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Anonymous Frontier System-State Leases Telecommunications Satellite: Word of our Sovereign Spreads to the Stars!



Following two years of searching, negotiations and debate, His Majesty's Parliament has ratified a treaty with a generous system-state on the human frontier which has chosen to remain anonymous. The Telecommunications and Stellar Media Treaty provides a ten year lease for a telecommunications satellite outside of our majesty's airspace de facto held by forces of the People's Republic.

The debates around the ratification of the treaty lasted three months as many lords active in the service gentry advocated for using the funds for the war effort. However, the debate took an abrupt turn in favor of the treaty when Field-Marshal Rrhazhal Zarkradar'Akhan returned to the capital from his head quarters to make a joint declaration to Parliament alongside His Majesty, King Vahzirthaamro Azunja.


"As our Kingdom struggles against the tyranny, brutality and savagery of the crown usurpers, they spread their vile propaganda across the whole of known space to corrupt and deceive the minds of our kind wherever they may go." He said. " For too long our plight has been silent, our cause unheard, our people neglected. Let this usher in a new era of information as our King brings the word our righteous ways to all Tajara."

Afterwards the whole of parliament cheered, and the treaty was ratified the following day. The primary opponent to the treaty, Mrraka'te'almalik Grand Duke Rrhazumhik Klyuchevksy, was reached for comment, and had this to say, "While he honors the King and their Field-Marshal's decision, he feels the money would have been better spent equipping his troops. The Republican Army has begun issuing new models of automatic rifles to replace their semi-automatic ones, and yet his troops still have mostly bolt-action weapons."

Mrraka'te'almalik Grand Duke Rrhazumhik Klyuchevksy leads the second largest group of forces in the Kingdom, and is currently operating on Chaniska Island west of the Harr'Masir continent. The "Winter Offensive" launched by opposition forces early last month has heavily strained the Kingdom's capabilities to fight in the current war.

Despite these concerns, our magnanimous and wise King still assures us, "Our cause, like all the most righteous of movements, is fated to win. We will not make the same mistakes of the past."

The Royal Telegraph staff encourages all expatriates to subscribe to the Royal Telegraph, as all subscription fees lessen the burden of the Telecommunications and Stellar Media Treaty and therefore, the war effort.

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King Rallies the People Following Warnings of Incoming Republican Offensive


An emergency meeting was convened early yesterday following the arrival of an aide de camp from the front at the Imperial Palace in Kaltir. Earlier today the King send word throughout the city to assemble in palace courtyard, additionally promising to broadcast by radio an important imperial speech. The crowd is estimated to have been in the thousands, and all along the front lines the King's speech was heard.


"This has never been an easy war. Even as we first took arms and made our cause manifest, we have been beset from all sides by the false bringers of "progress" who want nothing more than to secure their complacent rule. In these upcoming days, the Kingdom is going to fight for its continued survival as it always has before, but this time the imminent and immediate threat of defeat is before us. Many times in the past our armies have fled, our men have abandoned their posts, our Kingdom has given kilometer after kilometer of land, but in this coming battle we can no longer take any more steps back. There can be no fleeing, no concession, and no defeat. Tajara of the Kingdom, wield your weapons with pride, and stand brave! Stand true! Your action on the front line in the coming weeks will determine the fate of the planet. May the fury of Mata'ke help us in this struggle."

The Royal Telegraph staff were unable to reach the King or anyone in his court for further comment, however our staff were able to get into contact with Count Vrrazajo Rrhamrare, a member of Parliament, for elaboration on the context of the King'd decree.


"Scouts from every theater in the war from the Ras'nrr expedition, to Dymtris and Barj'ar, to even Chaniska have reported that the Republican Army has been amassing troops and preparing for an offensive, pulling from their fronts with the ALA after Ron'tul. He thinks they hope to land a death blow on the Kingdom, but fear not! He has seen the troops, and he knows they will be an unbreakable plasteel wall after that speech."

The Royal Telegraph staff would again like to remind all loyal Tajara to purchase subscriptions in order to aid the cause. Recommend the Royal Telegraph to your friends and spread the word of the king among both Tajara and foreigners.

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Address From the King



People of Adhomai, fellow Tajara, subjects of our domain. I write to you now to be frank about the current state of affairs for our Kingdom. As we speak, soldiers of the Republican Army are entering the outskirts of Barj'ar where our imperial troops are making them pay for every meter in pints of blood. Their forces are less than two-hundred versts from the farthest suburb of Kal'tir, and we have lost most of our ground on Chaniska Island.

Despite the bad news from the homefronts, there has been a miracle on the continent of Rasn'rr. I have received word from Mrraka'te'almalik Marrmeladov that the Rasn'rr expeditionary force was saved in a harrowing action on the part of our navy from utter annihilation five days ago. Wave after wave of Republican conscripts crashed on their stalwart defenses, where his elite marine Alam'ardii fought with the tenacity of Rrak'narrrii, in many cases sending the enemy routing back with their tails between their legs. Artillery from our Royal Navy performed counter-battery fire, silenced the Republican guns and allowed for an evacuation by sea. Although we have lost our overseas territory, the preservation of these elite units is priceless, though we must mourn the loss of Baron Alyad'almalik Fyodorrov and his men who held the line so that the rest may escape.

I never had any illusions that this fight would be an easy one. Ever since we set out to be the masters of our own destinies nine long years ago. The path to victory has always seemed to be a long and unsure one, but one thing has always been set in my heart through everything: the Tajaran people need us now more than ever. The radicalism of the People's Republic and the terror of the Liberation Army will only continue to hold our people back from their potential. Only through acknowledging our colorful past, our rich traditions, and our mistakes can we move forward in a direction which leaves us a united and independent people who can also be an active participant in the galactic community. Only through a limiting of powers through constitution and parliament can we have a proper and non-tyrannical rule.

In this grave fight, our men are making their last stand. This is our moment of greatness, our hour of truth, our battle cry that will resound through the generations of the collective conscience of the Tajara. At this moment we need more men then ever. That is why I am announcing the creation of Imperial Volunteer Alam'ardii for both expatriates and foreign nationals to join us in this hour of greatness as we make a stand against the abusive tyranny of the People's Republic. Our people cannot afford to let the last shimmer of moderate rule disperse into the dark night. May the suns rise on a new dawn for the Tajara, drive back the invaders and free our people!



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Republican Army Routs in Northern Harr'masir



Today is a historic day for the New Kingdom of Adhomai as after nearly two weeks of intense fighting, all across the Northern Harr'masir forces of the People's Republic of Adhomai are in full retreat from the Imperial Adhomian Army. The event came as a shock to commanders of the armed forces who were preparing for a last stand in both the capital at Kaltir and the city of Barj'ar.

