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It makes for great interdepartmental bonding as Mofo1995 put it. Kinda became a science meme. I have noticed huge differences in the way characters like Seon play due to these posts which is why I made mine. It wasn't just because all of the cool scientists are doing it I swear!

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Hrm. As I was doing this, I started thinking. Why not add a quick subboard onto general? "Character Feedback"?

The issue is, as you can see here, if we shove it all into one thread, the target oriented conversation kinda gets mixed and matched and probably isn't all that conducive of a discussion, nor easy to keep track of. Thoughts?

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Probably a good idea to make an addition to the NanoTrasen Personal Database since it fits in there. Could be part of the query board (though I think that's IC) or make a sub-board for that or a new board in that forum.

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