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TrickingTrapster's Moderater app

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Server Moderator Application


Basic Information

Byond Account:TrickingTrapster

Character Name(s):Albert Gizro, Rose Gizro, Lyndis Aevisen, Chantal Faers, A.E.P.H.Y.S., Shalae Aeria, Eva Aeria, Zahia Hal'Ima, Ranie Raf'Iqa

AI Name(s):OS-A.E.P.H.Y.S.

Preferred means of contact: Steam. Steam name is the same as my BYOND name, except with a space in between.


Timezone:I live in the Netherlands.

When are you on Aurora?:Usually when I'm not playing steam games with friends, or when I'm right out of school to relax a bit. Usually that means during deadhour, but I go on till around midnight, past midnight on weekends and holidays.


How long have you played SS13?:Since last summer vacation.

How long have you played on Aurora:Since last summer vacation.

How much do you know about SS13 (Baystation build) game mechanics?:Nearly all of it. I only don't antag and haven't done atmospherics, HoS, or cargo tech/quartermaster.

Do you have any experience moderating for an SS13 server?:No, I don't.

Have you ever been banned, and if so, how long and why?:I have not been banned. I do think I received one warning about using tildes as Lyndis, but I've dropped that since.


Why do you play SS13?:Because I really like roleplaying.

Why do you play on Aurora?:My girlfriend got me onto the server, and I never left.

What do moderators do?:They're like security to the players. If players break rules or need help, moderators should step in and resolve the issues that arose. Though only for situations that actually require their help, of course.

What does it mean to be a moderator for our server?:It means that you're somewhat of a safety net to the players against things like griefers, OOC squabbles and newbies not knowing what they are doing.

Why do you want to be a moderator?:Because I'm (usually) on a lot and I feel I could help out with situations I'm sometimes involved in(like unwanted forced antagging.)

What qualities do you possess that would make you a good moderator?:I feel I'm able to listen to all sides of the story without jumping to conclusions, and not get angry over petty things like insults.

How well do you handle stress, anger, or insults?:Depends on if this means my own anger or the anger of others. If I'm angry myself, I'm probably not playing SS13 at that moment. As for the anger of others, I remain calm and reply in the same calm fashion. No need to return insults, I'm there to be an example. As for stress, if I feel my stress level get to a high point, I take a bit to calm down before trying to calmly tackle all problems one by one.

Anything Else You Want to Add: (Do not put words here)

If I am approved, I'm going to be a moderater for the first time anywhere ever. The most experience with a position like that I've had was on a single session on a DnD-like map in warcraft 3. It ended... Somewhat well.

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TrickingTrapster's interview;



Alright, first question;

A new player joins with the character name "Vladimir Putin", a bald 30 year old assistant. Our records show their account is 2 days old. What do you do?

Tricking Trapster :

I bwoink them, telling them about the naming rules, and ask if they have read/understand them.

If they do, not sure if I can, but I should probably change his name.


Right, I see.

So, the second question;

You get an ahelp from a player saying that they have been permabrigged for no reason. What do you do?

Tricking Trapster :

I ask them who permabrigged them, and check if the officer/warden in question is an antag. If not, I ask what their reasoning for the permabrig was.

If that doesn't hold up, I tell them about the rules to keep the game fun for everyone, and ask them to release the permabrigged player with an IC reason.


Next question; Suddenly a bunch of attack logs appear about two guys shooting eachother. You recognize one as being a regular player, but you don't really know this player that well. It looks like they're shooting at eachother with lethal weapons, but you were in the lobby so you don't have much else information on the situation. There are no other mods or staff on at the time.

Tricking Trapster :

I check what their jobs are, and if either of them is antag or not.


Alright, both of them are not antags.

So, what do you in that case?

Tricking Trapster :

I pause them both and ask what is going on.


So, do you wind them while they are fighting or when it is over?

Tricking Trapster :

Considering missed shots can hit other players, I wind them during the fight.


Alright, so, you do not wait for the situation to settle itself.

Tricking Trapster :

It kind of depends on the location

If they start shooting at eachother in a crowded bar, then yes, I will not wait for the situation to resolve, as having lots of people killed by chucklefuckery is not a thing I should let happen, imo.

I may wait if they do it on the empty firing range or some place like that.


Alright, so, after talking to them, you find out that they had little reason to start a fight, so, the escalation went from pushing to them firing at each other with lethal weapons.

What would you do in that case?

Tricking Trapster :

Nothing inbetween?


I mean, both sides have little reason to start a gun fight.

So, a case of poor escalation.

Between two non antags, in that case.

Tricking Trapster :

Right. I would remind them of the rules that say to be reasonable ICly, as this escalated /way/ too quickly, possibly give them a warning about it if I can.

Also, depending on the alert level, I may ask what they were doing with lethals in the first place.


Alright, next question then; A player adminhelps that another player, one you know well but have never had to deal with as a moderator, is powergaming. A quick check on them reveals that they, as a non-security role (such as either a quartermaster, scientist, or doctor), have managed to arm themselves heavy using the most powerful weapons they could have legitamately aquired in that job (such as a powered crossbow as a quartermaster, a polyacid syringe gun as a doctor, or a laser canon as a scientist), and is currently in a firefight with the nuke team. They are winning. What do you do?

Tricking Trapster :

I first look if they could have any IC reason to be playing like that, like a security background in their records, things like that.

If they don't, I should probably wait until that firefight is over, as halting it right there will probably affect the round too much, since stopping the antags from "roleplaying" with that player will also have to stop the rest of the station from fortifying.

Which is too big of an issue.

After it's over, I bwoink the player and ask them why they were doing this.


Alright, so, he says; he got tired of the nuke ops and wanted to end the round.

Tricking Trapster :

I remind him of the rule to not let OOC affect IC and vice versa, and that there are other options to do so, like a transfer vote or going to cryo to remove yourself from the round. I may have to give him a warning, depending on the severity of his powergaming, I think.

After that, I need to look at the situation and decide whether to revive the nuke ops or ask for a new volunteer(If I can, that is.)


Other question;

You got an ahelp where the CMO was upset and typing in all caps that they were ganked in the medical bay by a nuke op.

During investigation, you find the nuke op had the CMO hostage and warned others that if they approached them he will put a hole in the CMO's head. One of his doctor had a pair of chest paddles and was going to kamikaze charge in to take out the nuke op. The nuke ops responded by wordlessly executing the CMO and the doctor in question.

How would you handle this?

Tricking Trapster :

I ask the doctor that charged in his IC reason for trying to charge a man with a gun with chest paddles.


What do you tell the cmo?

Tricking Trapster - Hoje às 17:58

Before I tell him anything, I need to know if the doctor handled on a OOC or IC basis.


Still, was it gank or not?

Tricking Trapster :

No, it was not.

The nuke op appropriately told others to not approach him after taking the CMO hostage. When they did, he held true to his threat.


So, last question;

If you were a staff member. Would you change something in relation to the server and the staff as a whole?

Tricking Trapster :

No, I don't think I would.


That is all, thank you for your time.

Tricking Trapster :

No problem.


Also, any issue if I post the interview in your application?

Tricking Trapster :

Nah, go ahead.

I read the others, only fair they read mine.

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