At approximately 9:00 hours today, the Rasn'rr Expeditionary force rendezvoused with the fifth Jabrut Almumalik at Miaran'mir which was freshly reinforced with volunteers from around the galaxy. After three long hours of decisive coordination, these forces embarked to effect the largest amphibious attack in known Tajaran history. These forces landed behind enemy lines in the bay area some versts south of Barj'ar where the Republican Army was unprepared and quickly began the raiding of enemy rear units. The Royal Navy provided fire support, shelling the enemy at the front line distracting them from the flanking Imperial troops. Over 200 Republican artillery pieces were destroyed as the disembarked Imperial Army units moved to encircle the enemy positions at the outskirts of Barj'ar. After seven hours of intense fighting, forces of the Republican Army were able to breakout and retreat southward taking heavy casualties in the process. Shortly after the breakout, People's Republic forces likewise withdrew from the approach to Kaltir's outskirts very rapidly, however they were not initially given chase as Field-Marhsal Zarkradar'Akhan feared an enemy trap. All over the front, Imperial forces are liberating lands which they have lost in the previous weeks and commanders are optimistic about being able to finally liberate Dymtris from occupation.

The King has been quick to shower praise upon the troops with particular thanks to the volunteer Alam'ardii which provided crucial manpower to the counter-offensive on the west coast. The Royal Telegraph staff was able to meet many volunteers in Miran'mir prior to the offensive such as: Brett Jackson, an idealist young human who sympathized with our cause serving in the infantry as a rifleman. Guskov Andrei, a Tajaran bartender doing his duty to his people in an infantry company as a radio operator. Jared Marsh, a retired Sol Marine now working in an artillery company as a gun loader. And Khazarir Mrakiizar, an enthusiastic Tajaran expatriate serving in the infantry as a rifleman.

All of the major commanders are expected to meet later today to plan a new strategy going ahead as the Republican retreat has surprised officers on the Kaltir front who believed themselves to be at a disadvantage, however officers on the Barj'ar front have been quick to claim their victory as the salvation of the Kingdom of Adhomai. Field-Marshal Zarkradar'Akhan has been quick to caution the surging optimism, saying, "This has been a great victory for the Kingdom and whether they think so or not, for Tajara everywhere. The People's Republic may have retreated for now, but the war is far from over."

The Royal Telegraph staff would like to remind everyone again to subscribe to the Royal Telegraph as well as to volunteer for service in the New Kingdom. Only with this continued support can we emerge victorious.

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Joint Session of Parliament and the Crown Commencing in Four Days



Following recent Imperial victories against the offensive by the Republican Army, as well as the loss of all gains on the Rasn'rr continent, the government of the New Kingdom of Adhomai is gathering in full to discuss the way forward.

Generals and leading nobles in the military have been pressing the case for a military offensive by the Imperial Adhomian Army to acquire new gains on the Harr'masir continent. They believe that the troops have had sufficient time to rest since the establishment of the new front-line two months ago, and are now able to push the People's Republic back. They believe the Adhomai Liberation Army's recent Winter Offensive as an example of shortcomings in Republican military capabilities.

Leading members of the Civilian Administration in Parliament have other designs in mind. Outspoken members of Parliament have been quick to point to recent PRA news articles which assert the ALA Winter Offensive has ended. They wish to reconstruct a new defensive fortress line along the newly acquired land, similar to the old one which held for the past nine years.

The issue has been hotly contested, and the debate is expected to be settled at this approaching session of Parliament and the Crown. The opinions of the King are so far unknown, but when asked for comment he said, "It is important that we discuss this to find the best new strategy for the new geopolitical situation."

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Parliament Bombed! King Hospitalized



A large explosion rocked Parliament in the city of Kaltir early this morning during the joint session of Parliament and the Crown, claiming the lives of many of the Kingdom's top nobles, military leaders, and parliamentarians. The situation is still in development, however the death toll is now reported as highly as 150 persons with another 87 injured. First responders are currently on the scene going through the rubble in search of survivors, however the King has already been found and rushed to the hospital. A spokesperson of the Klyuchevksy Medical Center, the hospital he is currently receiving treatment at, released a statement to Royal Telegraph staff that he is currently in critical condition and that he will likely be in surgery for the next eight hours. Field-Marshal Rrhazhal Zarkradar'Akhan has yet to be found, with many fearing that he may be dead.

The joint session of Parliament and the Crown was called together in order to discuss the Kingdom's strategy going forward in the war following recent successes after the repulsion of the Republican Army's offensive in November. The hottest debate on the agenda for discussion was between proponents of launching an offensive of their own, and those who wished to establish a new defensive line at the current extent of the New Kingdom's lands.

The recent death of many members of parliament may be enough to prevent the institution from operating, as the constitution strictly requires most legislation to have at least a majority vote by parliament. The wording of many of the definitions use numbers of members of parliament which would normally be the majority, rather than a percentage of current members. However, the constitution has provisions for this, providing legislative powers as well as executive to the King until parliament can gain the necessary number of members to operate again. If the King survives, he will have much work ahead of him as he finds himself at the head of all branches of government.

The Royal Telegraph staff would like to request that everyone lift their prayers to the gods for the safe passage of all those who passed away today to Messa's forever.

LIVE UPDATE: Authorities now report the explosion may have emanated from an observer's section in the main room where a number of children were in attendance due to a local school field trip, by invitation of the King. Recordings of live footage appear to show a young girl standing up, and shouting something which the microphones did not pick up, prior to exploding. A press release by the Imperial Intelligence Services is now saying this appears to be a suicide attack by a radicalized youth, and that security screenings in the future must not be lax on children.

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King Released From Hospital, NKA Offensive Begins



Following over a week of intensive medical treatment, King Vahzirthaamro Azunja has been released from the hospital to resume his duties as ruler of the New Kingdom. Celebrations broke out all across the land as the people welcomed the return of their King. Field-Marshal Rrhazhal Zarkradar'Akhan is still receiving treatment, and doctors are unclear if he will pull through.

Since the surprise terrorist attack in late January, human calendar, the surviving Members of Parliament and the Imperial Army have come to an agreement on proceeding forward with an offensive against the People's Republic. Following Azunja's release from the hospital, he agreed beginning the first offensive on the Harr'masir continent in seven years. Mrraka'te'almalik Marrmeladov has been leading on the western front with his hardened Rasn'rr Expeditionary Force marines, which was pushed back to the Harr'masir continent last November. The central and eastern portions of the front have come under the direct command of the King in the absence of the Field Martial, but progress has been slower in these areas. Concerns have been growing following losses on Chaniska Island following the ALA's Winter Offensive which has strained Mrraka'te'almalik Klyuchevsky's position. Many are hoping that this offensive will help to regain lands which were taken by the ALA's rebellion in 2451 and proceeding years.

Further developments have come in regarding the restaffing of Parliament. Currently hereditary law firms are overburdened by the processing of the many inheritance claims which have come in following the attack. Over 20 last wills and testaments have already been uncovered as fraudulent, adding more stress to the process. In other cases, the transitions of lands and power have proven turbulent as many previously petty nobles are serving as officers on the front are difficult to contact. Experts claim that the restaffing of Parliament and the processing of all the inheritance claims could take between six months and a year depending on the number of fraudulent claims they receive. The King retains all legislative, executive and judicial powers in government until this is done.

