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Congressional Medal of Honor

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BYOND Key: Outboarduniform

Character name: Juan Siganto

Item name: Congressional Medal of Honor

Why is your character carrying said item to work? in 1942 , one of his ancestors got the congressional Medal of Honor after charging a Japanese position in Guadacanal. He died during the charge when a Japanese infantrymen shot him from an entrenched position. His comrades later took the position a few days afterward.

He uses this to remind himself of the sacrifice his ancestor is made to the USA , and how he must sacrifice himself for the company.

Item function(s): just a medal

Item description: A congressional Medal of Honor from the United States of America. A tag that hangs off of it reads "Jose Siganto , 1st marines. Ready to fight , and paving the way" it has the signatures of some of his platoon members , fainted and old.

Item appearance: add in the Medal of Honor captain used to have except with a different description. Also Sprite in a small tag taped on the bottom of it

Additional comments: shouldn't be too hard to code

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Damn right he is , no fucks are given.

Also , it would be easy to keep it maintained; no one would have a Damn Medal of Honor exposed to things that could rust/decay it. (Unless worn for Veterans Day and such). Then again , I could have it downgraded to a Purple Heart , because Medal of Honors centuries in the future would be valuable as fuck and rare

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

If it's so valuable and rare, and never taken out of its air-tight case... Why is he bringing it to his workplace?

I mean it could be fun to steal this as an antag and take photos of it in disposals before spacing it.

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This reminds me vaguely of the backstory behind Leo Wyatt's clothing. Both the trenchcoat and hat are authentic 1960s apparel that was eventually stored in an air tight case, however, due to (admittedly, an incredulous amount of selfishness) Leo took it upon himself to remove them, thus re-igniting their dying process again, simply because he believed if he loved something, he should get to enjoy it more outside of a box.

I think I still have a link of that full short story, if anyone's interested.

Regarding this application, I don't see any fault in it. Obviously, if granted, I would expect Siganto to avoid putting it at risk, and probably just keep it locked in his office the entire time. Definitely not be wearing it somewhere you would be expecting to take laserfire.

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Jackboot makes good points.

The crux of the matter here is, what RP value are you going to get out of it,.

If its something you just keep in your backpack,the answer is very little.

If your character wears something visually unique then there's passive RP value to be had in others seeing and commenting on it. That won't apply here, the medal isn't juan's, it belonged to some ancestor. he can't wear it without that being a huge insult to his forefathers.

If the medal were awarded to Juan Siganto for something he personally did, then he'd have good reason to wear it on his uniform and that would be fun. That's not the case here.

I'm not sure if voting is even allowed on custom item applications, but if so i'd be putting a -1 here

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