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Hidden Weekend

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Alright, with the influx of population, the crowning moment of which would be last night, the management has decided to give everyone a little break. This break will come in the form of:


The Hidden Weekend


Basically, here's the premise:

  • Every night between Saturday and Sunday, the server will be restarted in a manner which makes it not appear on the BYOND hub.
  • The server will stay that way for the next 48 hours.
  • Those who are aware, and wish to play, can very easily join the server by clicking here.


We are hoping that this gives some rest for the Administration & Moderation Staff, as well as the players themselves, and maybe produce a few calmer moments. Depending on how this will affect the statistics, we will keep organizing this each week.

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As a note. With summer getting into fulls wing, we'll be going hidden more often and outside of our weekend schedule.

Basically means that during primetime, if we have too many people, we'll simply drop off the public list until next deadhour.

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Just a note. We've started to go hidden more often, even when not on weekends. This is depending on a number of factors but mainly the number players on the server itself. Reason being is that our population boom from the summer never truly subsided.

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