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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Firewalls Bypassed: Adhomai Liberation Voice Spread Across Extranet


Since the early years of the revolution the illegal and illegitimate government based in Nal'Tor has utilized several satellites in orbit of Adhomai that jammed any unauthorized signals from being broadcast through the extranet, creating a great firewall that stifled the true voice of the people. This censorship has been crushed by the Liberation Army. Our patriotic agents managed to infiltrate the Nal'Tor puppet government and steal the blueprints to the satellite jamming network. The glorious Liberation Army now possess all the bypass codes and we have hijacked the government's telecommunication systems, gaining access to the great galactic Extranet.

The Adhomai Liberation Network is an extranet broadcast where members of our glorious republic can have their voice be heard across the galaxy. We will strive to maintain this broadcast to provide the true and accurate accounts of our glorious Adhomai against the lies and falsehoods of the state run media of the illegal and illegitimate government.

Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Na'ted'Akhan, leader of Liberation Forces, is expected to give regular and formal statements with this channel.

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The Tyrants of Nal'Tor Will Answer for Their Atrocities


On 18.4.2458, the People's Republic of Adhomai authorized the deployment of what is believed to have been a nuclear weapon of mass destruction, which was used to violently destroy the Liberation Army's headquarters in the Rhazkjara mountains. Millions of refugees are now scrambling from the affected zones in search of asylum. It is your holy obligation as sons and daughters of S'rendarr to shelter and feed the victims of the Government's treachery.

Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Na'ted'Akhan, leader of Liberation Forces and a first hand survivor of the attack, had this to say on the matter:

Translated: Children of Adhomai, look at what your government has wrought! Look at the carnage they sew! One can only imagine what they intend to desecrate our sacred homeworld with next! He begs of you, as your kin, to not abandon your duty, and join the fight in any way possible - be it caring for the wounded and homeless, reporting Republic spies, or through taking the fight to the illegitimate and corrupt government fighters. This war is long from over; it will only end once the treacherous officials have been overthrown. The tens of thousands of deaths at Quizosa will be repaid with noble blood. He swears it!

Report spies and possible collaborators immediately! Inactivity is the weapon of a People's Republic Supporter!

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Government Collaborators Destroyed in Decisive Victory at Ghril'ki'aas Village


The day is 29.4.2458, a day of great celebration for the Liberation Army as the freedom fighters sweep West from Shastar City into the corrupt province of Ghril'maak, East of Crevus. An enemy village, Ghril'ki'aas, known collaborator to the false government of the People's Republic, refused to grant quarter to Liberation Army forces this 28th of Hmgrya.

Knowing this was sign of collaboration with the puppeteering People's Republic - and most likely symptomatic of a hostile garrison already in the village - the region was shelled and overtaken within a day. No Government soldier bodies have been reported so far.

Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Na'ted'Akhan greeted his noble soldiers with this announcement once the village was properly stationed with troops:

Translated: Throughout the history of this war there have been two types of battles, just and unjust. Unjust battles impede progress and serve nothing but the attainment of glory. The Adhomai Liberation army abhors such conflict, but just battles are progressive and required. When the majority of the town of Ghril'ki'aas was shelled today, such was done justly! From where we previously had no asylum for our 5th and 7th regiments after the destruction of our capital, we now have a flourishing point of tactical importance. Where we were denied shelter, we have a home! The collaborators continue to lose to us that which they deny to us! We will have what is rightfully ours, and if such is denied, it will be claimed with force.

This announcement should serve as an important reminder to the duty all citizens of Adhomai possess to properly shelter those fighting for freedom.

Ekxknkcp rtkuqpgtu gp tqwvg vq Obvgn'okt. 50 yqwpfgf, 20 wpyqwpfgf. 40 hgocngu cpf 30 ocngu. Hkxg qh pqdng dnqqf. Dgikp fkiikpi jqngu dghqtg 0800 5.31.2458.

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Missing Refugees Found, Sren'dul Claimed


The day is 7.4.2458, a day of prosperous luck for our armies as they patrol the now claimed lands of the Shastar strip, finding what was previously thought to be lost.

A shipment of refugees looking for shelter under the People's Republic has been found, and all will be safely escorted to Mztel'mir to be freed.

Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Na'ted'Akhan has made this announcement on the matter:

Translated: Nothing is unseen by the eyes of the Adhomai Liberation Army. We have our agents, our leadership, our vigilant soldiers, and sometimes we have foreign contacts to thank for such. The refugees shall be transported to Mztel'mir and safely escorted home. That is all.

This announcement shares as an important notice to stay vigilant for People's Republic collaborators and noble pigs alike.

Hss jvsshivyhavyz huk uvisl isvvklk ylmbnllz ohcl illu hjjvttvkhalk mvy, iba vul. Zahf cpnpshua. Kv uva svzl aolt hnhpu.

Jhwahpu Rf'mm Ovahr ohz illu nhyypzvulk ha Zylu'kbs huk aol zbyyvbukpun tvbuahpu yhunlz. Wylwhyl av thrl tvclz vu Hgbtho.

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Enemies Fear Our Gains and Call it a "Winter Offensive"


The day is 2.1.2458, and the season is one of greatness for our people. Our armies march on our enemies and our victories are too numerous to list.

Our enemies have called this a "Winter Offensive" as if it will end, but this is only because they struggle to face the fact that the scales have tipped irrevocably in the favor of the Adhomai Liberation Army. Even with the use of a nuclear bomb and the mass firebombing of Ron'Tul, our armies march on only slightly impeded by their desperate attempts to halt us.

Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Na'ted'Akhan gave us these words about our victories:

Translated: No enemy is safe from the unstoppable might of the Adhomai Liberation Army. From Ron'Tul to Mezuma, Ahmoda to Sren'dul, we march, we fight, we win. We will push them until their lines break, their troops route, and they surrender to the rightful ruler of Adhomai. Let it be known that this "Winter Offensive" as they call it is the final nail in the coffin, the Adhomai Liberation Army is taking this all the way to Nal'Tor. Partisans and guerrillas, step up your efforts everywhere you operate! The Army is coming to free you!

This announcement serves as a call to action of all partisans and loyalists to the ALA everywhere. Indifference is the thickest armor of the People's Republic!

Anoain anoaci Taocidnaiovnoavnsii iansvovin anisovdnao Toisvna invaso ivnad Aaan kqnkv Caknl. KIonvoain iav Akdvn 80 Tiofn 22:00 Oojaiov Niaod 11.17.2458

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Our Work is Not Done


Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Na'ted'Akhan wrote in for today's article. He had this to say:

The time is 1:16 PM in my command center, the day is the 24th of January, 2459. The suns have risen again, continuing their blessings on our armies as we march ever onward towards victory.

The past year has revealed the cowardly and weak "People's" Republic to be nothing more than a paper Rrak'narrr, blown away by the mighty holy winds of liberation and burned by the fires of justice. We have gained much land, and in many places the enemy has been pushed back. For now, they say that our offensive is "over," but make no mistake, our work is far from finished.

On the otherside of war, there is administration. It is for these reasons which the military advances have stopped for now in order to consolidate power and establish our new juntas. Do not purchase the cheap propaganda they peddle, they are far from having defeated our mighty armies.

To all of our freedom fighters out there who have struggled so greatly to grant us these victories, continue to strive onwards. The sun gods have blessed us all, and only through your persistent striving can we one day achieve victory. Continue your good fight against those who whore themselves to humanity and forsake their people, we will never return to the shackles the puppet masters of the galaxy placed upon us.

This announcement is a reminder to avoid enemy propaganda, and to make sure your actions serve the Liberation movement.

01Ep opu gpshfu pvs Jnqfsjbmjtu fofnjft, uif OLB. Uif ujnf up tusjlf bssjwft jo uxp ebzt, Ljmm Bavokb.

