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Fallout: New Vegas

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The Courier is a pretty cool guy. He kills all the deathclaws and doesn't afraid of anything.

Anybody still play this shit? I do. This shit's my fuckin' jam.




Also, I mod it until it breaks.




Favorite build is diplosniper. If they can't be reasoned with, retreat a few hundred yards and blow their head off with a sneak crit.

Also, Willow + Boone + ED-E = OP

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The mods and utilities I use are:

4GB Extender (Lets NV use more than 2 gigs of ram.)

Glowing Star BottleCaps (seriously these things are annoying to find and makes them special)

MTUI (Extends the Dialogue window so you can see more than 3 lines of text/dialogue options.)

New Vegas Stutter Remove (Self explanatory, optimizations that Obsidian failed to apply)

Project Neveda (Graphical overhaul to terrain. Makes everything a bit less brown too.)

Mod Configuration Menu (ingame interface for a few mods)

The Weapon Mods Expanded (adds modifications for almost any weapon in the vanilla game, does a bit to balance them out and give lower tier weapons a bit of versatility, like a silencer and scope for the varmint rifle.)

The Weapon Mod Vending Machine (For people who are too lazy to seek out weapon mods themselves, add 6 vending machines to the world that can be directly interacted with to add mods to your weapons. Very expensive)

Willow (Seriously, she's so good she makes the standard companions seem... robotic.)

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Get puush, scrub.

Anyway, I use some of what Davidchan uses. Excluding Willow.


I'll probably start DLing quest mods/gameplay extension shit later.

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The only mod I need is a scope fer' muh huntin' rifle. -spits dip into a metal can on the other side of the room and slams down a single coin on the saloon counter- Now get meh sum hot food an' clean mah boots an' feed muh horse an' get me a nice bed. Wait, what was that sound?! -whips around, twin revolvers in hand, and begins firing into the crowd-

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I have played this game so many times for so many hours it is shameful. Purely shameful.

Right now I'm rocking...

Project Nevada

New Vegas Script Extender

Daughters of Ares

EVE Weapon Effects

Mad Science Mod

Willow Companion

Playable Ghoul

and my personal favorite for all my difficult needs

The JESawyer mod. Made by a developer for NV it:

Reduces XP gains by half

Increases XP needed to level

Halves health and health increases

doubles all damage

reduces the frequency and effectiveness of stimpaks

Dramatically reduces karma gains (and reworks karma in general)

and overall makes the game a hell of a lot more difficult

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I installed the NVAC Anti Crash system sanity checker and I've never had a crash or corruption of a save file in the two years I've been playing since I got it.

As for Willow... yeah I feel you. I actually got her on Skull's suggestion and kept her around because she's actually pretty damn well scripted. I didn't much care for all her quests or friendship/romance options. She'd at least need to be a cyborg or a mutant or something for that to interest me, but at least she can follow orders and won't wander off if I leave her somewhere for a few days.

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OH god, Who did Yas-Senpai voice again?


Liam O'Brien. He voices a lot of bad-guy anime antagonists for english dubs as well. Pretty well-known voice actor.


For me this is a blessing and a curse; I love the guy but after maining Yasuo pretty much since he came out I associate O'Brien's voice with only Yasuo and it always sounds weird coming out of other characters' mouths.

I see a character but all I hear is YASUO maaaan...

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Myself, I've uninstalled the game ages ago but, I think I had over 100+ mods working together into a robust machine of amazingness.

For companions, I generally hate the powergamey/useful ones (ED and Boone) seeing as everyone else is outclassed. So, I used Russel (mod), some random dog, Cassidy (Fo2 represent!), Raul (fit him in with an extra mod) and Rex. For my armor I was rolling with some combat armor and that merchant hat thingy.

Personal build, used to do diplosniper, but I've had my most fun using flame weapons and only flame weapons.

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I don't enjoy companions, tbh. I feel it detracts from the survivalist experience, sometimes.

It is a little silly when one man takes down twelve super mutie overlords with nothing but a switchblade, but even if you do that in-game, it's considered mechanically impressive. So there's that.

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