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Vlrralkhzazhul Line Under Construction



Damaged turrets of the Dymtris Line, circa November 2458


After a successful offensive against Republican forces, the three Mrraka'te'almalikii gathered today to discuss the future of Imperial strategy in the war effort. Following a week of planning and discussion, the construction of a new defensive line, named the "Vlrralkhzazhul Line" after the chief architect, has begun. The new plan calls for stronger defenses than the old Dymtris Line possessed with more robust anti-air capabilities.

The new decision comes in the wake of the breakout of the Marine Expeditionary Jabrut Almumalik from Republican encirclement along the west coast salient where the elite units pressed farther ahead than the rest of the Imperial Army. It will be the first major fortification project of the New Kingdom since the recently defunct Dymtris Line was constructed in 2450, which protected the New Kingdom for nearly a decade before being destroyed by the major People's Republic offensive last November. The new line is expected to consolidate the Kingdom's modest new holdings before the exhausted soldiers of the opposition can be relieved by distant reserves.

A civilian's parade lead by survivors of February's parliament bombing is due to be held in the coming hours in celebration of the Kingdom's first successful offensive operation since its founding in 2449. The King is considering the creation of a national holiday to commemorate the success, but for now has stated his wishes to focus on the task of gathering resources and builders for the new defensive line. His last public address ended with the comforting lines, "The safety of the Kingdom always comes first."

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Parliament Reconvenes



Following exactly one year of constitutional absolute monarchy, Parliament has reconvened. The year of 2459 will be remembered as a year of legal trouble as hundreds of noble families and their pretenders fought for the succession privileges of their fallen. Exercising his powers as chief legislator and supreme judge, the King and his office personally settled many disputes and delivered appropriate punishments to false pretenders. Various criminal plots ranging from falsifying documents to assassination of family members threatened to bring the Kingdom to civil war. The Office of the King still estimates that there are currently one thousand warrants out for the arrests of various individuals involved with the aforementioned plots.

At the first meeting of Parliament on the anniversary of its bombing, the new legislators passed a bill which established the Crown Fund for Victims of Organized Civil Violence, a fund which lends financial aid to families who survive victims of terror. The new law was heavily praised by representatives from Amohda, a province of the Kingdom which has been heavily subject to the acts of terrorism. Administrators from the Office of the Treasury were quick to offer criticism, citing the the current strain of taxes and debts which the Crown has taken upon itself so far. However, the King quenched these criticisms by personally donating a quarter of his personal wealth to meet the fund's starting requirement, as well as to hold an annual charity dinner on the anniversary of the bombing to maintain it. The first of these charity dinners is expected to be held next week.

The composition of the new parliament has worried some, namely survivors of parliamentary factions which called for enhanced democracy in the Kingdom. Nobles such as Baron Rrlajir Chalnik pointed out that an overwhelming majority of Parliament were royalists and proponents of a stronger monarchy. Current estimates claim that about 73% of Parliamentarians are more loyal to the King than to the Kingdom. The King dismissed accusations of corruption by stating, "Many are likely grateful for how I have conducted myself during the year of absolute rule. Many more, likely grateful that the law has settled on their sides during the succession crises. However this must surely be coincidence, and will pass with time as the wills of our nobility will normalize again."

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The New Sidearm of the Imperial Army



The first prototype Grrmhrvar Industries "Lawbringer Mk.I"


Grrmhrvar Industries today revealed a new prototype for infantry weapons in a surprise announcement. Named the the "Lawbringer MK.1," this new sidearm provides a revolution in smart handgun technology. Features include varying rates of fire, a nonlethal setting, and various types of ammunition which include explosive, incendiary, and armor piercing rounds. The new smart handgun also boasts a DNA lock which prevents anyone other than its owner from using it, an aspect of the new prototype which excited many military officials concerned about battlefield requisition from enemy forces. The Kaltir-based arms manufacturer announced that their factory for naval anti-air weapons would be retooled within the month for the new firearm.

The Imperial Adhomian Military was quick to sign an 8,000,000cr production contract with Grrmhrvar Industries with an initial order for 1,000 Lawbringers by July. The First Imperial Dragoon Alam'ard is planned to be the first unit to field test the new weapons on the front-line. A spokesperson for the Imperial Army voiced optimism about the recent contract, praising the potential anti-vehicle capabilities which infantrymen armed with the new guns would have. Veterans of the Royal Grenadiers, famous for their use of incendiary weapons, have also praised the production contract by citing the utility of longer range fire-based attacks.

All is not perfect for Grrmhrvar Industries, as rival arms manufacturer, Royal Firearms, challenged the patent in the Crown Patent Office. Royal Firearms, which is renown for its production of revolvers and recently automatics, stated that there was no way the company known for anti-air arms and munitions could have suddenly developed this revolutionary weapon. The competitor even went as far as to state that the unveiling of the new prototype may be linked to the recent return of Baron Grrmhrvar's son, Vahral Grrmhrvar, from his travels abroad recruiting for the First Volunteer Alam'ard. A spokesman for Grrmhrvar Industries has denied these allegations, though the the Crown Patent Office has yet to comment on the status of the patent. If Royal Firearms is able to prove the firearm design is not authentic, then the design patent application will be denied and any arms company will be free to reproduce the Lawbringer without violating NKA law.

Parliament has passed legislation banning the civilian and law enforcement ownership of the Lawbringer and "Lawbringer-like weaponry." Lawmakers were quick to cite the dangers of high explosive weapons, particularly in the wake of last year's high profile suicide bombing attack.

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Republicans Assault the Vlrralkhzazhul Line



An emergency broadcast from the Vlrralkhzazhul Line’s 4th Engineering bastion has been reported by Field Marshal Zarkradar'Akhan to the Royal Telegraph. The forces of the Republican Army have launched a flurry of artillery strikes, as well as a significant mechanized ground assault against the bastion in an attempt to delay completion of the grand edifice. While casualty and fatality reports have yet to be released, they are expected to be high; the Field Marshal has told the Royal Telegraph that the attack was repulsed, though at a high cost.

The 1st Volunteer Alam’ard was reported by various military sources to have suffered significant casualties in the assault. The fighting for this unit allegedly went on far into the night, with multiple mortars and artillery pieces firing on both the construction work, and the worker camps. The assault was finally brought to an end when two squads of the Alam'ard's Third Rifle Company outflanked the artillery emplacement, and using explosives taken from the engineering camp, rendered the weaponry there inoperable.

These events have generated criticism for the Field Marshal from many officers who feel that the defensive strategy is scarcely so promising as an offensive. Critics are quick to point out the declining war potential of the People's Republic since the Kingdom's previous offensive as well as the Republican attack which had reached the outskirts of Kaltir. Many of the new members of parliament, a younger demographic now since the terror bombing of November 2459, have likewise adopted the position. In a statement defending the decisions of Imperial High Command, King Azunja called for patience and praised the valorous defense by our armies.