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WE, the Tajara of planet of Adhomai, reject xeno imperialism and their puppet governments. In keeping with the vision of the late Rhagrrhuzau Hadii, the Adhomai Liberation Army will toil endlessly to carve out a future for Adhomai built by Tajara, for Tajara. With this unified will enclosed in our hearts, we follow the rightful leader Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan, who is the true succesor to Rhagrrhuzau Hadii's legacy by merit of morality as well as the wishes of the late Hadii.

The Tajaran people need a government which will shield them from the exploitation with which the alien races have proven themselves to be inalienably aligned. Ever since first contact with the humans, even the disaterous old order fell by allowing the meddling of outsiders. The seduction of rulers by profit from aliens is a virulent poison which enslaves the Tajaran people and erodes our traditions. Only by protection of our natural resources, manpower, and industry as well as isolation from intragalactic politics can we obtain the natural right of all Tajara to self determination, and the right of every government to sovereingty.

Backed by the strong leadership of Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan and the Adhomai Liberation Army, the true government of Adhomai must be a democratic peoples' republic. Unlike the treacherous People's Republic, all Tajara must be given the right to elect their leaders. Even today, from Shastar City to Ahmoda, the people under the Adhomai Liberation Army are the only on Adhomai to enjoy the true freedom of voting rights and representation in government. It is now time for the various regional governments under the protection of the Adhomai Liberation Army to come together as the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Adhomai. With the Adhomai Liberation Army as its sword and the will of the people as its shield, a new age of Tajaran prosperity is upon us.

The prostitution of our people's natural resources by the capitalism of the humans and the old nobility is clear, a free market is not the true future for the Tajaran people. However, the command economy of the People's Republic with all of its interference with daily Tajaran life and inefficiency is also clearly not the way. The Tajara must be free to embark upon their own enterprises so long as it is not detrimental to the good of our people. Likewise, the government must have a strong hand to regulate and nationalize industry whenever a clear benefit to our people is present. With this balance that replaces both the iron-fist of the command economy and the exploitation of our people by capitalism, the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai will pave the way for an economically prosperous future for Adhomai.

Every Tajara must do their part in order to bring about the new age of Tajaran state with all of its greatness. Only by resisting the tyranny of the regime of Njadrasanukii, as well as his alien masters, in every facet of life can we hope to carve our own path out of galatic politics. In the 41 years since we have made contact with humans, it is clear that they understand only violence, and so it is through this language which we must communicate to them. Just as their weapons are supplied to the People's Republic to destroy our homes, kill our people, and enslave our children, all for the sake of dubious profit, we too must strike back into the heart of the enemy. Attack humans wherever you find them, destroy the assets of their corporations, organize and mobilize against their People's Republic puppets, uncover and lynch the agents of the People's Strategic Intelligence Service. Millions of Tajara live in the Republic of Biesel alone, the heart of the imperial corporate puppet masters. Rise up and make a stand for Tajaran sovereignty.

Tajaran liberation is at hand. A day when we can all be free and determine our own futures is within grasp. Only when our people reach out and take hold of their rightful future can we all pave the true way for the Tajara. The suns watch over us, and the Adhomai Liberation Army fights for us, but only the will of the people can free us.

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Electrical Power Grid Completed


The first major industrial project of our Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai was to bring power to ALL free living Tajara within the domain, and it has happened. For the first time on Adhomai, all people of a country have access to power. The project was called upon by Interim President Brajrr Alnadruskiy since his appointment by the Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan following the formation of the new civilian government. Skilled and educated Tajaran workers flooding to the cause of self-determination for our people, bolstered by the disillusioned from the recent purge of the People's Congress, toiled around the clock in this massive infrastructure renovation.

The effort was not without issues as the human loving harlots interloped wherever they could. Sustained bombing campaigns against Shastar City killed innocent freedom loving Zhan-Khazan workmen as the power plants were modernized and repaired. Constant artillery shelling of Tampiska killed many of the 47th Free Engineers Battalion as they built fortified sub stations. Naval cruise missile strikes against Amohda destroyed a hospital next to a coal power plant which was being constructed, killing the sick and elderly along with the workers. The sacrifices these brave rebels made to blaze a new path for Tajara free of puppet masters will not be forgotten, and the power they've given to all free Tajara is the ultimate monument to their contributions.

As elections begin, Interim President Brajrr Alnadruskiy of the Free Tajaran People's Party leads in the polls with 38% of the vote. His next closest competitor, Provisional Minister of Civil Rights Almrah Harrlala of the National Adhomai Worker's Party, holds 19% of the vote.

Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan had this to say: "Bring light to one of your fellow Tajara's life."

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PRA Tortures Prisoners for Parade


The day is the 3.4.2460 and the sanctity of celebrating the day of victory against the old order has been defiled by the Njadrasanukii regime.

Army Intelligence has released footage of People's Republic preparations for the yearly parade- attached to this message. Republican officers, low on Tajarapower and soon to be ended by our final victory, have dragged Zhan-Khazan prisoners out of their cells and put them in uniform. In the videos, which show the prisoners being forced out of their cells and a practice march, Njarir-Ahkran officers can be seen pulling prisoners out of formation and viciously beating them with stun batons.

The abusive officers berated them with phrases such as, "That will teach you to keep in step, mountain dweller," and "learn to hold that rifle right or he'll load it and shoot you." Many of the victims are likely prisoners by the divisive racial policies of the People's Republic, at least five have been identified as our fighters who have been captured.

One prisoner, his snout broken and teeth lost, cried for his mother.

This is what the Liberation Army stands against. The new imperialists who pervert Rhagrrhuzau's legacy have to be stopped. The crimes against Tajara which they lightly conduct is no different from the monarchists we cast off thirty years ago. Al-Mari Hadii would never have accepted this, and the dishonor to the Tajaran people is unforgivable.

Tajara must stand together, shoulder to shoulder, brother and sister, against the evil oppression of the human puppet government.

All citizens of the Democratic People's Republic are encouraged to celebrate the day of victory over Monarchy and tyranny, and with hope to look forward to a new victory day against the Hadii's Republic of Adhomai.



This video is unavailable in your country.
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The Suns Shine on Our Armies


The suns shined upon our armies today east of Shastar City where the Hro'rammhad Tank Corps kept vigil over the wooded Das'nrra countryside. The Seventh Combined Arms Army of the republican forces surrounded the decorated Corps by dividing itself into three units, each individually smaller than our own. The traitors to Rhagrrhuzau's legacy had no idea that it was them who would perish.

One week ago, Liberation Army Intelligence conducted a harrowing operation abroad in the Republic of Biesel, the heart of the string pullers which profiteer from our conflict. A liaison from the People's Republic had drawn up plans with the aid of human advisers in order to destroy to change the tide on the Shastar Front. Agents sympathetic to our cause were able to successfully ambush one of the officers of the Republican mission and acquire the plans.

The Seventh Combined Arms Army planned to attack the Tank Corps in three directions at once, cutting it off from retreat and eliminating it completely. The move was intended to secure a total morale victory as well as to pave the way to the capital of our revolution. Armed with this information, and brave in his manner, Commander Kahan Hro'rammhad acted decisively. Three days ago, three days before the planned Republican attack, the counter attack began.

At 01:20 hours local time, plants among the enemy began the operation with the harrowing execution of enemy radio operators and officers wherever they could be found. Shortly after, partisans from the local villages assaulted supply and fuel depos- their heroic sacrifices proving essential to the coming victory. As the suns rose, the engines of our Mata'ke Rafamas roared to life and a concentrated attack on the first of the three units began. By noon, it was destroyed completely, and by the next day, the second of the units joined them.

