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5th Duty Officer/CCIA recrutiment thread

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If you wish to apply, fill out the form, then either PM it to me, or post it in this thread.

Looking for a LOT of applications.


[b]Byond key:[/b]
[b]Character names:[/b]
[b]What times are you available? In GMT: [/b]
[b]Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar.[/b]
[b]Why do you want to be a Duty Officer?[/b]
[b]How well can you handle stress?[/b]
[b]What does it mean to be a Duty Officer?[/b]
[b]How active on the forums and server are you?[/b]
[b]Anything else to add?[/b]

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Byond key: Ordessa

Character names: Elysiqua Va, Arkhaes Va, Andrew Riker, ALICE, all the atomic brand Borg's (QUARK, ELECTRON, etc.)

What times are you available? In GMT: 5:00-10:30 give or take an hour.

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar. Moderated a Warhammer 40k forum for about 6 months before server management reshuffle, fairly low maintenance stuff as everyone was pretty good friends, but still worth mentioning. Aside from that, I DM a lot for some DnD groups, which is similar in a way to Duty Officer.

Why do you want to be a Duty Officer? Because, at the risk of sounding like some benevolent world leader, I enjoy and am better at making fun for other people more than myself. (Hence the DMing) I'm a decent roleplayer, but I'm never great at making interesting chars for myself, and find more enjoyment doing it for the community. Second of all, unless y'all need a 3D modeller, I don't have any way to give back to this wonderful community at the moment, and this would be a great way to do stuff for others.

How well can you handle stress? Fairly well. I can keep track of multiple situations at once, but when it comes to important decision making that I'm unsure about, I'll probably a help it first.

What does it mean to be a Duty Officer? To me, as I understand it, it means instead of being your own character, you act as a pseudo dungeon master, all the while remaining IC for others. You issue Central Command orders, reply back to emergency transmissions, and generally assist with the flow of the round without actual having much of a direct influence on it (compared to a wizard or meteorlingvampire conglomerate). This includes creating mini events to help keep an extended round interesting for all, as well as meeting the crew back on Odin if plausible. It requires a lot of in game lore knowledge, and understanding of all of Auroras mechanics and crew regulations.

How active on the forums and server are you? Unless Im preoccupied with something else, I'll at least check the forums every night. Usually I'll be posting my 2 cents on any discussion that warrants it as well. On the server I probably average about 10 hours a week, usually two or three long play sessions. But it's not unusual for me to be afk on observe, then join in as ERT or a posibrain or something like that as well.

Anything else to add? Golem. Also, Skull's icon is way too Christmasy for March. It irks me.

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Byond key:


Character names:

Milo Hachert ; Lukas Cain ; Drew Valstrom

What times are you available? In GMT:

11 PM - 4 AM (weekdays) ; Open (weekends)

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar.

  • Former Baystation12 moderator.
  • Former Aurora moderator.
  • Former administrator on Exogenesis.


Why do you want to be a Duty Officer?

It seems that more Duty Officers are required.

I love Aurora. It's my favorite station to space on. I want to "give back" in some manner, and being a DO seems like an excellent way to do so.

How well can you handle stress?

I am under the impression that I can handle stress fairly well. I have operated in a leadership capacity under stressful physical and mental conditions in the past, and I emerged from the experience with a deeper understanding of what stress really is.

What does it mean to be a Duty Officer?

ICly: To be a DO is to be the voice of the corporation. You are the impartial voice on the far end of a telecommunication line, or the black clad inspector stalking the halls. To be a DO is to embody the idea of NanoTrasen. You are the corporation made manifest. You ensure the image of NanoTrasen remains untarnished will profit margins remain high. You eliminate incompetents and liabilities and laud professionalism.

OOCly: You are in place to provide advice when called upon and facilitate RP situations for the crew. You must be attentive and professional to provide a fun experience to as many as possible. To be a DO is to be a sort of mini-DM. You must hold other's experience above that of your own for you DM not for yourself, but for the players.

How active on the forums and server are you?

I check both daily. Often I play at least one round a day.