The Royal Telegraph Staff would like to encourage readers from abroad to purchase subscriptions to our news service. Twenty-Five percent of all fees raised by subscriptions within the next year are allocated to the crucial resources needed for the new defensive line.

Article Submitted by Gollee

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Ambush at Sea



An artist's rendition of a Rredouane class battleship, the class of the battleship with the same name.


At 0300 hours on the 22nd of June, long distance naval patrol aircraft over the Sum'add Ocean detected the embarkation of a massive fleet from the ports of Baltor. As of today, the entire fleet has been engaged and defeated by His Majesty's triumphant navy.

The fateful two day naval battle began when His Majesty's High Admiralty received by radio the news of the embarked Republican Fleet. Fearing a second amphibious assault north of the Kingdom's settled territory, or the reestablishment of the Tunguska Base, the Admiralty quickly decided to attack. However, the bulk of the Royal Navy remained in port at Miran'mir and Bar'jar. The nearest fleet on the edge of the Ras'val Sea consisted only of an icebreaker Battleship, the HMS Rredouane, a battlecruiser, the HMS Dolor, the heavy cruisers HMS Sarrul and HMS Vrralana, and their destroyer escorts. Weighing the odds, this fleet was ordered full steam ahead on an intercept course with the enemy fleet. Meanwhile the pride of the fleet, the aircraft carrier HMS Mata'ke, got underway along with all available ships to join in a days time.

The combat began at 1500 hours of the same day as the HMS Dolor with destroyers in tow rushed to wedge themselves between the opposing fleet and their home port. Land-based hostile aircraft closed in and fired missiles, yet the HMS Dolor's countermeasures were able to thwart the attack, protecting itself and its destroyers. Soon afterwards, a Republican Light Cruiser escort was spotted at the rear of the fleet by Radar and engaged by anti-ship missiles. After three salvos, the first casualties of the battle occurred when a direct hit to the hull of the cruiser greatly damaged it, causing it to sink seven minutes afterwards. Farther west in the ocean, the Sarrul and Vrralana began engaging the fleets escorts with long-range missiles of their own while the Rredouane closed the distance of her main battery's range. The two front-mounted double turret 20 knuckle guns, the largest ever put to sea in Tajaran history, deafened sailors when they sent their shells arcing at opposing forces. After five salvos, a fleeing light cruiser was rendered inoperable, sinking some hours later. By midnight, 13 enemy destroyers and five light cruisers had been defeated.

Fortunes turned against our victorious navy as they engaged a large fleet of hostile transport ships. After the transports of the enemy fleet made a sudden course change, a Republican submarine pack conducted a surprise attack, sinking the HMS Vrralana and all 701 souls which were aboard. The HMS Rredouane avoided damage when the HMS Jrugahr, a destroyer, made the heroic sacrifice of steaming into the way of an oncoming torpedo. Five other destroyers of the fleet were sunk as their ASW operations covered the retreat of the fleet to meet the Dolor. The fleet changed its operations to merely trailing the fleeing enemy, whose course now appeared to be for a port on the coast east of Shastar City.

At 1300 hours on the 23rd of June, the area was within deployment range of the HMS Mata'ke's aircraft. Sonar buoys soon dotted the ocean as the remaining destroyers defeated the submarine pack, supported again by the long range missiles of the cruisers and the gargantuan main battery of the Rredouane which finished the last escorts. For the rest of the day until 0200 hours the morning of June 24th, all Republican vessels were found and engaged while fleeing, primarily with the aircraft of the HMS Mata'ke. For his bravery in the battle, Commander Harrmalik Rrhakaslav of the HMS Jrugahr, a Hharar commoner aged 26, was posthumously awarded the Order of the Victorious Sun for going above and beyond in the line of duty to protect his fellow sailors. He is the first to receive the award since Ser Mrakhanjurl Ii'rka in 2457.

Despite the stunning success of the battle, protests began to emerge following the sinking of the HMS Vrralana outside of the Imperial Residence as the families of the lost sailors joined the families of those who lost relatives in the unfruitful 2459 spring offensive. Protesters called for an end to offensive operations and a new policy centered around economic development, citing the substantial debts held by the average citizen and the government, as well as the unfavorable casualty ratios of offensive actions. As radio dispatches began to reveal that the fleet was bound for Das'nrra, the crowd increased in size as Tajara advocated for an adjustment of foreign affairs to include non-intervention in the Republican civil war and peace with Republican forces. After the King's awarding ceremony for Commander Harrmalik Rrhakaslav, chants of "Remember Rrhakaslav! Remember the Vrralana!" began to fill the air. The King has yet to comment, and the opinions of Parliamentarians vary greatly.

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King and His Parliament Announces The New Crown Heir



Following eight hours of debates and study of the royal genealogy, the King and His Parliament has ratified the new proposed reform of the royal succession laws. Before the decision, the Kingdom’s order of succession was based on the old laws, a system that dictated that the King’s first-born was to inherit the royal throne. The Crown Heir position was claimed before by several nobles and members of the royal line, creating a confused dispute due to the King's lack of children.

King Vahzirthaamro and the majority of the Royal Parliament has decided for a succession system where the Crown Heir is elected through the decision of the King, with the candidates being drafted among his living descendants. The election is only considered valid if it has the support of at least 60% of His Majesty’s Parliament.

King Vahzirthaamro has announced the election of Shumaila Azunja, one of the King’s nieces, as the elected Crown Heir. Shumaila distinguished herself as a military commander while serving with the Imperial Adhomian Army, holding a position within the Jabrut Almumalik. Shumaila has been awarded several commendations for her role in the offensive of 2459 and the defense of the Vlrralkhzazhul line, being known among the troops as “The Storm of Harr'masir”, for her resolve in the battlefield and undying devotion to her soldiers.

The official ceremony has been scheduled to happen in one week, with the Crown Heir Shumaila Azunja attending to it after being allowed a brief break on her service to the Kingdom. Protesters blocked the Majesty's Parliament after the announcement of the decision, protesters called for the opening of peace negotiations with the Republic and contested the decision of electing a candidate with a military background.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Royal Navy Deploys Glacier Worm Radar Weapon



Grand Admiral Mahtra Dynhaas has announced a new weapon in the war against the Hadiist forces at sea. The briefing has come public with Project Cae'rrin. This endevour has seen dedicated work from a dozen marine biologists in absolute secrecy until now. The goal of this development is to have the sea creatures swarm the areas where ships that threaten imperial forces or coasts are operating. The provided photo at the start of our article shows a decoy luring one of these beasts during classified tests earlier this year.


”His Majesty Azunja requested years ago a weapon that will further cement their control of the sea, and these tools give them just that.” Dynhaas said, “The details and method of how this project works will remain classified at the highest level, but this one has been cleared to give some details. Effectively they have found the nature of how the Hma'trra Zivr communicates. These are not solitary creatures all their lives - their scientists have found how they communicate. We use this to our advantage, and have them believe that enemy fleets are, in essence, food for them.”

