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Remove the 'is' prefix when setting pose

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So, anyone who spends some degree of time setting a pose on their char will know that anything they put in will go after 'S/He is', this cannot be edited or the like.

I am sure I am not the only one who has found this awkward and restricting to work with on at least one occasion, so I propose this get changed and only say S/He, or just have nothing untouchable, but my main issue is with 'is'.

One such occasion, way back when Kaed injected me with an explosive implant, I wanted to set a pose 'He seems nervous about something', however, I could not, the only immediately obvious options to me would be 'He is nervous about something' or 'He is apparently nervous about something', the former sounds much more definitive and obvious then I wanted it to be, as well as the latter but to a lesser degree, but also just flat out sounding awkward to me, I went with the latter anyways.

Sure, there was probably an ideal set of words that conveyed what I wanted within the restrictions but I shouldn't have to work around it instead of going with whatever actually sounds natural.

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way back when Kaed injected me with an explosive implant


That was an... UNFORTUNATE.. incident

*distant boom*


Still, I can see why this is problematic in sentence structure. It does kind of limit what you can set for your pose.

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I only use poses when I'm going afk and want my character to look busy. So it's usually along the lines of "is filing paperwork" "is taking a shit" etc. But yes, I think it would be nicer if it were unbound from "is." We don't always need slinking linking verbs.

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I usually use set pose on prophet to convey that hes covered in slime goop. But I've used it at other times to convey immediately obvious flavor too, and it would be nice to have it removed so I can get right to the "He has one big, massive dent in his monitor!" Or the "She looks quite afraid."

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