Anything else to add?

It's good to be back again.

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Byond key: LordRaven001

Character names: Night That Shatters Days, Embracing The Rain, Akero'Ceyta Veeta'Pleat, Keta'Ceet Ple'Teh, Arthur Whitemane, WHITEMANE (Cyborg), Whitemane(ERT), Archon (AI), H.E.A.D, (AI), Azeir Sssinzar, Kota Vimleel, Thtithik Pakseech, Korlas Lassei

Special Roles/Antag Characters: PVT Whitemane (Space Marine), Tihichiehk "Tich" (Vox Raider), Archon (PAI)

What times are you available? In GMT: any time not between 3:00AM to 9:30AM

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar. Yes, I have been a staff member on four team fortess two servers, Three Garrys mod servers , Two Minecraft servers, And it may not help but i've been a developer on one SS13 server that used baystation source.

Why do you want to be a Duty Officer? I want to be a duty officer so I can further the roleplay of the CCIA style sourt of affairs, assist with the DO Character Complaints thread if YJGO allows it, Handle faxes and situations that occur, I always found it captivating that there was a job and a server group for set people to do that, Its one of the main reasons why I joined the server, I again enjoy the aspect of being a sourt of Lorekeeper, Gamemaster type of player who sits in the background until they are called upon and reply with my advice, I've always loved that sourt of playstyle,

How well can you handle stress? Very Well

What does it mean to be a Duty Officer? It means you help people are respectful, Answer faxes, assist with Character Complaints, Maintain a high quality of RP for players, Remain calm when handling situations end round, Watch over Central Command, Make it fun for the other players on the server, DO's are not here to be the barer of bad news but are here to make the game more interesting for other players, To offer advice,support and assistance with anything the crew faxes Central about, It is also a lot of responsibility so you have to be responsible, It requires understanding of the current Nanotransen guidelines,regulations and protocols aswell as knowing your boundaries/limits

How active on the forums and server are you? Every day for three to seven hours.

Anything else to add? This is one of the main reasons why I joined the server, If there is something wrong with this application please please please tell me so I can fix it, Thank you so much, for reading.

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Byond key: Dreviore

Character names: Aurelia, Daniel Seraph, Nicholas Crixus

What times are you available? In GMT: My schedule tends to vary, but I tend to be available from (Based upon the forum time) 5pm to 9:30pm, then I hop back on after my shift at work at 5:30 am to around 9:30 am on weekdays, weekends it mostly depends on my work hours, but I tend to not work Sundays at all.

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar. I was an events coordinator on a roleplay MineCraft server known as Iriliath for a couple months leading to an internal disagreement between staff. I also assisted moderating a very volatile community dedicated to private servers for popular flash games. I also for a very brief amount of time facilitated DND type games through MineCraft utilizing maps I'd spend weeks making, to host for a couple months for my team of around 15 people.

Why do you want to be a Duty Officer? I feel it would be a learning experience for me, and that I might be given an opportunity to give back to the community as best that I can. That and I've been roleplaying for quite some years now, and have never really been present with an opportunity to assist a community that I'm very passionate about.

How well can you handle stress? Up until recently I went to school full time (8 hours), and managed a full time job as assistant manager in a very fast pace business, I've recently found myself finished school for the most part, and have a lot of open time for the foreseeable future.

What does it mean to be a Duty Officer? Duty Officers job is to ensure that players who are being disruptive, but not breaking rules are still being tended to and given opportunities to redeem themselves so that they may keep playing, and enjoying their roleplay experience. Often times that means putting other players before yourself. Duty Officers are also expected to respond to messages from the crew, coordinating with the staff (IC, and with the server staff) should you be requested to intervene on the station. While also manning the Incident Reports on the forums by interviewing parties involved. *Underlying rule is that a Duty Officer is a bureaucrat, and not a super soldier sent to the station to remove all threats. (Cue Bob the paper pusher)

How active on the forums and server are you? I tend to browse the forums periodically throughout the day, even during my shift at work. I also tend to be online during the quieter hours of the day, just due to my schedule, but I'm available on the forums, Skype, and discord, literally from the time I wake up, to the time I go to bed.

