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Game Mode: TrAI


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This gamemode could possibly be called TrAI, standing for triple AI, or tri-AI. This mode would have three AIs with complete control over the station, but they can't see each other, so they could be out on sattellites or something, and those have no cameras. This could easily be implemented into the map, and have a re-skinned empty core that can not be changed that all three start the game viewing, making them think it is actually themself. Nobody would have any way of knowing, short of noticing that there are no cyborgs, but three synthetic units that are not on the station.

Another thing that could be added is that one AI must trick the crew into doing stuff, with a special lawset that could be called 'R.A.W', standing for 'Rouge AI Weaponry' that NT developed for testing purposes. This is how I think a new game mode should be.

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