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Cards Against Aurora

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Response Suggestions:

"Peters gammy eye"

"Smythe, lord of the Securifort"

"A robo-penis"


"Space Nazis"

"The Russians, yet again"

"Moriarity, damn his eyes!"

"An Unathi's slimy dick-cloaca"

"Cyborgs interfacing, all night long"


Call suggestions:

"What the hell is that?!"

"Did anyone else hear that? It sounded like..."

"Why does the HoS have such a stick up his ass?"

"Oh god! There's ____ outside of escape!"

"The passionate ERP was interrupted by ___"

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More response suggestions:

"Conrad Ember's wrinkly ass"

"The Tajaran-on-Tajaran crime epidemic"

"Two nurses 69ing in the psych office"

"A surprise visit from the NT CEO"

"Space Ebola"

"Space AIDS"

"Big Black Dick IV: Revenge of the Dick"

"Kane DeWitt's irresistible musk"

"A well endowed Tajaran engineer breaking in to the CMO's office to get at Runtime"

"A greyshirt's melted face"

"Brain cake"

"A bluespace portal endlessly spewing shit"

"The captain's log"

"Bloody bukkake"

"A RIPLEY piercing the heavens"

"Toilet ERP"

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You also need.

'Schoolgirl Heinrich Krauss'


'The Keyling'

'nas'rallah's harem'

'A jarjar penis'

'izemut's harem'

'nasir's harem'

'rockfucker 9000'

and for a black card you could have '_________FUCKER 900, the newest in RIPLEY technology.'

As well as, '_________, Assistant, has just arrived on the station.'

And also 'Why's the singulo loose?'

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Call Card

"ERP in the future with ___"

"I was having fun until I was robusted by ___"

"___ is the captain!"

"Looks you got space AIDS from ___"


"Skull is to busy selling his ___ to play."

Response Cards


"All the midgets in Lesbay."


"ERP Spooders."

We should really have a game with these cards some time.

Edit: Actually, Id be more than willing to host a game tonight on Xyzzy should anyone be interested.

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Moar suggestions. MOAR.


"Syphilitic insanity"

"A cult rune drawn with menstrual blood"

"A severed hand flipping you off"

"Dominatrix HoS"

"A clown being ripped apart by Space Carp"

"A xenobiologist balls-deep in a slime"

"A surly Russian bartender"

"The captain's comdom"

"The Lusty Xeno Maid"

"Multiple spinal fractures"

"A giant rubber fist"

"Robert Dalton's sexual inadequacy"

"Dorito powder"

"Foot sex"

"The chef masturbating with a handful of lukewarm spaghetti"

"A G.I.R.L (Guy In Real Life)"

"A fatally explosive orgasm"

"Glans piercings"

"Ben Dover, Chaplain"

"Radiation-induced sterility"

"Fear itself"

"The embodiment of all human evil"


"Security having a nude pillow fight"

"Engineers whistling at passing women"

"Space Goatse"

"Ian and Lisa fucking like rabbits"

(At least I think that's the female corgi's name)

"Mighty Morphin' Foreskin"

"Shitty cosplay"

"A fedora"

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Black card:

"Ceiling Ana Issek is watching you _____."

"____ is the new Headmin."

"Today, on TeamSpeak, Tablespoon is ranting about _____."

"OOC was disabled today because of _____."

"Phoebe Essel is hiding in a locker because of _____."

"Vittorio turned _____ into a creative, new insult while cursing at nuke ops; which got fifteen hostages, and their _____, killed."

"On OOC, one of the staff members accidentally talked about an issue involving _____ when it should've gone into MSay."

"At the end of the nuke round, the nuclear operatives were scolded for _____."

"The staff unanimously decided to ban _____ for _____."

"____ was called into the IA office for _____."

"Skull132 and Sound_Scopes implemented _____ into the code. May (insert deity here) have mercy."

"Pumpking Slice's newest event featured _____, _____, and ______."

White card:

"Clown strippers."

"Secretly extended."

"Ban(ning) Pumpking Slice."

"The Pine Tree of Justiceā„¢."

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"Michael Chang's muscles"

"A hefty dickslap"

"Heterosexual, consensual missionary sex"

"A vagina with teeth in it"

"Literally fucking your own face"

"A baseball bat with nails in it"


"Testicular rupturing"

"Space Bowie"

"Dean Sinclair's eternal, raging erection"

"God shaking his head in disappointment"

"A safe filled with nudes of everyone onboard"

"A long, slow death from dysentery"

"The heat death of the universe"

"Cthulhu and Nar'Sie hate-fucking"

"Eldritch scribblings"

"Forbidden, mind-rending knowledge"

"Pirate's booty"

"A neckbeard"

"A griefer being gangraped by the entire crew"

"A severed head screaming forever"

"The Space Illuminati"

"The aristocrats"

"A protracted anus"


"Skrell feeling each other up with their tentacles"

"A plague of toads"

"Tragic irony"

"A cucumber that smells of shit"


"Lk sulking in the corner"

"Space 'Nam"

"The patriarchy"

Call suggestions:

"Every night, my dreams are haunted by ___"

"Leonin Smythe lost his eyes in a close encounter with ___"

"Farcry was horrified, yet slightly aroused, by ___"

"___ has enjoyed a ___ lately."

"Sometimes, I like to sit down and have a nice, long daydream about ___"

"This reminds me of that one time when I saw ___"

"This food tastes like ___"

Why am I able to think up so many of these...

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"The event horizon"

"A space explorer driven mad by years of isolation"


"An Unathi stripper's G-string"

"Killer vending machines"

"Scalding hot coffee spilling on your lap"

"Gravitational slingshotting"

"Crippling depression"

"The vacuum of space"


"Space Hipsters"

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