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10 Seconds Notice - Gravity Generator Status


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Basically what the title explains itself. I don't plan to use much wordy explanation. Someone had this idea. I have liked the idea, I'd thought it was a good idea to share his suggestion.

Before the Generator is about to be activated, there would be a radio stating that there is 10 seconds before the Gravity Generator would be activated or deactivated that is. We all can agree that, it sort of seems pointless and silly that before we know it, gravity generator is activated. I can't say it would ruin the roleplay, some people tries to build a roleplay structure around it, some ignores it.

So, I can say. It'd be nice to have this idea for a reason similar to the 'radiation belt, please head to maintenance' to 'Gravity Generator activating, please grab a chair or feel big pain to your knee'. That sort of scenario that gets the player going and active. As well, notifies the Engineers who aren't around Gravity Generator. AI too.

You get my point.

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Personally, i think its hilarious when gravity suddenly disappears or returns.


NanoTrasen wouldn't think it's hilarious. I'm sure people whom are affected would not appreciate the instant fall down. I haven't experienced it but I'm sure flying across above 2 feet high (who knows measurement from floor to ceiling) or beyond would bruise your feet. Worse case scenario, broken bones.

I know it's a video game...... We need to have some humanity, no?

I have faith in humanity.

Usually, there is a warning for dangerous items. Probably alarm blaring will do?

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i'll only agree with this suggestion IF sudden gravity also gave brute damage

actually now that i think about it, we already have a 'gravity generator shutdown' message, why not a 'gravity generator started' one? its like a one minute warning and forces people to pay attention and plan accordingly rather than a 'grab a chair right now' message

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