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Tsunderes and You

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So, you're interested in what is quite possibly, without a reasonable doubt, the best archetype not only in anime, but in all forms of entertainment. Climb aboard then, and delve into the world of tsunderes. Maybe you realized that tsunderes are great, or

What is a tsundere?

A tsundere is one of the four main personalities an anime character can have, if a creator decides to use the 'base' personalities. The other (very much less important) ones include the yandere, kuudere, and dandere, with a deredere personality coming up so often. The main premise of a tsundere, is a character who is generally rude or just an outright asshole to their love interest.

Some popular tsunderes include Asuka from NGE, Rin from Fate/stay, Haruhi from Haruhi Suzumiya, Louise from Familiar of Zero, and Taiga from Toradora.

Types of Tsunderes

Every tsundere character is on a sliding scale, but for the most part you have two types of tsunderes. Your first type of tsunderes are more 'tsuntsun' than they are 'deredere' when they start off. What this means is that a more 'tsuntsun' tsundere are more prone to violent outbursts, and are generally more hot-headed compared to a more moderate tsundere or a more 'deredere' tsundere. A tsundere who is more 'tsuntsun' will often be the ones who attack their love interest in ways that are played for laughs, or it's just waved off as a 'normal' thing the person does.

On the far opposite side, you have a tsundere who is more 'deredere' than they are 'tsuntsun'.These tsunderes normally don't come off as tsunderes right away, unlike your more moderate and more 'tsuntsun' tsunderes do. A lot of the characteristics that make up a tsundere only occur in this character, when somebody or something triggers a 'tsundere' response, such as an angry outburst. Unlike the other types of tsunderes, they are generally more calm, and friendly.

Tsunderes as a whole can fall anywhere on the scale, and can go from full blown 'tsuntsun', or to complete 'deredere'. In most anime, if a tsundere is the main character's love interest, they will eventually shift to a more 'deredere' state if they are of a more 'tsuntsun' by the end of the series, while a 'deredere' tsundere may lose the tsundere aspect altogether if they are the love interest.

Other Notes

Tsunderes, along with the other archetypes, are generally female, but there are a good deal of male tsunderes as well, such as Kyo from Fruit Baskets, or Jinta from Anohana.

Tsunderes, unlike yandere, don't suffer from (quite literally insane) homicidal thoughts, nor the bore-factor that kuuderes do.


Hopefully this post has helped you better understand what a tsundere is, and why they are great. With this new knowledge, it is highly encouraged that you seek out others, and enlighten them on why non-tsundere characters quite literally belong in the trash can.

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