The sudden announcement from the Navy may come in part from the news of several Hma'trra Zivr's being found washed up on the beaches of imperial holdings in the Ras’val Sea. One of our journalists responded to a village’s frantic calls to police about a glacier worm beaching itself on their pier and blocking all of the fishing boats. The worm was found dead and bloated with an entire aircraft carrier and two escort vessels from a foreign fleet inside its digestive tract. All of the wood and other organic material had been digested or partially digested but the steel and other metal components had torn the worm’s internal digestive tract to shreds, causing serious internal hemorrhaging and then death.

This fact may have been the reasoning for some concerned questions from members of the press who immediately pressed Grand Admiral Mahtra Dynhaas on the ethical concerns of the weapon. Royal Telegraph Journalist Yuai’zula received the honor of the first question.


”Honored Grand Admiral, is it ethical to command these worms to kill themselves for a military purpose? Do the marine biologists in Project Cae'rrin agree with what is happening to this species?”

”The weapon has been evaluated by an ethics committee appointed by His Majesty's High Admiralty and this one can assure all concerned that the weapon is only used when absolutely necessary.” Admiral Dynhaas responded, “It is also this one’s personal belief that it is better a Hma’trra Zivr perish than a hundred sailors.”

”She thinks it is unfair to compare the life of an animal that does not understand what is happening to it, to the unquantifiable lives of Tajara.” Yuai’zula replied.

”It’s unfortunate the times they live in.” Was Admiral Dynhaas’ final comment to her before taking another question.

The battle where this strategy was used has been detailed in the press briefing. After an enemy feint at sea allowed a large enemy fleet to sail into Imperial waters, the Admiralty had determined that with the lack of available response forces the hostile fleet could cause catastrophic disruption with its potential ability to completely sack several coastal communities and military ports. Two entire fleets were in drydock at the time of the breach, and both would be at the complete mercy of a Hadiist bombardment along with all civilian shipping in the area. These were the circumstances that saw this live test of Project Cae’rrin. According to Grand Admiral Mahtra Dynhaas, four worms were called to completely consume the entire enemy fleet.

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Possible Cure for Vicejaw Found in Ha'marr Mountains


Vicejaw, a viral disease which causes jittering, tensing of the facial muscles into an uncomfortable grimace and eventual death through exhaustion via muscle spasms. Readers might be asking what a cave would have to do with this disease, gripping Tajara-kind since the beginning of time.

Well, the caves of Ha’Marr have been thought to be done with long ago, having been mined out by Zhan workers employed by the Old Kingdom of Kaltir government. However the turbulence on Adhomai caused a recent cave-in which has revealed a cavern complex multiple kilometres deep. Ever since then the caverns have become a geological hotspot, literally as the caves have a mysterious source of heat keeping their temperature as high as 70 Celsius in certain areas. And this is exactly the kind of environment Ye’et Obtropica thrives in, a small round pod-like plant which helped Dr. Ilya Mysilov work on a cure for Vicejaw.

“The flora present within these damp and moist caves functions as a potent muscle relaxant which could help us in treating and even curing Vicejaw,” says Dr. Mysilov.

“This is thanks to the snails which live in these caves, as the muscle relaxant causes diarrhea within these snails, leading to propagation of the seeds undamaged.”

While the initial tests had undesired effects, the animals treated with the remedy present in these plants seem to show signs of improvement.

“It’s only a matter of refinement,” ends Dr. Mysilov.

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Rustam Harmaliik, the King of Mountains, Recognizes King Vahzirthaamro Azunja as the Rightful Ruler of Harr’masir



Today His Majesty's Parliament has been visited by an unexpected entourage, a group of Rhazar'Hrujmagh claiming to be emissaries in name of the recent crowned nomadic king Rustam Harmaliik. While the visitors were received with suspicion at first, the King and the Crown Heir have agreed to hold a meeting with them after proper introductions were made.

The emissaries have declared that their nomadic ruler has decided to officially recognize King Vahzirthaamro as the legitimate ruler of Harr’masir, and have extended offers of establishing proper diplomatic relations and possible further cooperation. The diplomats claimed that Rustam’s bloodline could be traced back to the Kings of the region, citing this as one of his reasons for this gesture.

The King has accepted the offerings brought by the Rocks Nomads, and recognized the elected title of Rustam. The party left Kaltir accompanied with a group of governmental observers sent at the request of the Crown. The nomadic forces of Harr’masir have pledged no military support to the Kingdom’s effort, and many members of His Majesty's Parliament have doubts regarding the nomad’s intentions.

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Nomadic Leader Rustam Harmaliik Faces Heavy Opposition Among His Own People



The King’s Parliament has released a new report this morning, sent by observers under the service of the Crown, regarding new development among the nomadic population of Harr’masir and their recently elected ruler.

After the return of the diplomatic entourage to Rhazar'Hrujmagh’s homeland, a large gathering of wagons and families located somewhere in the countryside, the King’s officials have found themselves in the middle of a delicate situation. Rustam’s gesture, of recognizing King Vahzirthaamro Azunja as the a rightful ruler, has caused widespread discontentment among his followers. A sizeable number of caravan elders, alongside the members of their families, have gathered before Rustam’s wagon, demanding him to retract his words and cut any tie with His Majesty, or they would no longer recognize him as their Almalik’Rhazar. Loyal commanders were also present at the location, engaged in a fierce argument in defense of the Nomadic ruler.

Rustam soon emerged from his wagon to address the disgruntled zhans. He recognized the opposition’s concerns as valid, but he has appealed for their sense of unity and warned them of incoming republican offensive. The opposition then challenged the Ruler of Mountains, by requesting the organization of another gathering to elect a new Almalik’Rhazar. The dissidents selected among themselves a representative, a caravan elder named Njadrasanukii Hirron, to contest the right to rule the Rhazar'Hrujmagh. Rustam has accepted their proposal, ordering his emissaries to contact the remaining caravans with instructions to prepare for a new meeting.

The King and the Parliament have decided to keep the governmental observers among the nomadic population, despite growing tensions.

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Nomadic Gathering In Harr’masir Ends With a Favorable Outcome



The Majesty’s observers have released an exclusive report on the results of the nomadic gathering in Harr’masir, relating their experience and the most recent news about the Rock Nomads.

Several Rhazar'Hrujmagh families have gathered at the location of the Almalik’Rhazar, joining to show their support to Rustam or his opponent, Njadrasanukii. The Nomadic King soon organized the gathering with all the present elders at his wagon, defending his action while the dissidents accused him. The debate lasted for hours, without any side reaching a consensus, until an elder proposed to solve the dispute with a challenge. Both sides would take part in a traditional nomadic sport, with skill and the Gods themselves deciding who was right in this dispute.