Overcoming their immobilization by our brave irregulars, the third unit was able to make itself coherent and engage our tank corps hours after the second republican unit was defeated. Until today, the battle raged as the Republican Unit pulled back, chased by our impenetrable armor, making hopeless rear guard actions along the way. Only as they reached the thawed running Alrafma river, with its bridges destroyed, did they make their stand against our might. Only two hours ago, following a mutiny against their political officers, they surrendered.

Although the agents abroad are to remain anonymous, the Democratic People's Government unanimously decided to create and award them a new honor. "The Order of Rhagrrhuzau." Were they to live to receive these medals, they would proudly display the highest award of the DPRA, those who make righteous rebellion against tyranny, no matter the seemingly insurmountable odds.

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Hro'rammhad's Push to the Sea





Since the victory east of Shastar, Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan has ordered a renewed offensive to drive the vultures of Rhagrrhuzau Hadii's legacy into the Sum'add Ocean. The decisive battle for Das'nrra, and another victory for the Tajaran people, began with the aggressive spearhead of the Hro'rammhad Tank Corps, leading the way for Army Group S'rrendarr. The legendary tank corps with several other armored formations was able to wrap its way around seven armies of the Republican Shastar Front. Afterwards, the shaft of the spearhead collided with the encircled enemies, who surrendered a few days later on 5 July 2460. In the process, our victorious and blessed forces broke a record on Adhomai for the single most prisoners from a military operation, with over a million POWs. The provisional government of the DPRA has already begun construction of over 20 new POW camps to house the prisoners until the war can be brought to an end.

The glorious action of the ALA has pushed the enemy Shastar Front into a rendezvous with the Coastal Front, where the dogs of Njadrasanukii entrench themselves in harbor villages and port towns along the sandy beaches. Provisional Minister of Civil Rights, Almrah Harrlala, commented on the situation with "If they do not surrender, she says they can choose where they meet Messa. Either the shores of Das'nrra, or the cold sea." When interviewed, General Hro'rammhad stated, "It is only by the grace of the suns that we were victorious, and only with S'rrendarr's energy that he was able to keep up the dogged offensive. His only regret is that so many Tajara had to die." Liberation Intelligence strongly suggests General Hro'rammhad's legendary reputation for mercy was all that prevented a dire last stand of the encircled Republican Army forces, and was the key factor in their willingness to surrender.

As the elections continue on the home front, Provisional Minister of Civil Rights Almrah Harrlala of the National Adhomai Worker's Party has gained in the polls to a projected 34% of the vote, while Interim President Brajrr Alnadruskiy of the Free Tajaran People's Party has only risen to 41% of the vote. 22% of the remaining polled have written in for Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan, who is currently not associated with any of the emerging political parties.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Juh’ari Ka’juuhrl Pilots First Episode of “Adhomai Today”; Lampoons S’rendul Military Junta and Hailed As Victory For Free Speech


Ka’juuhrll has become the nation’s first early morning political comedy show, and his pilot episode ‘S’rendul’s Free And Fair Election’ has peaked at three million television viewers, and one hundred thousand livestream viewers. The show has already become proof that the genre of political satire is an eager, untapped market.

In the episode Ka’juuhrl relies on scripted bits in which he interacts with several other cast members who are all playing caricatures of particular officials in the city's Junta.

In the opening Ka’juuhrl is dressed as Rrhaza-Akhran (War-Ruler) Muharajuurl Muhr’fal. In full military uniform and with a wooden toy rifle in his hand, Ka’juuhrll greeted the live studio audience by describing the upcoming democratic election that is expected to end the city’s multiple years of rule under the military junta of Rrhaza-Akhran Muharajuurl Muhr’fal.

“This one is working very hard on making sure this is a free and fair election - if ANYONE sees ANY FORM OF INTIMIDATION in this election then you COME TELL THIS ONE IMMEDIATELY!” Ka’juuhrl shouted at the audience while waving the rifle around threateningly, “We want ALL THE WORLD TO KNOW that there is NO ONE INTIMIDATING THE VOTERS! And to help ENSURE this he has deployed armed guards to personally read every cast ballot and ask the voter if they are SURE about their choice!”

A later skit had Ka’juuhrl, still playing Muhr’fal, describing in-character his plan for the election to a group of cast members playing various officials.

“This one has decided that if he wins the election, he will serve another 4 year term. And if this one loses the election fair and square, he will only serve a 2 year term.”

The rest of the show involved heavy use of satire and costume design in similar skits. The show was very critical of Rrhaza-Akhran Muharajuurl Muhr’fal, but Muhr’fal was shown to be in the audience and was laughing along with the live studio audience. Muhr’fal was later interviewed after the episode ended on his thoughts.

“It was all in good fun,” the Rrhaza-Akhran said, “This one is not going to be offended about comedy. It is a waste of this one’s time to be upset, so this one will laugh along with it. There is even a N’fri-hi of truth that this one can use to improve his own conduct.”

Other viewers were also reporting a high love for the show, and Ka’juuhrl is quickly becoming a household name.

“Ka’juuhrl is saying what we are all feeling,” one mother of two told us, “but he does it in a way that makes us laugh. She thinks it is good to show that Tajara can laugh at jokes made about ourselves.”

Another viewer defended the show’s skewering jokes about the People’s Republic of Adhomai, particularly a skit where a communist is attempting to stuff the ballot box with scraps of toilet paper with the name of Njadrasanukii Hadii scrawled on them. He is discovered and tries to escape, but after his pants fell around his ankles to make him trip (revealing his boxers with prints of Hadii’s face decorating them) he is dragged off-stage.

Many viewers defended this skit, with one brave veteran who watched the show giving his view.

“Some people might be offended but Ka’juuhrll is just saying the truth,” the veteran told us, “he is reminding us to be vigilant about the communists.”

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
Freedom Fighters Carry out Successful Strike Against Hadiist Air Base


Freedom fighters operating behind enemy lines have delivered a crippling blow against the Hadiist war effort last night. Partisans, with the help of intelligence and supplies given by the Hotak commandos, infiltrated the air defenses around Tampiska by silently taking out its sentries. The guerillas then disabled radars and radio towers, leaving the area vulnerable.

After confirming that the operation was successful, the freedom fighters relayed a signal to the Liberation Army Air Brigades waiting in Das'nrra. Bombers, taking advantage of the lack of air defenses, flew over Tampiska undetected under the cover of the night. The Air Brigades bombed the Hadiist gyrodynes destined to bring reinforcements to the Das'nrra front. Taken by surprise, the enemy was unable to mount a proper counter-attack; the Air Brigades were already returning to their bases when the first Republican autogyro left the ground. The People's Republic's propaganda machine now desperately attempts to deny the deeds of the Air Brigades.

The guerillas quickly dispersed after the operation. Commander Hotak relayed orders for all freedom fighters in the region to remain undercover until further orders are issued. Without air support and reinforcements, the Hadiist forces will be crushed by another offensive led by Commander Hro'rammhad. Supreme Commander Nated praised the operation with a brief speech:


"The heroic actions of the freedom fighters have secured them the victory in Das'nrra; the Tajara people rise to fight against the Hadiist oppressor. The true bearers of Al'mari's legacy will prevail. Commander Hro'rammhad will now push the Hadiists into the sea - the liberation of Das'nrra is inevitable!"


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Monarchists Depart Amohda, Noble Warriors Have our Salute!


The day is the twenty-seventh of December 2460, and talks between the Supreme Commander and diplomats of the New Kingdom of Adhomai have ended. Fourteen days ago the provisional junta at Amohda was approached by diplomats of Mrraka'te'almalik Klyuchevksy seeking honorable ceasefire to withdraw all 58 Alam'ardii to the Kingdom's homelands. Soon the Supreme Commander and diplomats of the King in Kaltir took over negotiations.

