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Hello there Ladys and Gentlefolks!

I'm here to talk to you all about Mobs, big ones small ones, ones that slither around!

Well just the slither around and medium sized ones, I propose adding in two or three new mob types, Now I'll do all the coding and spriting for these and If you all like them I should have them done in a week maximum!

Introducing the R.O.U.S (Rodent of Unusual Size):




A mainstay in fantasy from Dungeons and Dragons to the Elderscrolls Series we know them, we love them the giant rodent, "But Bright you crazed maniac" I hear you all say, "What would make then unique, stand out" Ah well, permitting I have two plans, I'd like to pick one of these two but I could choose another if a good suggestion is made!


I'd like for them to have a chance be able to spread a set list of weak illnesses on attack, these wouldn't be any of the more deadly illnesses like Gibbingtons or Snowflakeitus, more a weak illness like the common cold or Perriots throat to show their status as an unwashed beast this form would most likely only be able to be spawned by admins or gold slime.


As with the Spiderling event I'd like for there to be an event where geneticly modified rats have been breeding in the vents and if not killed in enough time turn into these bad boys, it would be a event on the same time frame as the Spiderling one for the RDM, so It wouldn'tbe too common

Now our good friend the giant rats out of the way, lets introduce his Sneaky cousin

Introducing the Snake:




This new mob I only have one idea for but I feel its a good one!

I'd like for this mob to be able to poison you, I know the whole toxin's system isn't great for poisons and all but I really feel like it could be used to great effect, maybe on attack it injects reagents in you, the deadlier the snake the worse it injects.

Snakes in real life have a wide array of effects ranging from clotting blood to nercrotizing flesh so I feel like it wouldn't be a stretch for sneaky spess sneks to have some even cooler effects!

Tell me what you all think I feast on your feedback

-Brightdawn <3

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For the rodents, rather than spreading viruses, i'd say make their bites cause infected wounds. Infection isn't used enough, and it's a better developed mechanic.

As for snakes giving toxins, it's okay. We already have spiders that do that, though. Seems a little redundant, although it could be good if you give them a much more powerful toxin (but don't make their bites particularly damaging besides the poison). Problem with spiders is that they hit so hard they do most of their damage in trauma and bonebreaking anyway, if the snakes are more focused on the poisons it'd be interesting.

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Just to be clear, I have received PM's on byond asking why would I waste time on this, at the time of writting my Forum Rank hasn't been set to player, but I have resigned from the staff team.

This allows me to follow my own projects and do what I like without fear of deadlines or reprisal for not doing whats asked, It allows me to help the server at a pace I feel suits me better!

Sorry for not making that clear

-Brightdawn <3

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