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[Accepted] Whiterabit's Tajara Whitelist Application

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BYOND Key: Whiterabit

Character Names: Alexis Sutton, Lyla Rathen, Carrie, Stephanie Moore, Verna Marshall.

Species you are applying to play: Tajara

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Silver

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I would hope.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Typically when I make a new character I try and decide what will make the character different which will make me want to keep coming back to play them. Usually deciding one key point of their personality when I create the character and using it to help shape the them into something with a bit more depth as I play them over the next few shifts. In this case, I thought a Tajaran would be the best way to make a character unique from my others, one that I would be interested in playing and could be interesting to interact with. For the type of character I was interested in making I thought of all the races, Tajara made the most sense. With a position in the lower class, working mostly in manual labor with more of an emphasis on avoiding conflict which is a polar opposite of the other characters I tend to play which usually end up straight in the middle of it as a result of being SEC oriented. I know this is going pretty heavily into the character specifically and not the race in general, however I'm applying for the race as I thought it most fit the character I wanted to make.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: They make consistent use of the third person in conversations and have difficulty adapting to the first, this of course implies a difficulty identifying with a “self”. As a result, I’d think Tajara are more likely to be aware of the world around them and their place in it as opposed to being as easily swept up in subjectivity like humans. Not nearly to the degree of synthetics of course, but I believe they are more likely to hold onto objectivity in a situation. Other major differences would be their difficulty dealing with heat, often needing to either avoid heavy clothing entirely or limit their time spent in it. Another detail to keep in mind would be their choice of cuisine, often being something that they could eat quickly which also easily retains heat, such as soup, this of course being the result of an upbringing on Adhomai. Typically they enjoy art, preferring music above all, though many might still have a distaste for books. Just as well, based on their political affiliation, their views of humans in general or even other Tajara could vary greatly.


Character Name: Aaliyah Kha'jur

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Fluff that I accidentally made take up too much space.

M'sai were revered as hunters and warriors, at just a glance of their forms the reason for this comparison was obvious. Slender, lankly limbs made them effective hunters, and even their fur was a warning, a true representation of the phrase "Survival of the Fittest". By now the vast majority of M'sai had fur well matching the frozen landscape of their established territory. It should come as no surprise how adamant the Hadii were in recruiting the M'sai following their rise to power. Sixty-two point eight percent, that's how much of a part they made up in the People's Army of Adhomai.

Like many other M'sai, her family were loyalists to the Hadii and the People's Republic which they grew. Contrary to what might have been expected, they weren't hunters or warriors instead they held titles such as smith, mason or builder. This was before their rapid uplift to modern society, following human intervention at the hands of NanoTrasen and the Sol Alliance, their needs became much more complex. Heavy artillery installations, bunkers to withstand them, machines and buildings infinitely more complex than their parents could have even dreamed of.

Human interference was becoming more and more prevalent in Adhomai, with the rapid advancement of Tajaran at their hands it was to be expected that aspects of human society would be adapted. Construction projects were overseen by foreman, lists of names to be sent up for higher review. Tajaran names were often hard for humans to pronounce and form after form of nothing but could prove to be a strain. Many new born Tajaran were given names much easier for a human to work with, Aaliyah Kha'jur was just one of many examples of this.

Real backstory that ended up feeling kind of crammed.

Aaliyah spent the majority of her formative years shadowing her parents as they assisted in the simple construction required for expansion of the Hadii's Republic. Only after the secession of the Liberation Army were the needs of the Republic's strength so great that they were required to focus heavily on the bunkers and installations like the ones of the previous war. Need for labor saw Aaliyah continuing in her parents footsteps, aiding in the construction of the many emplacements necessary for defense.

Even if they weren't fighting in People's Army, their work was hardly safe. It was often preferable for the Liberation Army to eliminate an installation during its construction than to wait for it to be completed. Following one such incident, Aaliya and her family found themselves, like many others, casualties of war. Their wounds weren't important, but what was, was the time they spent in hospitals. Medicine had advanced just as rapidly and everything else had following their uplift, but just like anywhere else, it was expensive. The time and resources dedicated to their recovery began to pile up and her and her family hadn't been much for saving. Nano-Trasen promotional material was by no means hard to find in the more established cities of the People's Republic, and marketing health insurance as a mask for low wages in the middle of war proved more often than not to be a solid strategy. Aaliya, as well as some of the more impressionable siblings signed their contract with the hopes of cutting away the debt that they had built up.


What do you like about this character?

I like that the is pretty much the opposite of the other character's I play. Having more of an emphasis on avoiding any conflict that arises with a defined reason to stay alive and safe. My hope here was to make a rather average Tajara just trying to do their job, I tried to avoid making the backstory come off as snowflakey, but finding a reason for a Tajara to reasonably chose to leave their home world was a bit difficult. I figured I'd tie it into the rapid modernization of their culture and thought health care during a time of war would work best.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I think my role-playing ability is fairly good, I try to make sure that my characters don't seem too similar to each other, but really I can't judge myself on that accurately. Just have to wait for feedback and see what others think of me instead.


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I have roleplayed with Whtierabit alot, and I believe he/she/it/they/meh would make a great tarajan after reading the back ground she has given, she seems to understand what she is talking about from my knowledge, and their OOC way of dealing with things is very good, and I do enjoy speaking with them IC and OOC. So he/she/it/they/meh has my vote +1

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Verna Marshall is certainly my favorite bartender on the station, but I haven't seen her in awhile. She is missed. And Alexis Sutton is one of the few security officers I see on the manifest and say: "I trust this person to not be a valid-hunter, and yet also to be competant." I had no idea they were played by the same person, so I'd say that's a good showing of your versatility in role-play. I think you would make good use of this whitelist and I look forward to seeing more M'sai around, +1 from me without a doubt.

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I've played a lot of rounds in which I've had a lot of contact with Alexis Sutton, her Security Officer character, and they've all been great times. This all being said, all I see in this application is great ideas for a character, and characters and an eagerness to learn/play a Tajara. This is great, I like it a lot.

+1 !

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Oh my god, you're lyla too. I had no idea.

Alexis and Lyla are much-beloved, the station always feels safer with them in security. Alexis is caring and compassionate and fun and cheerful, but also pretty good at protecting people and comes when called. Plus armour, i love armour.

Alexis sutton makes smoking seem cool

+1 from me

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It's a shame you just couldn't resist playing the worst race there is (besides Diona), but as long as you're here, you've got the support from your peers and I've personally witnessed how gifted you are in your RP capabilities.

Hopefully, now you can keep your new character passive when conflict arises on the station, but active in the developing Tajaran conflict, because this application is accepted.

Feel free to thank me by dating my tajaran lol

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