Anything else to add? The main reason I joined the server is due to the internal conflict within BayStation, I wanted to jump to Polaris, but by the time I was actually presented with it, the community on Aurora had already grabbed my attention, and has kept me thus far. Also if I happen to receive a notification about something going down I tend to wake up in the middle of the night.

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Byond key:Butterrobber202

Character names:Ssirus Zuberi, Macy Laster, Adam Davis

What times are you available? In GMT: Midnight - 3:00 PM in GMT In CST 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM (Weekends) 9:00 PM - 3:00 AM GMT Weekdays

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar. I was a Trial Mod on a Minecraft Server, Sadly the Server was shut down shortly before my time was up. (Lack of Funds)

Why do you want to be a Duty Officer? I love Story and Lore. Its just awesome, I have always loved reading and I hope to one day, make a Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book. I also happen to love anything Space. I was a NASA Addict as a kid, and dreamed of the Chance I could have of going to space. Then I found Space Station 13 and was instantly HITCHED. It was everything I had been looking for, a Game where every Choice is your own, and you didnt have to follow a pre-set story to the letter. After some years of Playing, I finally learned how to play nearly every job, every little mechanic I could find. Then (I kid you not) I was pointed in the direction of the Lore Page of Baystation's Wiki for the first time. Sitting at Home? Reading Unathi Lore. Boring School class, reading Bluespace Lore. It was awesome to find a story this big. So flashback ended for now. I'd want to be a Duty Officer because I get to make other's Roleplay more interesting. I love diving headfirst into a story, and I want to create something that everyone will love and appreciate. I like to play malf AI (DONT YOU CLICK THE X BUTTON) because of the Hack you can do to Centcomm's Announcement relay. It gives me a chance to make some (fake) situations. Its just something I find extremely enjoyable. If the Overloads Admins told me 'No Evac shuttle this round, make a IC Reason' I would throw cookies at them, give them a hug then type something up.

How well can you handle stress? In real life? Terribly, I've had 2 Mental Breakdowns to date because of stress, (But to be fair I was like 7 and 9 respectably ) but in a game? Fine. Not much of a Issue. ( But I find that it helps RPing a Panicking Character if you are panicking to )

What does it mean to be a Duty Officer? IC: Make the round and Roleplay interesting and Fun to immersive in.

OOC: Be responsible for others and yourself. If you have the power to affect others, you need to make sure it's controlled in a way that only Helps others. If the staff gives you a power to affect the round in a major way, its a show of Trust, if you ruin it, they won't trust you as much. And you most likely ruined someone's round

How active on the forums and server are you? I look at the forums almost everyday as of now. I'm on the Server when ever I can.

Anything else to add? Sadly, at this time, I limited to using my Computer on the Weekends because I was a idiot and didn't finish a Essay on time.

Notes on me: I'm ADD, getting that off the bat, 'Why do you mention this Butter?' because the ADD has a side-effect of making me somewhat forgettable. The Way my brain is hardwired is that another thought, leads to another thought, then another thought, then another thought, then I've forgotten one of those thoughts along the line.

Another Time Note: My schedule tends to have some variety depending on my Life.

MORE NOTES: I have been playing Aurora on and off for like, 3 Years. (SS13 in general actually, I just keep having Aurora as my Replay Button) And I've never had a bad experience here. (Meaning 'Something Bad enough to make me want to never play here again' )

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Byond key:Vaemar

Character names:Adam Anderson (Human Warden), Mekhi Joghs (Human Security Officer), Mikhail Mikhailov Mikhailovich (Human Bartender), and Bob Carter (Human Quartermaster)

What times are you available? In GMT:(PST) 3:00pm - 8:00pm on weekdays, random times (generally 10:00am-8:00pm)

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar.Yes, I used to be a moderator on an old /tg/station, and I used to be the head admin at a star wars rp board. I was for a little bit an admin on a HL2RP server(but that was horrid)

Why do you want to be a Duty Officer?I have been playing SS13 for four years, and other than moderating that old /tg/station, I never really got too attached to any one server. Right now, I mostly play paradise and colonial marines, but aurora is becoming as server I go on a lot more often. I have been also getting into the lore recently, liking what I find, and wanting to do more things involving it. It'll really give me a reason to come here more often.

