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Bran's player complaint

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BYOND Key:Bran232

Player Byond Key: A.R.C - Unable to retrieve their BYOND

Staff involved: Skull132, Garnascus, AimlessAnalyst,Alberyk.

Reason for complaint: Durring the round, two changelings. Mark Syion,Za'Akaix'Ghul'Zo'ra. Were randomly stinging crew, changing their appearance.(Will list link to complaint about those two.) Mark, the Head of Security, ordered the borg to debrain myself, despite IC restrictions the borg should have observed, and applied. They still debrained me, allowing me to be removed from the round due to the fact I was never linked to a MMI. Akenzua, following my death, was than transformation stinged, stripped, and than proceeded to get operated on by the borg. I find it annoying that the staff allowed for, despite IC circumstances that DID NOT allow for debrainings to occour.

Approximate Date/Time: 19/1/2016 10:00 AM

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1) This should be a staff complaint, not a player complaint.

2) 3/4 of staff you listed had no part in this at all. IIRC, Skull was AFK, Alberyk only arrived afterwards, and I was also AFK for the most part, only online in case Garn needed someone for vars help.

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