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TES RP - Contract Board

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Contract Board

You are looking at the contract board, at the mead hall of Jorrvaskr. A small wooden panel with multiple pieces parchment jammed in them by small throwing knives. Rescue, wolves, bears, bandit bounties, heirloom recovery... there are many from all over Skyrim, some even beyond. The board hasn't been empty for years and you know it's not going to be empty anytime soon. Out of them all, a few catch your eye.


Cleanup: Necromancer Threat

A large necromancer enclave and their undead minions have been menacing the populace of the Rift for a year now. Hold guards have done little to combat the threat. The locals and the Steward of Riften, have offered a sum on 3000 gold for their extermination. Fierce resistance expected, so strength in numbers and magic abilities are preferred. Because of his experience with dark magic Abelard Richter has been assigned with the group. Please don't mess with the old Sod, as you will will need him to combat the undead. The bounty is split equally among all assigned members. The ruin containing the Enclave is a few miles east from Riften.

Written and issued by A, Harbinger

(Below the signature is a blood-red wax seal of the Harbinger, a dragon with a wolf's head)

Contracted to:

  • Abelard Richter

    Nilieril Lysur

    Sorarne Shield-less


    Amartius Vantinius


Rescue: Hagsister Coven

A daughter of a thane has been kidnapped by a Hagraven coven and he wants her returned. Hagravens usually kidnap young women to force them into their ranks, she is expected to be alive and well. Since illusion spells and blood-oaths are often used to force them into service, the victim may be less than eager to return to her family. A bonus will be arranged if she has been charmed and if they are removed by our member. The removal of the Coven is not part of the contract, but if you want, feel free to arrange it with the locals. Housecarl Bjorn Pineshield will be assisting you in the mission, meet him in Falkreath Hold. Base contract is 1000 gold split across the members.

Written and issued by A, Harbinger

(Below the signature is a blood-red wax seal of the Harbinger, a dragon with a wolf's head)

Contracted to:

  • Garvunn Sword-Breaker

    Talen-Kai Andreeteus

    Zahgorim Korunrock


Dragonhunt: Investigation

The residents of Iverstad have supposedly been disappearing with the recent appearance of a Dragon. Under the assumption that the dragon is at fault here, they have arranged for its removal. The bounty is a small sum of 500 gold. Due to it being an extremely risky contract, while payed a very small sum, the Dragon will not be your primary target. You will search the area for clues of the dragon's whereabouts and for the missing locals. If dragon is found to not be responsible, find the ones who are and consider their removal accordingly. The task by itself is suicidal for anyone not trained in combat against them and by the first rule of Garganvir Dragonhunters, the dragon is not to be harmed unless I decree it or you are forced to.

While less profitable than other contracts, this one is a good choice for you dragon-hunting novices, as you will be assisting Aela the Dragon-huntress. You can learn a lot from her. Again, sign up at your own peril.

Written and issued by A, Harbinger

(Below the signature is a blood-red wax seal of the Harbinger, a dragon with a wolf's head)

Contracted to:

  • Aela the Dragon-huntress

    Halla Galanodel

    Tamira Llervu


    (Written a bit to the side, hardly fitting) Nicole Silver-Shine

(The rest of the parchment has been diagonally cut off just below Plucks-At-Strings. There is still room to write, of course, but someone either got really angry at the mention of dragons, or hopes you will get the message)


((This is how I split you up folks up. Just post a comment on whichever campaign you like and I'll put you on the list. When I start, I will make a separate thread for each group.))

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Strings walks over to the crowded notice board, wishing his tail side to side idly as he read through the quests plastered on it. He looked at those already marked with names first. Hunting for dragons with Halla and the Dark Elf? Could do. Fighting a Hagraven cult with the Nord? Probably not. Necroman- NOPE. After considering his options for a few moments silently, he dips a claw on his right hand in ink, and signs his name on the dragon investigation. With his job chosen, he returned to the table in the middle of the mead hall, plucking a song away on his lute.

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An armored, tall and dark-skinned Imperial would approach the contract board, mussing with his hair and adjusting their ebony bracer obsessive-compulsively.

Amartius would scan over the board, reading over the contracts and grumbling.

After calculating the potential sums gotten from the contracts and looking over the number of volunteers with their names signed on, he decided to sign his name on the necromancer den contract, in a red ink from a capped bottle in his satchel.

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As she finishes drinking her water flask, Nicole reads thoroughly at the last job. "Dragons huh.. Sounds like fun, though if people are missing.. Must be a real problem to have them around.. Okay! Time to man up!" With a big grin, proudly signs the contract.

"Maybe dragon scales with help me find something more about smithing!"

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Zahgorim stands next to the board cloaked in relative darkness as he finally watches the puny fairy with water instead of good mead practically win a fraction of 500 gold for chasing fake dragons and turns away.

As she finishes, he merely turns, etches his name flimsily on the second contract, and takes a healthy swig of the sweet mead in his mug.

Zahgorim then mutters, "Swordbreaker, Andreetus," to himself as he turns to the group to locate them silently.

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