The selected competition was a game known as N’hanzafu roping, where two riders, using Zhsram as their mount, had to capture a N’hanzafu calf with a lasso and complete five rounds around a circular arena with it. Competitors are allowed to knock down each other or steal the other’s rope, but weapons are strictly forbidden.

A simple arena was quickly built in the middle of the camp, with the population watching and cheering for their favored side. Rustam and Njadrasanukii entered the area wearing their traditional gear and mounted on the top of their Zhsram. A young N’hanzafu was then brought in the middle of the place, being released after the elders gave the approval needed to start the competition.

The dispute between both competitors lasted for less than half of an hour, with Njadrasanukii being able to lasso the calf and complete two turns at first, but Rustam was soon able to break his grasp on the rope, with a shove from the top of his mount, and steal the animal from him. Showing an expecional display of skill and knowledge of the Rock Nomad Traditions, the King of Many Wagons was able to conclude the challenge.

The camp erupted in cheering and celebration for Rustam’s victory, and the elders, even with many of them grumbling and still complaining, accepted his right to bear the title of Almalik’Rhazar.

The Nomadic Leader asked for the royal observers to leave their camp after the celebrations were concluded.

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The Gods Have Blessed this War: A New Offensive!



After months of mustering the forces of Mrraka'te'almalik Klyuchevksy recently arrived from Amohda, ominous omens were observed from palatial district of Kaltir. Seven Sham'tyr, one for each of the Ma’ta’ke gods, landed upon the southern side of the tallest tower of the palace. That night, a previously unseen constellation of seven stars formed in the shape of the iconic Amohdan swordsman blade, which aligned to be pointing at the Raskara moon at midnight. The next day a large group of newly arrived Ma’ta’ke priests appeared at the palace, and when granted an audience with the King, declared these omens blessed an offensive. They were interpreted to be symbolic of the traditional M’sai Swordsmen of the old island empire, and that their arrival now spelled certain victory for the Kingdom.

While there was previously much debate among the Mrraka'te'almalikii and Parliament, debate about the offensive ceased when Field-Marshal Rrhazhal Zarkradar'Akhan, who has been on assisted living since the 2459 bombing, weighed on the matter. After spending months planning a new offensive, he announced that “Victory is certain, praise be to the Gods!” Afterwards, King Azunja voiced support, putting all debate to rest.

Late last night, Imperial Dragoons sallied out under cover of darkness, sabotaging Republican artillery positions and using their lawbringers to destroy grounded aircraft and detonate large fuel reserves in motor pools. Several major radio and telegraphy stations were likewise overpowered and eliminated, crippling the coordination of the enemy army. A heavy price was paid as these detachments galloped hard upon their zhsramii throughout the night. Many of their mounts failed to maintain their strength and collapsed in the snow. Dismounted dragoons were left stranded in the midst of enemy search parties, where some made a valiant last stand and others were executed upon surrender. 

Early in the hours of this morning, whistles and sirens deafened the front line as officers stepped out of their trenches, waving handkerchiefs in the air, as the entire combined land forces of the Imperial Army rose from the trenches. The gallant tajara charged towards a creeping barrage of combined land and naval artillery which made a desolate wasteland of killing fields out of the Republican position, now undermanned after pulling away soldiers to handle offensives from the young Democratic People’s Republic of Adhomai. The first among our brave troops to reach the enemy positions were swift Amohdan swordsmen, clad in their ancestral armor, leaping into packed trenches of soldiers with assault rifles, and cutting them down with their blades. On other sections of the front line, Royal Grenadiers forced their way through tangled messes of barbed wire and mud to hurl firebombs into enemy positions, filling the air with a foul stench of burning death to accompany naked blood lust and gunpowder. With the shock troopers in the wire, the bulk of the Kingdom’s Mata’ke Rafama Mk. I tanks, kitted for clearing sections of barbed wire, began to clear paths with intermediate resistance where the infantry of the Imperial Army surged through and overwhelmed the enemy.

The shock troops proved effective as masses of soldiers began to flee from their positions, only to be abruptly halted by returning Imperial Dragoon Alam’ardii reinforced by the elite marines of Mrraka'te'almalik Marrmeladov which landed south of their positions hours earlier. The battle hardened front line men of the “Grand Peoples Army,” who for over a decade waged grueling attrition warfare against our brave tajara, began to surrender in masses. Hasty prisoner camps were fashioned by engineers to detain the masses until supplies for a march back to more proper detention facilities near Miran’mir naval base could be completed, There they will be shipped to the Democratic People’s Republic of Adhomai who were given permission to take custody of the prisoners due to their abundance of facilities on Das’nrra under the strict condition that they are treated humanely. 

While the hardened front line forces of the People’s Republic were swiftly defeated, the Democratic People’s Republic of Adhomai was quick to forward information obtained by their elite Ho’tak Commandos to Imperial Command. Reserve divisions from Baltor and Olska are advancing northward to reinforce the Dymtris Front, and to meet our mighty armies head on. The fate and future of the Kingdom lies ahead, as it is our sacred and gods given duty to liberate as many of the oppressed tajara as possible from their decades of suffering under the incompetent Hadii regime, and the disastrous experiments of communism which have plagued Adhomai for generations. Though the scar and stain of suffering caused by those greedy for only power will never be healed from the collective conscience of all tajara, the armies of the New Kingdom are the sword of justice which will triumph over ultimate evil and restore peace and happiness for all Adhomai. For the glory and honor of the King, Gods bless our troops!

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Rustam Harmaliik, the King of Mountains, Joins the War Effort at the Side of the Kingdom



Yesterday the front lines were visited by unexpected guests, several Nomadic caravans attempted to cross into the territory of the New Kingdom. Envoys of Rustam Harmaliik, the elected leader of the Rock nomads at Harr’masir, contacted officers responsible for the defenses, announcing their intentions of definitely aiding the Kingdom in the offensive.

Rustam Harmaliik, alongside with his most trusted elders, was brought before the Parliament and the King, where he offered the full support of his people in the war effort. The Nomadic King cited the recent omens as the proof that him and his tajara needed to confirm the Kingdom’s legitimacy.  An emergency meeting was soon called by King Azunja, with the objective of deciding the future of the nomads at the doors of the country.

The Parliament decided to accept the offer of the Nomadic King. His population was allowed to cross the border, staying temporarily in the region close to Bar’jar. Rustam swore fealty to the King, being granted the position of Mrraka'te'almalik to command his own warriors. The rock nomads caravans forces are to join the army in the offensive in the next days.

While most members of the Parliament have welcomed those new allies, many have expressed concerns about the integration of the nomadic population and how to accommodate their lifestyle.

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Republican Reserves Routed



Nearly a month ago, the victorious offensive of the New Kingdom began, seeking finally to defeat the People's Republic of Adhomai. Many forces of the People's Republic Dymtris Front were shattered in combat, and forced to retreat. The opposition forces fell back to the southern end of the peninsula, regrouping with reserve forces from Baltor and Olska. Here, the Republican Army hoped to bottleneck and defeat our brave soldiers in this heavily wooded area, and here they were defeated.