How well can you handle stress?Good but not very good, I can handle multiple things at the same time but I don't like it when people are yelling at me to speed up or something. Helpful instruction with me always works.

What does it mean to be a Duty Officer?If you wonder who gets that picture of your butt you faxed to centcomm, its these guys. ICly, duty officers are told information/guidelines by the admins 'spiders are going to kill the station, and there is no shuttle'. Your task as a duty officer is to come up with a good, well-written, lore accurate explanation of why that is happening. You have to be able to tell a story even while constricted by guidelines.

How active on the forums and server are you?I am a forumer. I always have this tab open and regularly check it, same with all of my other forums.

Anything else to add?I like cake, not a pie person unless it is strawberry-cream pie.

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Byond key: Mofo1995

Character names: Isiah Fraser, Shkor-Dyet Dom'Pesh, Maximilius Chrysostom, Loresh Zup'Quil, Coming Soon: Harold Dent

What times are you available? In GMT: Just about all day except early-mid afternoon GMT (Noon - 5) I don't sleep much.

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar. I've done a decent amount of dungeon mastering over the years, and was president of a handful of clubs in high school (including a regional organization), but as far as internet moderating goes I'm afraid I'm lacking in formal experience.

Why do you want to be a Duty Officer? All though I've been a very active member of this server, I'm looking for ways to be not only more active, but productive for Aurora. I believe that I could positively contribute to the community by being a member of the DO Corps, and I have a lot of spare time to devote to it. I believe that I could do well at it.

How well can you handle stress? I'm renown for being a very relaxed person, everyone used to think I was a chronic stoner due to this fact. Ironically, I've never smoked the devil's herb.

What does it mean to be a Duty Officer? To arbitrate and settle IC disputes, to be the ultimate model of an upstanding NT employee, and to partake in discussions which set the regulations of the land. It means being just, level-headed, and inquisitive in order to get to the bottoms of issues and to effect a fair outcome.

How active on the forums and server are you? Extremely. I check the forums frequently, I've been very active in the new discord chat, and I'm on the server for a few hours daily.

Anything else to add? I hope I'm a good fit for the Corps. :)

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Byond key: Jboy2000000

Character names: I have many, but I don't know who is going to be kept, and who is going to be axed in 'two weeks' when the character lists merge. So, Im just going to copy pasta my poorly formatted character sheet from my last whitelist.

Mutastir Shayt

Dandy Mann

Poslan Kur'yer

Emily O'Harron

Jeanna Cowart

Shinjlekh Ukhaan

Khara Isra

Dimitri Pavlov

Miracle Kifer

Peixe Intelixente

Jackson Sullivan

Alisa Keener

So'Kea Slijep

Kavios Karlik

Christian Keener

Kamaziera Elsani

Rozhad Alakiv

Candace Grey

Ser Knyght

Cyffredinol Pqrts

What times are you available? In GMT: Anytime from 12 pm to 1 am, give or talk a half hour or so.

Do you have any experience with Moderating? Or similar. Ive been a forum moderator for a time.

Why do you want to be a Duty Officer? Ive wanted to apply to be a duty officer since their first recruitment drive, I love the concept of it, but I feel they need help in the form of manpower. So, two birds, all that.

How well can you handle stress? Pretty good.

What does it mean to be a Duty Officer? You're here to sort out undesirable characters, the kind of people who shouldn't actually be working on the station, as well as try to help people improve their characters to become more well rounded and better fitting, even if forcibly and unwanted as seen with Seon-Rin and McMullen.

Anything else to add?

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Applications are now closed.

The following applications have been accepted:


-Commissar Drew



-Mofo 1995





Any concerns may be addressed to me directly, through PMs, Skype (Gollee Truesight), Steam (Gollentar) or Discord.

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