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Change Game Mode 'Revolution' Name

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Exactly what the Title Says. Simple.

Lordraven brought this topic up on OOC last night. As Lordraven and I was conversin', and we came to the point when we realized... Revolution doesn't fit to a business station. We're a business station, not a nation/country. Self Explanatory.

I've come up with an idea, but plain complicated to explain. "Corruption" or "Loyalty" name of the game mode.

I'll let you discuss compete for the name.

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Revolution does cause a lot of Communist memes... Mutiny seems best. I wish the newspapers would start reporting stock crashes, payroll shortfalls and rumors of layoffs, so we have some grist to grind.


Really, this. The beautiful thing about the Mutiny gamemode back on old code was that it gave people really good reasons to revolt, and rather organically caused a divide in the station. Some of the reasons were better than others, but generally they were better than revolution which was: "Hey, NT sucks, wanna murder our bosses?" Or, even worse, people walking around spamming the recruitment verb and accidentally winding up in the rev with zero RP because you wanted the popup to disappear, or denying and magically meta-knowing who is in the revolution because they tacitly hit you with a popup. Revolution is a bit of a big term for a handful of people on a spacestation overthrowing their bosses, but maybe we wouldn't have to change the name at all if the newsfeeds were exploding with breaking news back on Biesel of an actual revolution going on, making the station an extension of bigger events. Then, we wouldn't even have to change the gamemode name, and people would have a reason to try to mutiny.

EDIT: Shit, this is giving me ideas. I might go make a suggestion and include sample news articles.

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