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Garn's Diona application

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BYOND Key: Garnascus

Character Names: Ludwick Foreal. J.A.C.K., P.E.R.I. Gregor Butterfill, Akhmar Ahmed. Isaac Taylor.

Species you are applying to play: Dionaea

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes i have

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Plant people are awesome, the dionaea remind me a lot of the sylvari in guild wars 2. Humanoids with biology similar to plants. Although thats pretty much the only similarity they have. when i read the wiki page for these guys i found that the more that get together the more intelligent they become. the skrell basically have orders to destroy anything past a certain level for fear of it being deity levels of intellect. Its apparently just theoretical as you would need millions and millions of nymphs. Lastly i like how the they communicate through singing. If you think about it nature kinda communicates through song already. wing, rain, trees rustling all have a distinct melody and rhythm.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Literally everything. Emotions will be felt differently or even not at all. Dionaea may struggle with some human concepts such as racism or individuality. Humans do not have a hivemind and they cant meld with each other. I think being able to survive in space with only a flashlight will let me play a character that coexists in a way with space that i cant get to with a human. I am also interested in playing a race of people with a very peculiar sense of ego boundary. A human knows exactly where they end and another human begins, or where a part of their body ends and begins. A fully grown diona which can be composed of a few different nymphs will not see themselves the same way i think. A singular entity composed of numerous parts which can potentially be independent will likely view themselves as just an additional "piece", since diona can theoretically merge infinitely.


Character Name: creeping tendril of frost

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

When the trade deal was signed between the skrell and the dionaea; frost was one of the first who volunteered to leave the dead planet. It was jarring at first, to be so disconnected from his fellows. The voices in his mind and the touch of an immense conscious was a comfort often missed. A replacement for this was found however, in the new and alien world of the skrell. Frost was slow to learn the intricacies of skrellian tech but his eagerness to learn showed in his work as a lab assistant.

When the opportunity presented itself for work aboard one of nanotrasen's research stations, frost jumped at the chance to learn more. The hotbed of the newly formed biesel government combined with nanotrasens shady business practices will likely entertain frost's craving for experiences for some time to come. Frost has accepted a job offer of a scientist aboard the NSS Exodus.

What do you like about this character?

I like his craving for knowledge, and to understand the alien races around him. I enjoy his methodical nature and his confusion at human functions. such as needing to eat or having to wear a space suit. In an effort for frost to better integrate into human society he has cultivated a mold within his body that emits a pleasing aroma to humans. I always imagined most diona smelling like wet wood or mildew so i like my characters to have a quirk or two.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Maybe 7/10. Sometimes higher if i get really invested in the round or im playing one of my head characters. Sometimes when i antag i tend to just blow stuff up and wing it from then on. Lately i have tried to curb that, do some more interesting things.

Notes: Please let me be a salad man.

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Smashing that Like Button +1, Because Garn, even while being a prick about my warning 3 Still is a great RPer, Knows what he is doing and does his job, even if I don't like it ;-; Overall, great app as well, He seems to understand the lore to my knowledge, LOVE ME GARN

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The only thing I'd disagree with you is that the Diona are NOTHING LIKE SYLVARI. *hissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss*

But I do enjoy interactions with Foreal and Ahmed. Sooooooo +1 :D

This may just be a personal preference, but I feel like your backstory could use a little more flavor. It fills the 2 paragraph requirements, but it's so short and simple.

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i KNOW they are nothing like sylvari, i just like the fundamental of plant biology. Also i tend to make my backstories sparse, generic, and relatively small. Its hard for me to invent a character without playing them so i kinda keep them open ended.

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For real dude, work on the length of your entries. Put more time into it, I have to -1 it.


fixed, maybe? The backstory is staying short and generic on purpose. Its difficult to come up with a good backstory if i haven't actually played the character first. I like to keep them open ended since anything i write here is just going to get changed in the first few rounds i play anyway.

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Garn is a cool dude, I see Akhmar Ahmed in science a lot and never have any problems with him not role playing. Even if his character is rude ;p +1 from me.


Yeah...half my characters are complete assholes. If its any consolation i feel bad ooc for it sometimes XD.

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i KNOW they are nothing like sylvari, i just like the fundamental of plant biology. Also i tend to make my backstories sparse, generic, and relatively small. Its hard for me to invent a character without playing them so i kinda keep them open ended.


Alright, fair enough. XD

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Well i'm gonna be completely honest here.

Garnascus is really good at the game. And at powergaming. He's really good at just plain winning.

I'm not sure what RP value that creates, but it does at least mean as an antagonist, the round usually lasts a while, and he has the courage to do stuff.

Diona are by far the strongest species in the game, they're utterly, stupidly overpowered. And we all know garnascus plays antag a lot.

Give him a tree, and he'll rule the galaxy. Or just burn the station, not sure.

But it'll be interesting to watch, and for that reason its a +1 from me.

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Guest Menown

Just saying, if we're worried about powergaming trees (which we shouldn't), why don't we change the lore to make them passive again? It gets annoying seeing dionaea heisters that are for some reason one of the most valuable assets because they require nothing but light to heal from every single point of damage.

Don't blame Garn for using the ability that diona provide to have an advantage as antag. I would too, if I could. But I don't enjoy seeing diona aggressive as hell since they have such an outstanding set of advantages as an antag.

As for Garn's roleplay, I like Issac and I like Ludwick. I've done lots of roleplay in the past involving them, and I know that Garn could probably handle being a fucking plantbeast.

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why don't we change the lore to make them passive again?

Because restricting an entire species from certain things makes them a whole lot less interesting to play, and is missing out on a whole lot of fun potential. Diona antags can be really interesting, especially in the having to adopt new tactics to deal with them.

I'd rather just see them toned down a bit, and more possible to truly kill

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Closing as rejected. Sorry garn, you're going to have to take your dickwaving elsewhere.

(Just kidding I'd be a fool. Approved, closing and archiving, you know where to poke me if you got questions, comments, suggestions, memes or if it somehow didn't work.)

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