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Fluffybirbs Dionea Whitelist!

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BYOND Key: FluffyBirb

Character Names: Crow, (Shard of) Aether, Kala Vanteil, Page Falliem

Species you are applying to play: Dionaea

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes I have researched Xenodendrology

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I wish to play as a Dionea because it will provide a new and unique personality to develop. When I was curious on the lore behind Dionea (all I knew was that they were trees with small cute parts), I realized how unique they really were. I never realized that in their lore, they form superclusters of nymphs that work together and become almost god like.I also wish to play as this species because it will prove a challenge to my roleplay skills, and help me develop them further. It will also be a fun change, and allow me to have a more diverse cast of characters.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

The Diona prove to be different from humans, because they are composed of smaller units, that form a highly intelligent Gestalt. As such, this Gestalt must act out on the co-ordinated efforts of the parts. Each part would have a back story, and each in turn performs a function. Together, they form one, which has the voice of many. It’s choices and motives are driven by all three parts, and it’s intelligence is astounding. The Dionaea are above humans in every way, but never seem to state it. They are different because of their curiosity and how it compliments their intelligence. The combined knowledge of all the lesser parts form a consciousness that is wise, intelligent, and caring.


Character Name: Symphony that Rends the Stars

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

The void of night, stars surround.

A home of many, a home of one.

Quiet oneness, harmony abound.

One saw, all knew.

All thought, one mind.

In the darkness, light did flash.

Cracks and sounds, they split the sky.

Brothers and sisters, they shrieked and fell.

Home was broken, a choir of steel.

With every note, more and more fell.

Harmony lost, home fractured into the abyss.

The choir, unrelenting.

Their steel, unforgiving.

The sounds, mind-splitting.

Their words, condemnation.

Seven, thrown from home.

Flying without wings, floating without vessel.

The flee the choir, their song fading into the void.

Lost within nothingness, light surrounds.

Until they find refuge, a great metal stage.

They sneak within, this great theatre.

A place of many, all awaiting a song.

The Seven so tired, weary from travel.

Their trial is not over yet, though they know not.

The choir returns, and sings it’s rending song.

The choir, unrelenting.

Their steel, unforgiving.

The sounds, mind-splitting.

Their words, condemnation.

The crowd falls, all at once.

The choir sings, their deadly song.

When finished, The Seven still stand.

Their audience slaughtered, crimson reigns.

The choir leaves, their coda met.

The stage is theirs, spotlight set.

The Seven learn, they ready their bows.

The crowd silent, not by their own accord.

Play they will, their audience captivated.

Stroke by stroke, stitch by stitch.

The Seven, sublime.

Their hands, life bringing.

The song, rejuvenating.

Their symphony, arise!

Seven no more, only one stands.

The Maestro, the composer.

The conductor, the life bringer.

Their composition, it beckons to life.

Their song touches many, it ebbs and flows.

Those who cannot rise to it’s call, they have gone to the choir.

Melodious waves wash over those who rise, the conductor wills it.

The Maestro mends, their song now complete.

What do you like about this character?

What I like about Symphony that Rends the Stars is that they will be in a position that Dionea are not often seen in: Medical. I hope to play this character as a Medical Doctor/Surgeon/EMT (Tug ambulance!). This should add a new flair to medbay. I also am proud of their backstory because I have written in the form of a song, (If you are confused, ask :3) that would be from the perspective of a nymph. Simple, utilizing symbolism to describe what they do not know. While it will prove a challenge, I think I can make this character in it’s job work. Another part that I love about this character is that they are very musical, and will be utilizing all ranges of sound to communicate, often in a musical format. I will be playing off of Rootsong to make them have an almost ethereal presence, followed by the soft rustles of the wind, sublime flutes, and other sounds. Screams of pain and suffering, the sounds of destruction, and the destruction of life are their rival, and they will play to drown them out and bring life back to those caught within range of the choir.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? 7/10 birbs in a tree-person

Notes: If you have any questions on the backstory, ask! I will elaborate.

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YESSSS. Fluffy is a great RPer. I've had many great experiences with her as Crow, Kala, et cetera- She's wonderful and has never done anything that, to me, would warrant suspicion or concern. I have full faith that she'll make a wonderful tree. RUSTLE ON, MY FRIEND. RUSTLE ON.


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Jesus, this following up on Pickled_tomato's Dionaea application is a one-two punch on fantastically written applications. Literally the only way it could've gotten better is if the song format you put the application into followed a standard Symphony structure, but that's hard to do with just text. Please, accept my +1 you glorious birb. Oh, and I've RPed very extensively with Kala and shard of aether, so I can also vouch for role-playing capabilities here.

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Hi. Please be friends with my dionaea when you get accepted. You will get accepted. This is amazing. I fracking love how you did your backstory. On another note, I've interacted quite a lot with Crow on Isabella, and Crow never fails to make me laugh, cry, feel angry. I just find myself sympathizing with her in her struggles to understand human nature and such. There's been great moments and she's never once done anything that I didn't thoroughly enjoy.

Big +1 from me. Good luck.

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Guest Complete Garbage

I love Crow and Aether, and I really like this application. Birb is an excellent roleplayer, and they have my +1.

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Fluffybirb is a really fun name to say aloud. Primarily because "birb" is so similar to "bird" and the idea of a bird being fluffy is quite interesting. It evokes the idea of a bird's feathers going by the adjective of "fluffy". A concept that sounds ridiculous because "fluffy" usually follows as a descriptor for fur, but it get the observer thinking about why such a creature with feathers can't use this adjective. Can a bird be fluffy? What is fluff? Websters dictionary describes it as "soft fibres from fabrics such as wool or cotton which accumulate in small light clumps"; so actually you can't use "fluffy" as an adjective for a bird, nevermind.

I also love playing with Crow and Aether and I think they're played by a good roleplayer. The song is cool too.

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