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Remove Rev Team Markers


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What the title says.

Unlike cult, Rev is less about brainwashing through force, and more about dealing with people. First off, everyone should be allowed to contribute to anti-staff activity, within reason. Further more, everyone should be free to pick their own side as the lines are drawn in the sand, instead of relying on some key figure to move the story along. This would also enable further roleplay: anything from rev getting fragmented and fucked to shit, to the entire station revolting against the heads of staff because they're going the fuckstupid route. Also, from personal experience, the best rev rounds I've had were ones where the makers didn't count for this: everyone was forced to make a very gray decision. Some chose the rev leader, others the heads of staff, and a third group chose to fend for themselves. I think this choice should be organic, and not based on an icon you have or not.

Rev heads would sitll be able to see eachother, to coordinate and such, though.


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As much as I've always insisted on the idea and like it, unlike Mutiny, the round is driven by the markers. If you remove the markers, you'll need to restructure Rev so it doesn't boil down to They took our pay and booze! Let's revolt!.

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Or maybe remove the markers for everyone, but have a situation a la the mutiny game mode where the anonymous benefactor who bestows telecrystals to the rev leaders also gives them codes via the PDA to help them find the others.


Well, I think it should be that the Revolution Heads can coordinate with each other in a sure way, but any of the other Mutineers are unable to know who is part of the revolution or not.

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