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[Resolved] Player Complaint - UnknownMurder - 6/7/2016

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BYOND Key: Hivefleetchicken

Player Byond Key: UnknownMurder

Staff involved: Pretty much all staff on at the time, Kaedwulf gave the punishment of a one week antag ban.

Reason for complaint: On a merc round, UnknownMurder, playing ZERO, tossed a pressure bomb right up against the firelocks escape as the shuttle docked. On the other side of the airlocks was around 16 players, some SSD.

The result crashed the server, and killed 14 of those players, seen here:


(You can see from the center of the breach that the bomb literally had to be placed right next to escape - this is absolutely an attempt to blow up as much as departures as possible.)

I hate to yell at anyone for killing people because usually it's just people mad about dying, but this is some serious industrial strength grief. There was zero interaction between the merc and anyone in escape and nothing was gained from this. It served no purpose other than to kill players who were getting on the shuttle.

The mere week long antag ban given to UnknownMurder for this, in my opinion, is horseshit, since people have been permanently banned from Aurora for less, and given server bans for much less. An antag ban that only lasts a week isn't going to cut it. I think a more severe punishment is required.

Once again I hate to yell at people for killing because death is usually an important part of the game (some people gotta' die to make the others feel like survivors) but this is just an attempt to kill everyone trying to escape.

Approximate Date/Time: A little after 5:30 PST 6/7/2016.

Additional Notes:


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I need to point something out.


If the infractions described in the complaint have already been dealt with by a staff member in-game, a player complaint will not change the outcome of this. If you feel that the outcome was unjust, you are encouraged to post in the Staff Complaints section of the forums.


If you want something done about this, you should make a staff complaint against Kead.

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I brought Unknown back onto the server and I re-evaluated the entire situation with him. I escalated the punishment to a permanent antag ban with no appeal for a week, and UM was warned for even harsher punishments coming if events repeat. Will you consider this complaint resolved now orrrr?

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