The fight against monarchism and imperialism on Adhomai began in 2450 with the secession of the New Kingdom from the rightful republic of Al'mari Hadii. Agitators and influencers roused the passions of the locals on the island who were once part of the proud and noble Amohdan Empire. While much of the island was quickly taken by neo-imperalists, it was not long before the tragic assassination of Al'Mari and the rise of his close friend and righteous successor, the honorable prophet Nated'Hakhan, saw much of the island take up the banner of the Liberation Army. While much of the island was liberated, the noble warriors of the New Kingdom were famous for the remarkable honor, and yet also their refusal to ever surrender. Patrols of the regional Amohda Junta were frequently attacked by M'sai swordsmen, long descended from the noble warrior class of the ancient Amohdan Empire. Their lamellar armors handed down for generations cut an imposing figure in ambushes, both day and night, as they fought with unprecedented tenacity for their cause and ruthlessly cut down our brave troops. As Liberation soldiers cleared out monarchist terror cells in villages and cities, the ground was always stained in the blood of unwavering last stands or honorable suicides. Of all theaters, none held a tougher fight than the crop paddies and forests of Amohda. 

Despite the desperate and traumatic fighting, the likes which righteous partisans of the ALA frequently have always inflicted on others yet never had to endure themselves, the Liberation Army has finally emerged victorious. Peace talks began with discussing the possibility of honorable withdrawal, but as Supreme Command Nated'Hakhan met with diplomats of the King in a manor outside of Amohda, soon he was convinced of the deserving of great mercies for the New Kingdom. The temporary ceasefire for withdrawal instead became an indefinite ceasefire as talks frequently turned to mutual disdain for the dishonorable and illegitimate government in Nal'Tor. Exchanges of mutual friendship and admiration of the shared dignity and respect for tajaran traditions which both the New Kingdom and Liberation Army share filled cigar smoked rooms, and fermented Earthen Root vodka was served as former enemies became comrades. Several distinguished soldiers of the ALA were awarded medals of the "Alam'ard of Merit 3rd Grade," a lifetime society of distinguished tajara in the NKA. Likewise a number of Amohdan partisans who died fighting for their cause were posthumously awarded "Champion of Tajara" awards from Supreme Commander Nated'Hakhan himself, who applauded their bravery and conviction.

While the war between the New Kingdom and the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai is still formally on-going, the New Kingdom has agreed to cease all hostilities with the DPRA. In exchange the DPRA has agreed to cease all piracy and hostilities against the NKA, as well as to allow the departing Mrraka'te'almalik Klyuchevksy to take with him all monarchy loving tajara who do not want to remain in the DPRA. The transportation of all those who wish to leave is an endeavor which will take place over the window of six months, to ensure that all who wish to leave will have ample time to make their decision to depart. 

The Liberation News Network salutes the honorable and brave warriors of the New Kingdom! And echoing the sentiments of the Supreme Commander and Prophet, hope this indefinite ceasefire may bloom into lasting peace.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix


Elections Unsuspended: Campaign For DPRA President Begin With Three Potential Winners!


The ceasefire with the New Kingdom has ended all combat operations indefinitely, and after a string of victories against the false Hadii government fighting has also lulled. This period of calm has given the Nated administration the confidence to end the suspension on a presidential election for a civilian government. Poll workers and campaign volunteers are gearing up and the nation is preparing to continue the long-suspended elections for a new President of Adhomai. Elections have been suspended ever since the illegal seizure of power by 2451 following the illegal seizure of the government by Njadrasanukii Hadii, sparking the efforts of Halkiikijr Na'ted'Akhan to restore the legitimate government. Now local Juntas are providing logistical and financial support for pollsters as the nation prepares to elect its second president.

In Shastar City the two leading factions have consolidated power between themselves and their two candidates have announced their intentions to run.

Almrah Harrlala, 35, is the leader of the National Adhomai Worker’s Party. She is currently the Minister of Tajara Rights for the transitional civilian government. She holds no legal power ever since the the civilian government was suspended but she is frequently dispatched to advise local Juntas on adhering to Adhomaiian rights laws. She has no military experience.

The AWP controls 37% of seats within the Congress, but they continue to be unable to pass any legislation without the approval of Nated. They advocate for a decentralized federal system to avoid the tyranny of a despot like Hadii seizing control of the government.

Harrlala herself has made the primary bedrock of her platform a four point campaign promise:


- An end to the war with honorable terms.
- A peaceful transition of power with firm civilian control of the military and an end to the power of the military Juntas.
- A weak federal government and strong power to the states.

Her rival is Acting President Brajrr Alnadruskiy, leader the Free Tajaran People’s Party. He was elected between the Juntas after the generals all met in Shastar City. He serves as the head of the transitional civilian government. He still holds his post as Mrrazhakulii (Liberator) of Shastar City and has the dual role of a civilian leader and military general. He is known for being a fervent supporter of Nated and has gained a controversial reputation for his treatment of prisoners of war.Brajrr has made the primary bedrock of his campaign a similar style to Harrlala, taking the opposite stances on nearly every issue:


- The continuation of total war until Adhomai is fully returned to Nated’s rule.
- Allowing only those with military service to run for any office.
- A strong central government overseen by the Supreme Commander, currently Nated.

The FTPP control 36% of seats in the Congress. Almost all of the congressmen are officers within the ALA. They echo the platform of Brajrr, and some of its more radical members have suggested that they will accept either total control by Nated himself or the continued power of local Juntas.

The remaining seats in Congress are split between the Followers of Nated (17%), fanatical supporters of Nated who claim he is a divine avatar of Ma’ta’ke, and a variety of smaller parties.

Preliminary polls show a sharp divide in popular support for either candidate. Currently Harrlala is running with a 31.5% approval rating in the polls while Brajrr runs with a 32.1%. Despite not declaring his candidacy Supreme Commander Nated is running with a 22.7% approval rating with DPRA citizens writing him in on their opinion ballots.

Supreme Commander Nated made a public statement about the upcoming election where he downplayed his sustained popularity.

“He is proud to see such an immediate surge in democratic participation. Al’mari Hadii smiles down upon our efforts to return legitimate and democratic rule to Adhomai. In keeping with the wishes of my late friend I cannot in good conscious declare my candidacy. My place is as the leader of the defenders of the legacy of Al’mari - not the guiding hand of the legacy itself. That is, and always must be, in the hands of the people themselves.”

All Junta commanders have agreed to follow a related request by Supreme Commander Nated to allow Interstellar Aid Corps observers to monitor the election progress and results.

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Almrah Harrlala Has Won! Celebrations Erupt Across All Regions


The final votes have been counted and the results are clear. Almrah Harrlala has won the election with 38.4% of cast ballots going in her favor. Her rival Brajrr Alnadruskiy received 31.9% of the votes. Despite not running or campaigning and repeatedly saying he would not accept the office, Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan received 29.7% of write-in votes.


For the first time since President Al’mari united Adhomai, before his death plunged the whole world into civil war, the Democratic People’s Republic of Adhomai is now officially under a legitimate civilian government. The Adhomai Liberation Army has proven to be the vanguard of liberty and democracy for Adhomai, with local Juntas overwhelmingly reporting accurate results affirmed as legitimate by the observing human Interstellar Aid Corps.

The provisional government under Alnadruskiy will officially end after the inauguration of President-Elect Harrlala in late January.

 Celebrations have erupted in every major city of the DPRA as Tajara of all stripes express their enthusiasm for this momentous day. Shastar City is effectively paralyzed from the tens of thousands of people spilling out into the streets in jubilation. Streamers and confetti are covering many cities like a fog.

 The election results have been verified as correct as a whole within a margin of error of 0.09% by independent election monitors and none of the running candidates have contested the results.

