG-13.

I did and was returned with a reply that was not serious in the slightest. I asked in msay about what to do. This did not take 10 minutes. I went to reply to you asking for you to be serious in ahelps and you had logged off. My self and Tish who was on at the time (and Garn, if I remember correctly) took that as you logging. We did not receive a message from you saying you were logging off. It was then stated in msay that you were to receive a ban. I implemented that.

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[22:43:14]ADMIN: PM: Thundy/(Charlie Dove)->Kazkin/(R.A.T.): Hey, just to let you know, that message you wrote on the common comms was a bit over the line in terms of the sexual nature it exhibited. If you could tone it back a bit, that would be swell.

[22:44:08]ADMIN: PM: Kazkin/(R.A.T.)->Thundy/(Charlie Dove): If booty butt cheecks is too sexual then clearly we need more booty butt cheecks

[22:44:56]ADMIN: PM: Kazkin/(R.A.T.)->Thundy/(Charlie Dove):

listen and be amazed

[22:57:56]ADMIN: thundy has banned kazkin.

[22:57:56]ADMIN: Thundy/(Charlie Dove) has edited kazkin's notes.


Your only mention of logging off was in DSay, and since no staff member is required to monitor all chats at all times, it was missed. You were given about 13 minutes to reconnect, and then day banned for logging during a discussion without an admin.

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It was not handled in a timely manner, I'm not saying I was inappropriate IC. What was inappropriate was the gross amount of time Thundy took to A) Even alert me as I stated I was logging off minutes before being first messaged and B) The time it took between replies was so long I assumed the issue was settled and logged off to go to sleep.

Now I've got a note stating I'll log off when delt with and a ban on my record because the staff was so slow in doing anything that sleep over took me. If the my multiple messages of logging off are missed by not one but several people then why is that my fault?

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Is there any possibility you guys might want to rule this one as a misunderstanding?

Mod wanted to contact user over minor incident. User reacts with humorous reply (if the user was PMed over their use of the words "booty butt cheeks" I can sorta understand their reaction). Mod takes a really long time to reply again. User, not really sure what they should do (if anything, as the initial PM was a one-way statement, not an inquiry), announces their departure in deadchat. Mod misses said announcement, assumes user logged on them, and places a minor ban, on msay's consensus.

The thing that irks me is that the communication exhibited by the mod here really looked like a one-way thing. Like, Thundy didn't ask Kazkin a question or tried to work on an ongoing issue, she just warned him about previous behavior. Even if Kazkin replied in a contesting tone, the lack of a reply for the next ten minutes should pretty much absolve him of any wrongdoings committed through the simple action of logging off - there was no reasonable indication at that point that Thundy still required his presence. As such it doesn't feel really fair to punish the user simply for being unable to guess an ambiguous exchange wasn't complete.

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If you were to read my reply, FFrances, then you'd take note that the 13 minutes between the last communication and the ban were time that Kazkin was no longer on the server. (Ergo, the time he was allotted to reconnect.) He logged roughly 30 to 60 seconds after sending his last reply. Plus, you're looking at a minor correction, something similar to whenever someone starts screeching in all caps, or posting smileys IC, or whatever: we generally pass a request for the player to correct it, and that's it. If further elaboration is required after said note, then we'll provide it as is necessary. Communication of issue and request on that count was perfectly fine and on point. Usually no player notes are issued for stuff like that, either.

The only thing Thundy could have done differently for the benefit of the situation was to give a short wait request as she was arranging her thoughts. Though, I will say, the staff will almost always give a very clear, "All clear" signal once a matter is concluded. If someone talks to you and starts hanging, then you are advised to check real quick if you're needed anymore, or not. Sometimes more urgent cases pop up that require immediate attention, and we may forget a wait request.

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