The battle began when the First Armored Alam'ard of the Imperial Army attempted to break through the western section of the enemy defenses, using the Royal Navy for artillery support. However this bold attack was blunted when Republican Airpower was brought to bear. Fierce Ha'rron fights erupted in the skies above as aircraft from the HMS Mata'ke sought air superiority. The First Armored Alam'ard was forced to retreat, along with several supporting infantry alam'ardii. Seeking to press their advantage, the communist forces began an armored counter attack. Massed artillery bombarded our forces on all sections of the front before multiple armored divisions supported by mechanized infantry smashed into our lines. Much of the combat became very close due to the density of tajara on the battlefield, with hand to hand combat in many areas as levies of the Imperial Army clambered onto the armored vehicles and sought to disable them however they could. Here the might of the Kingdom's Royal Grenadiers was apparent. Grenadiers threw their firebombs into the engine blocks of advancing armor, causing some to explode while others were merely turned into burning caskets. Despite these brave combatants, the Imperial Army was still ultimately being pushed back until a new development emerged. Only a handful of kilometers behind the front line, much of the Army's field guns and direct-fire canons had been arrayed in large batteries covered under trees. Armor piercing shells and high explosive rounds rained onto the communists, who were on open ground after much of the forest had been cleared by their own artillery and armored vehicles. The Imperial Army advanced once again. 

With the better trained portions of the Republican Army defeated and much of their offensive heavy equipment neutralized, the Imperial Army was able to effectively engage the undertrained reserve divisions who had spent most of the war stationed away from combat. As days went past, our brave tajara were able to breakthrough their defenses at the choke point and widen the front. Nighttime raids from the Imperial Dragoons harassed artillery positions, destroying large numbers of towed guns and stockpiles of shells. Large numbers of Tsarrayut’yan rifles were appropriated by our infantry, who were able to put them to better use with their superior experience. Limited numbers of Mata'ke Rafama Mk.II tanks which the communists had lost or abandoned during their armored assault also began to be repaired and repainted with the King's coat of arms. Among other armored support vehicles, these were brought into the First Armored Alam'ard as replacements for their own losses, and used to make multiple breakthroughs against the enemy.

As it became clear the battle heavily favored our New Kingdom, the enemy began to pull back towards Baltor and Olska. However, communists seeking to retreat and take refuge in Baltor were in for a rude awakening. After the front had widened so that shore support was no longer helpful, the Royal Navy loaded a detachment of marines and set course for the naval base. The base was soon captured after expending much of the Kingdom's remaining cruise missile inventory and waging a costly air support action from the HMS Mata'ke. The HMS Dolor, a battlecruiser, was heavily damaged by submarine attacks but was able to dock at Baltor after marines seized the base. Republican forces heading to Baltor were then cutoff from those retreating to Olska by the Imperial Army, and slowly enveloped as they approached their base. The marine detachment, reinforced by arming the sailors of the HMS Dolor, made a heroic defense of the base as communist soldiers attempted to assault them. The attack proved the be coordinated as the Republican Navy clashed with the Royal Navy at sea, hoping to rescue their forces and re-establish the base as a vital artery in their supply lines for the Harr'masir theater. Although the fighting was hard won with many casualties, the armies attempting to retake Baltor were defeated and surrendered after the defenders narrowly held on while the Army pressed into their rear. 

With this major defeat of the Republican Army, morale is higher than ever both at home and in the trenches. Many critics of the war continue to point to the tajaran cost of war, using the high casualty operations of the initial retreat on the isthmus and the mass loss of life among the marines who held Baltor as a rallying cry for peace. These criticisms are now largely the minority opinion as anti-war protests briefly gave way to parades and celebrations in the streets of Kaltir, Dymtris, and Barj'ar. The king surprised everyone by tempering the enthusiasm, releasing a public statement which stated, "The siege of Olska will carry great loss of tajaran life." Warhawks in Parliament, while still the vast minority compared to those who now seek peace, were emboldened by the recent campaign. They shrugged off the King's statement, saying "Now all that remains in North Harr'masir are undertrained soldiers, with their major supply route cut off. Surely they will surrender, or else be crushed by the might of our armies."

The Royal Telegraph Staff would like to encourage readers from abroad to purchase subscriptions to our news service. At this crucial moment, 75% of all funds raised by subscription fees will be dedicated to the medical costs of wounded veterans from the recent campaign.

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PRA Driven from Harr'masir Continent



After a long hard fought battle, forces of the Grand Peoples Army on the Harr'masir continent finally surrendered to His Majesty's Imperial Army following the conquest of Olska. All military conflict on the continent and on the Kingdom's borders have ceased, as we now share a border only with the Democratic People's Republic of Adhomai to the south, who enjoy a ceasefire with our nation. For the first time in over 10 years, save for the temporary 24 hour ceasefire of the 45th Holy Council of Sana Sahira, the guns fell silent. The farmers stepped out of their houses and looked upon the crater-marred fields and could rest knowing it would one day be just a memory. The factory workers in the humming cities could attend work and could relax during air raid drills, knowing they would no longer have to clear the brick and debris of their workplaces to rescue their coworkers. Mothers will now look upon their infant children, and know that they will not have to flee from invading armies. The Kingdom in its entirety now releases a breath of air, praising the security of its borders, while victory parades fill every street. 

The new peace came at a price, however. For the past two months, the Imperial Army had to contend with those who had successfully withdrew to Olska and dug in their defenses. While optimism began strong with the knowledge that the Republican Forces who had escaped encirclement were primarily raw recruits and reservists, they proved to be tenacious and brave. As the Kingdom's forces which had won a resounding victory at Baltor approached around the western flank of Zarragh Lake, they came into contact with the People's Republic's first line of defense along the wooded areas and rivers, turning the front line into a bottle neck for advancing soldiers. While the first line was pushed back, a second and better fortified line lied behind it using natural barriers to its advantage. Marines who attempted to flank the enemy on the lake were in for a harsh surprise, as the defenders took care to deploy their reserves along the coastlines, learning from previous blunders. Even as the second line of defense was finally overcome, a third even better line of defense with concrete bunkers supporting the trench works lied behind it. Advances ground to a halt, and submarine hunting packs began to push back the Royal Navy on the flank close to the sea. Imperial High Command made the tough decision to have the Alam'ardii facing the Republican forces to dig in themselves, as the reserves were pulled from the front for a new operation. 