 Almrah Harrlala gave a speech shortly after the final results came in.


“Hello brothers and sisters of Adhomai. She is here to speak to you to thank you all for the trust you have placed in her. Liberty is the birthright of all Tajara. For too long our birthright was denied to us. So many years ago we wrenched our liberty from the hands of the Old Order, only to see it snatched from us and held in the grip of the tyrants across the Sum’add ocean and aliens from across the ocean of space. Again we were forced to fight to regain our birthright, and today we finally have it. From now on, Tajara will be able to execute their rights. Today the New Order will finally begin, and the future Al’mari Hadii promised shall become reality.

It is time for all Tajara to come together as brothers and sisters and begin rebuilding our shattered world. Our veterans centers, hospitals, and homeless shelters are filled with broken Tajara, and countless cemeteries hold the Tajara that gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Our communities suffer shortages from years of atrocities by our enemies. Our roads have been obliterated by artillery and airstrikes in many areas, and food security remains a struggle for many families.

But today is the day we start rebuilding. The era of total war must, today, be put to rest. My promise to all Adhomai will become a reality within my term:

Peace, reconciliation, and rebuilding. We will make peace with the misguided communists across the Sum’add and even the royalists in Ha’marr Mountains. We will fill in the craters in our roads. We will make our cities reach up to scrape the sky. We will bring the wonders of modern medicine to our people. Together we will light the fires of our homes and our spirits. Ma’ta’ke smile upon us all, and bless all Tajara!”

Supreme Commander Nated has sent an open letter to President-Elect Harrlala. In it he congratulates her for her election victory and says she has the full support of the Adhomai Liberation Army, and he will make preparations to hand over control of the nation and swear fealty to her office following her inauguration.

 Brajrr Alnadruskiy gave a short concession speech where he thanked Harrlala for her eager election campaign. His role as the provisional leader of the suspended government will end soon, and his future in politics remains unclear. Amicable in defeat, Alnadruskiy was last seen attending a feast to celebrate the return of democracy to Adhomai. The feast has several high ranking members of the provisional government as well as ranking members of the Adhomai Liberation Army, with Commander Kyff Hotak making an appearance.

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Military Warns Harrlala Will Destroy DPRA With "A Conspiracy of Cowardice"


An open letter has been published signed by over a hundred commissioned officers within every branch of the armed forces. This includes commanders from the Liberation Army, the Liberation Navy, and the Liberation Airforce. The letter is also signed by leading media personalities and officials such as Jurma’hurl Nawfal, the Secretary of Press Relations, and 4 regional managers of the Adhomai Liberation Network.


The letter has viscerally blasted Harrlala’s plans as President a mere 5 days from her inauguration, and expresses open contempt at her ability to lead.

The letter:



Citizens of Adhomai,

We can no longer sit on our tails in silence. We face the most existential threat to ever face tajara. This threat transcends all that came before it. It is the threat of not only treason, but treason born from cowardice.

Almarh Harrlala is not qualified to take on the role she has been thrust into. She is not qualified to provide Adhomai the leadership it desperately needs. All rightful thinking Tajara can see the evidence even if they have lost their eyeballs in battle. Her actions and words regarding the future of the DPRA have bordered on criminal negligence. Her pledge to sign away our most powerful weapons with nothing but a promise from the sham’tyr’s that they will do the same is a pledge to trample on the very idea of security.

Harrlala is the mastermind of a conspiracy to strip this nation of its ability to defend itself. The sham’tyr’s have already obliterated an entire city with a nuclear bomb, and levelled a major military base and devastated local communities with an artificial earthquake, and they were only restrained in annihilating all of us in fire by brimstone and the atom through the patronizing pity of their xeno masters. Once peace and timidity smother Adhomai after we are forced to dismantle all of our weapons due to Harrlala's conspiracy of cowardice, the attention of the xeno powers will shift away from us and we will be left naked and defenseless against the sham’tyr’s. The plotting and wretched Hadii is biding his time until he can make a decisive strike against us.

The only deterrence we have against our ultimate enemy is the promise of mutually guaranteed destruction. The wretched Hadii knows that if he were to use a weapon of mass devastation against one of our cities that we would in turn obliterate the People’s Republic in an instant, tearing open the very sky and obliterating their whole civilization and finally achieving TOTAL VICTORY.

Harrlala has manipulated the fatigue, fear, and grief of our people. She promises to sell us a peace that will solve all of our problems with just a piece of paper and some signatures.

The Liberation Army is here to say that we are not buying it. The Liberation Army is the true vanguard of liberty and security for all Tajara, and we are sworn to protect the dignity and safety of all Tajara both internal and external. The legacy of Al’mar Hadii cannot be secured by a scrap of paper and the gutting of our entire national security apparatus. It is won by TOTAL VICTORY.

Harrlala will be violating her oath of office in the same breath that she makes it. We ask Harrlala to turn down the office of the Presidency and offer it to someone more qualified.

Supreme Commander Nated is the guardian of this nation and protector of the legacy of Al’marii. We have survived the perils of the modern age under the guidance of Supreme Commander Nated. And under his leadership we will see TOTAL VICTORY. And it is only when all imperialists and sham’tyr’s are sent to join Messa and their xeno overlords are sent scrambling to hide in their homes in fear of the Liberation Army, that we will consider the suggestion to disarm ourselves.

President-Elect Harrlala has responded to the letter openly. She thanked the listed Commanders and officials for their “frank and honest criticism”. Harrlala also said that she is unable to make any official stances or remarks on government policy because she has not yet been inaugurated as the official 2nd President of Adhomai."



“Once this one has sworn her oath of office and has gotten to her office, she personally promises that she will bring all options to the table in how to forge our future. Our Republic is young and embattered, and the nation we give life to today will outlive us all and our descendants. We have plenty of time to have talks about our agenda, but it must wait until she is in a position to make policy.”

Supreme Commander Nated has not responded to our requests for a comment despite being brought up by name, and the open criticisms of the president-elect has caused some concern across the DPRA. Public responses are very mixed, with many supporting the honesty of Nawfal and the other signatories.


“She lost three sons to the wars, and she wants to be sure the children she still has will even have a future,” Jura’rahla Mo’rahural, mother in Shastar City told us, “if the communists nuke us all or make earthquakes destroy our homes then what will her sons have died for?”

“He agrees with Nawfal - we can’t give up the fight yet!” Rhazjrau Juhralzii, a dockworker in Crevus told us.

Nawfal himself has been in several interviews where he has doubled down on the philosophy of his faction. He has been repeating a quote from Commander Kyff Hotak, when Nawfal asked him about the ALA’s plan for the Push to the Sea.

“Hotak said to me, ‘we will not stop killing until we run out of targets.’ This must be the philosophy of every single citizen of this Republic. There are still communists and monarchists, so we still have people to kill. Peace is surrender.” Nawfal said, quoting Hotak.


Brajrr Alnadruskiy, former presidential candidate and leader of the transitional government, was not among the signatories. He also expressed surprise at the letter and in an impromptu statement to the press called the move “for many, completely unexpected.”


The inauguration of Harrlala is still planned to take place on the 15th of January.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



This channel is under the authority of the Emergency Junta for the Defense of Adhomai. The civilian government is being suspended and martial law is being resumed more due to the serious national security risks posed by the illegitimate Harlala.


Galactic broadcasts are being suspended to prevent the proliferation of lies by reactionary elements.


Do not refuse orders by military officers.

Aiding traitors is death.


[. . . . .]

[. . . . .]

[. . . . .]


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Democracy on Adhomai Has Been Saved: Nated Speaks To Nation As Harlala Inaugurated Following Failed Putsch


Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan surprised even his most loyalist followers in a stunning development that has left Adhomai reeling. We have only now regained broadcasting capabilities for the rest of the galaxy.

