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[Accepted] Nanako's Unathi application

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BYOND Key:NanakoAC

Character Names:Nanako Herzreich, Nanako Magojiro, Nanako Weiss, Nanako Johannesen, Boopsy

Species you are applying to play:Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):A dull green

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Thoughly, and discussed improvements to it

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:A couple of unathi around the server have interested me, and made me want to take a closer look at the lore. That plus jackboot's various news updates about the hegemon war make me rather curious and wanting to participate. Plus the new changes to nutritional requirements in the upcoming patch will make unathi mechanics a little deeper

In addition, there's a few things i'd like to do that i don't have a character for yet, and i can't very well make anymore nanakos. I thought about the jobs i wanted to do, and started designing a character to fit around them, unathi seemed like the best fit, and then i built off of that

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: A greater sense of clan, and family, a significant degree of pride, different dietary requirements with a focus on fish and meat. A generally more reserved demeanour, and a greater focus on traditionalism. A deep seated desire to preserve one's culture, while trying to adapt to a rapidly changing universe


Character Name:Saphira Zerik

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Saphira was born in 2403, in a rural village on the south shore of the Moghresian sea, to a poor but respected family. Her father was a fisherman, and her mother a herbalist who took care of the town's health. She learned these arts from her mother, and took a great liking to growing medicinal plants, grinding them up, and preparing tonics and reagents. At age 17, in 2420, she was married off to the head of a moderately sized fishing guild, as part of a business deal to improve her father's standing in the world, and moved to S'th to live with her husband in a nice suburban neighborhood, with a spacious garden that she used to practise her herbal arts as a hobby. For nineteen years they lived a happy middle class lifestyle, and she bore him three healthy young boys over the first four years of the marriage.

Eventually the distant rumblings of war disrupted their idyllic lifestyle. Cities were destroyed, and millions died in atomic fire. Her family did better than most in the resulting economic collapse and held on for a couple more years, food being a basic and necessary industry, but as the war moved closer, they decided that Moghes was no longer a place worthy of raising their children. In 2441, her husband sold off his business, and used the money to take saphira and their young-adult to the recently founded colony on Ouere. Life there took a turn for the better, after a short while as the young reached maturity and gradually left the nest, their youngest went back to Moghes and joined up with the Hegemony's military. Her husband invested their savings wisely, started a new company on ouere, employed their middle son, and created a comfortable fund for the future.

Sadly, after a family outing to the wilderness, her husband contracted Kleobis Mardeno, The Rot. The very same illness that crippled Prince Not'Zar Izweski. His luck was not so fortunate, and neither Saphira's herbal medicines, nor modern medical technology could save him. His death made her distraught, and she took it as a shameful personal failure of her medicinal arts, driving her to learn more. His company and assets were divided amongst their sons, and saphira ended up moving in with one of them. . A couple of months of idleness sparked an interest to do something more with the rest of her life, and she talked her sons into helping and contributing some funds. In 2446, at the age of 43, Saphira enrolled in a community college, to study the scientific roots of botany and chemistry in more detail. After a couple of years there, she qualified for a couple of scholarships, and was admitted to a nearby skrell university, commuting from home to study on a part time basis.

Getting degrees with part time study takes some time, saphira spent over a decade in education, learning slowly, working odd jobs on the side, assisting her sons, and preparing for something. In 2458, at age 55, she emerged with degrees in chemistry and botany, a dead husband, three sons in their mid/late 20s and quite a few grandchildren too. This old lady and her midlife crisis have decided to leave home, and see the stars before it's too late

What do you like about this character?

She's a wily old lady, she has a history, a living family, and a story to tell, with plenty of blank spaces to adlib life experiences. She specialises in a couple of areas that i don't play, which will give me a chance to explore new gameplay as well as new roleplay. With her backstory, i also wanted to portray a side of the Unathi race that are rarely seen. They're an advanced species, they actually have cities, technology, and an economy. They're a traditionalist culture, but they're not all spearchucking tribals . Saphira is a character who's seen both rural and urban life extensively, and has expreiences from both.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

5/10, i have no illusions of being great


Jackboot consulted extensively regarding lore and backstory.

And people have been saying i need to play some not-nanako. So this is my chance to demonstrate that i can.

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The backstory and the application overall is really good, showing that Nanako understands the history and the concept of the unathi species, besides the somewhat human name. And I believe that Nanako could handle rping as an unathi, since she did improve a lot in ther stay in the server, rp-wise and as a member of the community.


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Im unsure about this. Nanako is a good Nanako, but he do they do at being a non-Nanako? Don't even ask me how many times I needed to go back and re-write that sentence. Anyway. They're good at their odd Nanako super-clone thing, but before pass judgement I think it'd be best to see a human that isn't a Nanako first.

That being said, I also want to say that the backstory is nice, well written, shows they know the lore well and really cared enough to put effort (GASP) into this.

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Here we go, another race app!

The backstory looks amazing. It appears well-written and ties in with the lore (Just had to check the lore again real quick because "come on, we all had to just to be safe".)

Nanako is good with the gameplay, mechanics etc. But then this is something I have to mention again and that has to be her her multiple Nanako problem. All though I've actually heard Engineering Nanako trying to act more vulgar and macho-type ,which hints they are trying their best to improve their RP and provide more diversity to their characters, still fear that may still end up as a problem. Maybe it would have been nice if you played a few rounds as a completely different character just to show you can play anything else but Nanako (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and maybe then we could properly picture you playing Saphira someday.

So, the answer you have probably been waiting for. Is it going to be a +1 or a -1? Well... neither in my case. As I said, you're improving and that is great. But I think it's for the best you try out (as Jboy also suggested) a completely new character who is not a Nanako and try develop a personality with this one so you can show us that you are capable of fleshing out a new character without us realizing it's just another. Other than that, I wish you good luck and cheers.

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But I think it's for the best you try out (as Jboy also suggested) a completely new character who is not a Nanako and try develop a personality with this one so you can show us that you are capable of fleshing out a new character without us realizing it's just another. Other than that,


This is literally exactly what I'm trying to do, its one of the major purposes of this application. I'm making an honest, good-faith effort to address the biggest problem people find with me

I get that you guys want me to make another human for some reason, but what would that prove?

I have four humans already, each with a backstory, personality, place of origin and different occupation. and substantially different visuals now.

I don't want to play anymore humans, this application is my desire to branch out in a new direction. And I've taken care to do it carefully and show respect to the species and their lore. Those asking me to do it, do you believe for some reason i'm not going to do justice to an unathi, and be a problem? what is it you're worried about?

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

There's no requirement that people first play different human characters before being able to prove that they understand the race they are applying for. She has a strong grasp on their lore and an eagerness to explore the race and her own character's growth within it.

Nanako-chan, you do have a grasp of the race and your willingness to come to me to ask questions/feedback for your application make me willing to trust you with an application and see where you go with it.

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