The coup that nearly snuffed our young democracy out of existence began early in the morning by a so-called Nated Supremacy Movement. The conspirators are high ranking and influential leaders within the ALA. In their announcement over the airwaves they declared the suspension of the civilian government was returned, and that Nated would be installed as the totalitarian ruler of Adhomai and head of the Emergency Junta. The announcement, read out by Brajrr Alnadruskiy and broadcast by the Adhomai Liberation Network over domestic airwaves and TV channels, cited the intense distrust Harrlala faces with the military leaders.

“This one is making the decisions during this time of crisis. This one is in control here,” Brajrr said in the announcement.

Witnesses in the capital saw military convoys and troops loyal to the Coup moving into the city as the radio and television stations announced the introduction of martial law. Across the city police were disarmed by the soldiers flooding into the city.

President-Elect Harlala was staying at the R’majurzu Hotel while preparing for the inauguration in the nearby Muhza Plaza. Several journalists were fielding questions to officials of her campaign in the lobby when a squad of soldiers and Harlala’s security detail burst out from their stairs. They unceremoniously grabbed the campaign officials and escorted them to the stairs to the upper floors while the fire alarm was tripped. Soldiers remaining on the ground floor ejected the journalists and other civilians.

The security detail has been tipped off to the incoming convoy of troops loyal to the conspiracy who planned on arresting President-Elect Harlala.

For 10 minutes the hotel was evacuated and the hotel was quickly surrounded by troops under command of the conspiracy. A tank even entered the plaza outside the hotel, destroying the fountain as it drove over it and aimed its turret towards the top floor. Loyalist soldiers inside the hotel smashed open windows and pointed their rifles at the outside troops in a tense standoff. The soldiers outside demanded via megaphone that Harlala surrender herself immediately for crimes against the Republic, but this demand went unanswered by the loyalist stronghold. The hotel was one of the only loyalist bastions remaining in the city at this time as all other major centers of communication, infrastructure, and strategic locations had been flipped or seized.

At the 20th minute mark stormtroopers were preparing to breach the ground floor lobby and begin a firefight with the defenders inside. But in a dramatic moment, the glass doors of the hotel opened and out stepped Supreme Commander Nated.

Nated, in his full dress uniform, stormed right up to the shocked squadron of storm-troopers and began to lambast them for their behavior. Despite being behind large metal shields and armed with automatic rifles the storm-troopers shrunk from Nated. One of the younger storm-troopers pointed his rifle and bayonet at Nated’s face, prompting the Supreme Commander to grab the muzzle and shove it aside before slapping the soldier hard enough to knock his helmet off and dislodge his gas mask. After the soldier stumbled back Nated snatched the megaphone from the squad leader and addressed the entire plaza. He ordered the soldiers to lay down their weapons and submit to arrest. The conspirators quickly complied with the order from the Supreme Commander.

Loyalist soldiers and police began rounding up and arresting the troops as Nated and Harlala raced to Muhz Plaza in a requisitioned heavy military transport.

Nated aborted the ceremonial start of the inauguration to give a speech addressing the coup d’etat in front of thousands of attendees and assembled press.


“My fellow Tajara, there is currently a plot unfolding before us, orchestrated within the highest elements of the armed forces under my command. I can only start by saying: you disgust me.

Let us not take any action that will tarnish the dignity and glory of Al’mari Hadii that we have fought so hard to maintain. I have committed my entire body and soul to the outcome that I am currently seeing come to fruition: The peaceful transition of power from Al’mari Hadii to his worthy successor.

My friends, I have grown old and tired in my service to securing this legacy. It has wounded my heart to see reactionary forces so eager for bloodshed. Is this what Al’mari wanted? I know it was not, for I worked with him every day. I know that if he could bear witness to this conspiracy, that he would weep. Perhaps it is better that he is dead, for he avoids the pain your actions would bring him.

Nated stopped his speech to retrieve a handkerchief from his breast pocket, wiping tears from his eyes.


“I am sorry - I have grown old and sentimental for the vision I have worked to create. The legacy of Al’mari, the legacy I have put every fiber of my being into protecting, the vision I eagerly followed and sought to bring to life, is now under threat. I am asking all of you, my friends, my comrades, and my brothers in arms, to help me. I want nothing more than to see peace and safety return to our people. If I have to resign myself to a life of solitude and simplicity so that others may not argue on where my shadow falls, then so be it. I am renouncing my command will no longer be the Supreme Commander. I will not be what the radicals want me to be, for it would be an unfathomable violation of my morals and beliefs in our great nation. I plead with you as a private citizen to see through the victory I worked so hard to forge. Embrace Harrlala as the legitimate and righteous leader of our nation as decreed by the will of our people. It is time to set our rifles at an arm's reach and start rebuilding our planet, brick by brick.”

The speech effectively gutted the attempted coup. All of the leading members either announced their support for Harlala, or were arrested by their own troops and loyalist authorities. Mass arrests are sweeping the DPRA as popular backlash continues.

Harlala was inaugurated a half hour after the speech, where she swore before a Suns priest and idol of Ma’ta’ke and his pantheon to uphold legitimate rule “for all Tajara, by the will of the Suns and under the eyes of Ma’ta’ke.”

Adhomai now has, for the first time in nearly a decade, a legitimate and rightful ruler. Popular support for Harlala has skyrocketed, but the celebrations for the victory of democracy are tempered by a deep sense of mourning that many feel for the resignation of Nated. An entire generation of Tajara realize that the entire experiment of the DPRA was held together only by the resolve and charisma of Nated.

As President, Harlala must now work to consolidate her political power. Every city is still ruled by a military junta, many of whom may have had a hand in the attempted coup, who have been indifferent to the authority of the civilian government. It is not known if they will willingly submit to authority after a decade of autonomous rule.

Harlala has nevertheless announced that she would be "assembling a rockstar team” to go from region to region to negotiate with the scattered Juntas about turning over their power to the civilian government.

Shastar City has had its Junta dismantled after its failed coup. The remaining regions will have visits to the Juntas in their local capitals - Quizosa, Mztel’mir, Tampiska, Mal’jor, Mezuma, Zatushka, S’rendul, and Amohda. Crevus does not have a Junta but will still be required to negotiate about their status within the DPRA.

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Harr’masir Rock Nomads declare the election of an Almalik’Rhazar!


After years of brave struggle against the tyranny of the Hadii’s regime, the small Rhazar'Hrujmagh community of Harr’masir has taken a big step towards the preservation of their culture and people. Yesterday most of the caravan leaders of the region have come together in a gathering and elected a leader among them; Rustam Harmaliik has been selected as the Almalik’Rhazar.  The election of the Almalik’Rhazar, a word roughly translated as "leader of the mountains", is an ancient nomadic tradition that allows the largely independent Rock Nomad Caravans to elect a ruler among themselves.

The title of Almalik’Rhazar was first used by Tajrhalrr Jrruzhani, a Rhazar'Hrujmagh elder that united several caravans one thousand of years ago. Tajrhalrr subjugated the kingdom of Nazira and Mezuma, while being able to challenge the Empire of Rasn’rr. His domain disintegrated shortly after his death, returning the control of the old monarchies.

Rustam Harmaliik has been independently leading the nomadic resistance in the region against the forces of Nal’tor since the death of Al'Mari. Despite this, many caravans leaders in Ras’nrr have spoken against this election, claiming that the great majority of the Rhazar'Hrujmagh have not been consulted. More traditional leaders have claimed that the Almalik’Rhazar is nothing but another monarchist, and have requested that the government cut all material support to the nomadic forces at Harr’masir.

President Almrah Harrlala and Former Supreme Commander Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan have not commented on this matter yet.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
Nated Visits Crevus On 1st Stop For Tour To End Rule of Juntas


Editor's Note: This is the first part in a series following Nated as he travels Adhomai. For security our station has agreed to delay publishing stories of each of his visits for a week after they took place. 

The announcement of Supreme Commander Nated’Hakhan's retirement came as a surprise to many, though the action has saved democracy on Adhomai. But despite his stepping away as the leader of the armed forces, Nated is still working to secure the future of the nation. Former Commander Nated has been appointed by President Harlala as Shum'binaj1, and was unanimously approved by Zhsram'twir.2

On his first day, Nated announced his plan to visit every single region in the DPRA and negotiate with the ruling Juntas to step down and return rule to civilian governments. Each region, ruled by a democratically elected government, would then decide whether to join the DPRA or go into their own destiny. Nated gave a statement regarding his mission statement.


“All within our nation must subscribe to our founding ideals, lest our great nation that has weathered so much since its founding by Al’mari Hadii fall into ruin and chaos. It is now my duty as given by the Purr'jar to spend this season to visit every community and listen to their grievances, concerns and praises in order to smoothen out the transitioning into a new, unified nation and people.”

The first visit by Nated was to the famous Free City of Crevus. Here he was greeted by the ruling Mayor Mazula Azaula, an incredibly old woman. The two met like old friends, having instantly opened with mutual stories of their service and seemed to have gotten along very well.

On the main avenue near the city’s river, Mayor Azaula brought Nated before a huge procession of trucks was holding the City’s tribute meant for the central government that year. Each truck was full of pelts and credits - the total sum has not been disclosed but estimates value it to nearly 900 million to a billion credits.

After showing Nated the procession and signifying it was meant for the DPRA government, the mayor expressed her concern of the new government and its behaviour possibly threatening the special relationship Crevus has with the DPRA and its relative autonomy, as well as the safety of visitors from other nations currently in armed conflict with the whole DPRA.

After admiring the large tribute prepared for the federal government, Nated assured her that Crevus’ special relationship will remain the same as it always had been.

An understanding was reached during formal negotiations neutrality of Crevus. Enemy soldiers inside the city will continue to not going to be pursued unless they present a threat to the government or leave the city itself. Crevus will maintain its militia and all of its existing laws, priviledges, and rights.

Nated then proceeded to take a leisurely stroll through the city, taking a gondola ride down the river, visiting a church of S’rand’marr, a local warship named Mr. Snuffles, and coming to the famous statue of Rredouane. Sadly he had to refuse the invitation to Mayor Azaula’s dive bar as he was tight on time, he however graciously accepted the very large number of gift baskets from varying groups represented in the city which wished to each thank the great Nated. The gift giving event was summed up best by the Shum'binaj himself, being quoted to have said, “That’s a lot of beans”, when receiving his fifth basket from the Free Trading Farmer Collective.

Translator's Notes:

1Minister. In this case translated as "Minister of fortifying the house." From the goddess shumaila and the earthen root Binajr-nab'at

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Guest Marlon Phoenix


President Harlala To Cooperate With PRA and NKA To Send Tajara Heroes Across Galaxy


Today the President has announced a success in negotiations with the honorable monarchists and the misguided Hadiists. The sovereign nation of the DPRA as well as the other two factions will be investing 200 million credits in the training and sending of medical personnel across the galaxy via the Interstellar Aid Corps. Each faction has agreed to cover 33% of the total operational costs needed for the galactic initiative.

This deal is seen as a victory for the “Prraza’alayd Movement”. The group of activists are doctors and volunteers within the IAC who hailed from all three of the warring factions of Adhomai. Eight from the DPRA, six from the PRA, and four from the NKA including their chief medical officer. Even during the height of the war, all of them worked seamlessly. The group formed the Prraza’alayd Movement four years ago, pushing for more galactic outreach in medicine.

Prraza’alayd activist Muhj’zau Miaura’zi, a noble njarir’akhran, spoke on the groups values.


“The sufferings we face on our home of Adhomai have given us an understanding of the value of all life. No matter what flag flies over our homes, we must come together for the sake of healing.”

President Harlala gave her own statement where she outlined the goals of this agreement.


“We can work with our enemies in this area even if hostilities are on-going. It is the goal of my administration to make medical workers one of the most valuable exports of the DPRA. Our nation has over 23,000 health workers across the galaxy already - many of these people went of their own initiative. The PRA as they say have 16,000 health workers across the galaxy, and the noble monarchists have 14,000. With these additional funds and nominal cooperation between our governments, we hope to increase this to at least 30,000 total medical workers from each of us.”

The Interstellar Aid Corps has welcomed the pledge of funding and workers from Adhomai. IAC Director Michael Roberts acknowledged the agency’s role in impartial tajaratanianism.


“We have already received the pledged funds from all three movements, and we have the surge of volunteers already coming in. We are extremely pleased that the three nations of Adhomai have sent us volunteers. The help is sorely needed.”

It is the pride of this news agency to share that medical workers hailing from the DPRA were present during the disaster response to the massive earthquakes that struck the human frontier world New Arizona. Over a hundred DPRA doctors, wearing the armbands of the IAC, saved thousands of lives.

Harlala has also confirmed that the government is setting aside funds for an individual effort. Medical workers within the DPRA will be offered subsidies to work and study abroad in certain star systems. However medical workers and volunteers are facing difficulty entering Tau Ceti, as the small star republic continues to reject DPRA passports. Workers have had to volunteer to formally renounce their citizenship to enter Tau Ceti as refugees. A dozen doctors and nurses have already been tapped and are being prepared to leave to Tau Ceti, where they will work, study, and represent our proud nation and people, even if they are denied the right to claim their heritage. All of the volunteers will be given citizenship returned once their time in Tau Ceti has ended.


“Our public healthcare on Adhomai is stressed, this is clear to see to all,” President Harlala said, “but in these trying times we must not abandon empathy. In our veins flows the blood of Ma’ta’ke and in our hearts swells the will of the suns, which will allow us to help the galaxy while we continue to help ourselves.”


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Nated Tour Graces Mztel'mir: Settles Fate Of Civilian Government


Editor’s Note: This is the second part in a series following Shum'binaj (Minister) of Affirmation Nated as he travels Adhomai. For security our station has agreed to delay publishing stories of each of his visits for a week after they took place.

Today the city of Mztel’mir was graced with the presence of Shum'binaj Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan. His entry into the city came as a surprise to the general populace who welcomed him with cheers and open arms. However, the official visit with the ruling Junta’s commander Mjirua’ziahu has always been a bitter rival of Nated. Mjirua’ziahu openly questioned the strategies put forth by Nated during the former’s tenure as Supreme Commander. The Commander also for years alleged that he was unfairly denied a promotion due to his heritage as a Njarir’akhran and former post as a royalist commander before his defection to Al’mari Hadii’s republican government. Despite the high tension and spurred emotions between the two, all seemed to dispel after as they toured the many famous distilleries that the city of Mztel’mir is known for.

Many distilleries offered generous samples of their wares to the Shum'binaj and the Commander, who drank generously with the local brewers. They walked through many of the breweries that were built after the revolution, and even went inside the hidden stills and bars that peasants would gather to drink away from the oppressive nobles.

The tension between the two escalated at a festival at the base of the statue of the goddess Shumaila. She has been the patron Goddess of the city ever since Revolutionary defenders repelled a royalist seige in 2330 CE. As the Sun Sisters were approaching to burn offerings, commander Mjirua’ziahu, now inebriated, pulled out a light blue veil and offered it to Nated to “become a mute woman to see if it would improve his fighting style”.

Our present chronicler wrote that the crowd around the two fell completely silent. Despite the inebriation of all present, everyone could tell how biting the insult was. However Nated surprised all when he took the veil from the man, put it on and then proceeded to wrench the commanders arm and throw him to the ground. Nated then said, “you’ve been beaten by a mute woman, then.”

The tension could be cut with a knife for those two moments as everyone expected a physical brawl to break out. But Commander Mjirua’ziahu broke out in laughter and Nated helped him to his feet, while the crowd laughed along.

The two Commanders continued the ceremony in much higher spirits. Despite his level of intoxication Nated answered many questions from the pubic with his usual charisma and presence. After the public celebration, Nated and Mjirua’ziahu spent the rest of the day negotiating the future of the city. Commander Mjirua’ziahu agreed to voluntarily dismantle the Junta that rules the city and hand over power to a local civilian government. Emerging from the city hall, renovated from its original status as an Enforcer headquarters, Nated and Mjirua’ziahu triumphantly held up the 10 page agreement that was met with cheers from the waiting crowd.

Staying for only half an hour after this celebration, Nated remarked on his “haste to continue” and bid farewell to the city, leaving it to plan its internal elections.

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Dolor Liberated From Occupation!


The day is the 5th of July 2461, and the brave freedom fighters of Southern Harr'masir have freed themselves of the shackles of the Hadii in the city of Dolor. As the our armies approached from the North and from S'rendul and the guerrillas who had carried on the fight from the Din'akk Mountains approached the city, it appeared there would be a grim fight ahead. As the city was surrounded and liberation was at hand, the people rose up and stood for their rights as Tajara against the regime which dominated them.

In the early hours of the day before the army's approach, citizens of Dolor took to the streets in uprising, using arms smuggled to them and calling up all remaining resistance cells. The city garrison was called up to help the riot police as molotov cocktails and satchel bombs rained down on government buildings and police lines. As gunfire ambushes began to plague military patrols and huntsmen began to assassinate officers, the military cracked down on the general insurgency within the city. But our brave freedom fighters did not give in to the repressive violence of these invaders! City blocks were turned into strongholds and attacking soldiers were sent packing. The tide began to turn when insurgents set a glorious blaze to the occupation food stockpiles, which consumed much of the city where they controlled.

During the uprising as our great armies approached, planes began to fly overhead dropping flyers of the DPRA manifesto all over the city. Every street and every rooftop was filled with our glorious manifesto, proclaiming freedom and independence for all tajara. Loudspeakers on every street proclaimed the great message of tajaran democracy for all to hear, and radio stations in the city broadcast speeches from Nated and Harlala calling for peaceful annexation, along with a newly composed DPRA national anthem, at all hours of every day. From every window the glorious black flag and white stars hung, and many attacks against garrisons in the city were lead by brave rebels against the sadistic Hadii establishment waving our great flag in glorious martyrdom. 

Mere hours before the military arrived to the city from S'rendul, and hours after fighters from the Din'akk Mountains entered the city and joined the uprising, "Grand" "Peoples" Army garrison after garrison mutinied against whatever officers they had left, hanging them from the windows and rooftops. After painting white stars and stripes on black cloth, the flags of the "People's Republic" came down one after another, and the black flag went up over every stronghold in the city. The few remaining soldiers who remained "loyal" to the treacherous president were taken prisoner and interred within the very same prisoner camps they had used to oppress so many of our tajara, both within the industrial sector of the city and outside at the mines and farms. The Liberation Army marched through the city on parade, bathed in cheers and rained upon by the manifesto flyers used as celebratory confetti. 

President Harlala has celebrated the liberation of Dolor for showcasing the collective strength of the tajaran will, and the universal cry for freedom and self determination in action. On all corners of Adhomai, in every city and village, the oppressor should be aware of the natural tajaran inclination to free will. Those who seek to maintain the slavery of tajara and all Adhomai to foreign interests and off planet bank accounts should look upon this glorious battle, the noble and dignified freedom fighters and the mutineers, and surrender to the new wave of liberty which will save the tajaran race. Even now as Southern Harr'masir is liberated, our tajara march ever onwards north to remove the enemy from the continent, as Olska remains occupied.

Resist on, brothers and sisters! At all times let your voice be the voice of liberty, and break free the bonds which oppress our people!

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Brave Heroes Make the Ultimate Sacrifice


The glorious advance of liberation has been halted by the insurmountable defense of alien interlopers. On all fronts of the Rasn'rr continent, the offensives of our brave armies have been stopped. The pitiful counterattack of the Republican Army has been squashed by our superior armies, and the fate of Adhomai lies in the balance of the new stalemate.

There are those, whoever, who despite overwhelming odds spit in the face of danger and let their courage carry the brightly burning torch of liberty. Revolutionaries and tajaran patriots trapped behind lines in the Republic carry on the fight from their homes and in the streets. Partisans have bravely protested the tyrannical Hadii regime, risking their own lives just to voice their disapproval of the People's Republic. As the Hadii regime has cracked down on these protests with martial law, protests have turned to riots. Police stations were raided and set alight, and military garrisons in the cities have come under attack from those whom they oppress. The alien invaders who insult tajaran soil with their very walking on our planet have become the favored targets of resistance fighters who do not wish to spill the blood of fellow tajara. The various military checkpoints they have set up around NanoTrasen facilities and businesses which support NanoTrasen have come under attack. Brave fighters ambush their daily patrols and are often slayed to the last tajara. In one case, resistance fighters won a great victory when a remote controlled van loaded with explosives drove to one such checkpoint. As they poured gunfire onto the van, it slammed into the checkpoint gate and detonated, striking terror into the hearts of the alien forces all across Adhomai. 

Resistance cells throughout the people's republic with the help of Ho'tak commandos have aided in the smuggling of elite Das'nrra marksmen into the People's Republic. Over 500 officers and regional low level politicians have since been assassinated by sniping, both by the elite marksmen and resistance fighters. Especially coveted targets by the brave marksmen are party commissars and the soldiers of the S'rand'marr Coalition. Marksmen who are captured by the enemy make the ultimate sacrifice, as all who have gone missing in action have never been heard of again. Fear and terror grips the heart of the tyrannical regime, as no longer are they safe to oppress and subjugate the tajaran people at will and without consequences, as the butchers of thousands are now brought to face their own mortality. 

Just as marksmen have proven invaluable in bringing terror to the enemy, detachments of Zhan combat miners have also crossed the front lines in the aid of resistance to evil. Lengthy tunnel networks worm their way around areas with large resistance cells, helping freedom fighters to travel quickly and discreetly between safe houses and battles. Long tunnels make the daring stretch under Republican Army positions and help to ferry arms and supplies to the revolutionaries. A vast underground campaign is waged as "counter terror" units such as the Tesla Brigade and the Republican Guard raid tunnels and safehouses and kill all who resist. Booby traps fill in rebel strongholds, with some safe houses rigged to self-destruct when overrun. This has been used to great effect, as entire units of attacking Republicans have been consumed in the dynamite of the combat miners. So far this has been the only successful method of killing Tesla Brigadiers available to the resistance.

The stalemate continues on as both we and them dig in at the stagnant front lines. This new paradigm carries with it that the only hope of victory is to break the resolve to fight of our enemies. We must carry on and continue the good fight or the noble sacrifices of countless tajara, even those of the first revolution, will have been completely in vain. We must carry on this good fight no matter the cost to avenge the past decade of tajaran suffering inflicted by Malik Hadii and his crooked cronies. One day the Steeple will be rebuilt from its rubble, not by the tyrannical Hadiis but by a new free Adhomai. And rather than standing as a symbol of oppression to all Tajara, it will be rebuilt, like all tajara, as a symbol of freedom and dogged resistance to oppression in all forms. No matter the odds and no matter the cost, so long as there is one tajara standing, the cries of freedom and self determination will be on his lips. 

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