On the Eastern flanks of the Zarragh Lake lied the long way around to reaching Olska. Here the front was far wider, and the terrain flatter and filled with verdant farmlands. Here the Grand People's Army had a thin defensive line, but had amassed all remaining armored divisions and motor rifle divisions. The Imperial Army fought a losing battle here while the western front's attempt at a knockout blow was ground to a halt. Taking full advantage of their mobility, and receiving fuel shipments from across the Nas'kin Ocean, they began to push our armies back and threatened to sweep around the lake and encircle our tajara. Redeployment of reserves from the western front were not expected to stop them in time. At an emergency meeting of Imperial High Command, general consensus was to beseech the Adhomai Liberation Army for aid, but suddenly King of the Mountains, Rustam Harmaliik entered and rose his voice. Claiming that seeking help from the Adhomai Liberation Army would be a sign of weakness and fearing they would use military aid as leverage in the future, he personally promised to save the Imperial Army. He then left immediately for the eastern front with all of his forces. 

Rustam Harmalik's promise would ultimately be fulfilled, as nomadic caravans in the area turned to the wilderness and turned their wagons into refuges for guerrilla warfare. Shipments of fuel and supplies to the mobile divisions of the Republican Army came under constant raids, and supply ships arriving at ports were frequently ambushed and sunk in harbor. Soon Rustam's forces arrived after a long forced march, fanning out and slipping through the thin Republican line into the countryside, pillaging all manner of supply depots and convoys. While some caravans fell prey to armored assaults and counter insurgency raids, they typically made good use of their wilderness survival abilities to elude patrols, and their nomadic lifestyles to avoid staying in the same places for too long. Soon, the tanks and personnel carries of the Republican Army began to decorate the fields as nothing more than stationary metal pillboxes, as fuel supplies became increasingly strained. Soon after, the redeployment of Imperial reserve forces was completed, and one by one, the vehicles were abandoned or destroyed. The push in the east became a trivial matter, and the defenders at Olska found themselves shifting forces to prepare for a pincer attack from the east. 

As His Majesty's armies made one final offensive against Olska from the north and east, the Republican defenders fought with extreme ferocity for the first few days, but no longer had the defense in depth which had withheld our mighty advances. Once their forward positions were overwhelmed, retreat to the city and its urban areas was disorderly, and many were overrun and surrendered. As the defenders settled in for a grueling urban defense, cut off from all retreat, King Azunja made a plea for their surrender lest countless lives of young tajara be needlessly lost. To everyone's surprise, the surviving generals of the Republic's Harr'masir Military District offered unconditional surrender, stating that they would rather surrender themselves to the "noble imperialists" in the north than risk capture by the "savage rebels" to the south. All across the city, their soldiers laid the rifles on the ground, and allowed the Imperial Army to enter the city in victory.

As the borders of the New Kingdom met the borders of the Democratic People's Republic, soldiers of both sides embraced and cheered in victory. Former enemies gathered in each other's camps and celebrated the defeat of the People's Republic in the theater. Soldiers sang traditional folk songs together and danced by the camp fires, with rations of vodka and victory gin supplied to every unit at the expense of the King's personal treasury. At a meeting in Olska, the pictures of which now fill every newspaper, King Azunja met with President Harlala and Halkiikijr Nated'Hakhan, where they embraced and smoked cigars, sharing a bottle of champagne. 

The war however, is not yet over. The meeting in Olska soon became the Conference of Olska as Imperial High Command met the Mrrazhakulii of the Adhomai Liberation Army. While there is now peace in our land, the People's Republic of Adhomai remains a transparent threat to tajara everywhere with their vile Hadiist communism. Despite all the celebrations, top military officials are planning now to end the war of our time, the scar which will forever afflict our people, once and for all. To ensure a bomber never again terrorizes the safety of our homes, and a hostile army never again lies at our borders, the Kingdom, hand in hand with the Democratic People's Republic, now prepare for the final act in the greatest tragedy of our people.

Do not lose hope, do not give into evil, and always have faith. For the armies of the New Kingdom are the Holy Sword of the Gods who will pass judgement, and work justice on those responsible for 40 years of oppression. Gods save the King!

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King Holds Royal Triump to Honor the Peace



Under the orders of the King a Royal Triumph was held in Kaltir this morning, honoring the armistice and sacrifices of our brave Tajara. A Royal Triumph is a ceremony, originated during the Gunpowder age, to celebrate a military victory. The processing was lead by Field-Marshal Rrhazhal Zarkradar'Akhan, standing on the top of an armored car, accompanied by Crown Heir Shumaila Azunja, Rustam Harmaliik and Mrraka'te'almalik Marrmeladov. Companies of soldiers, royal grenadiers, imperial dragons, expeditionary marines and sailors marched after them. Amohdan and Nomad auxiliary forces also took part in the Triumph. Captured tanks, artillery pieces and other weapons were displayed through the streets. Ship’s guns fired proudly on port, mixing their distant explosion with the music played by the accompanying band. 

Starting at the gates of the old city, the parade made their way towards the Imperial Palace courtyard. King Azunja, alongside parliamentarians, priests and other nobles, awaited for them before the open gates of the building. Field-Marshal Rrhazhal and Crown-Heir Shumaila were awarded the Order of the Victorious Sun, the highest distinction in the New Kingdom, for their success and leadership during the war. The King addressed the nation in a short speech:


“Fellow Tajara, subjects of their domain. Through the blood and courage of teir sailors, soldiers and volunteer friends, they have done the impossible and reconquered the land of their forefathers. Now it is time to rebuild their homes, and bring back prosperity to the kingdom. But, let them not grow soft, for there is still much to be done to free all of the Tajara people from bloodthirsty regimes. He may not live to see the Adhomai that he dreams about, but he trusts that the future generations will continue the mission that they have started here today.”

King Azunja retired to his accommodations shortly after this discourse, citing indisposition as the reason to do not join further celebrations. The city’s population, alongside with the visiting military, continued to celebrate the peace. Pubs, theaters and clubs remained open for the rest of the day and night, bursting with activity.

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Crown Establishes the Nomadic Host of the Southern Borders



Following hours of debates and drawing of borders, the King Azunja and His Parliament has decided on the creation of the Rhazar'Hrujmagh Host of the Southern Borders. A territory, encompassing the south-east borders of the Kingdom was designated to become the home of the Rock Nomads. Rustam Harmaliik, the King of Mountains, and his people have joined the war effort this year, playing an important role in the siege of Olska. Until this decision was made, all nomadic caravans were forced to remain within the boundaries of the Bar’jar province. The transfer of the population will start in one week, with the help of the army and law enforcement agencies.

The south-east region had been selected by the Crown due to its low population density and lack of fortifications. Field-Marshal Rrhazhal Zarkradar'Akhan has approved of this decision, citing the creation of a march to protect their southern borders as a sound strategic decision. Some politicians have expressed concerns in relation to the loyalty of the Nomads, claiming that many only comply with their demands due to the presence of Rustam. Further agreements have granted a degree of autonomy to those Zhan communities, with enlistment of cavalry in auxiliary forces being maintained. 

Further decisions were taken by the King and the Parliament regarding the establishment of trading treaties with other galactic nations and expansion of future diplomatic missions. Members of the Commoner’s Party have requested that the Crown consider the creation of non-hereditary parliamentarians seats, allowing non-nobility to be elected or appointed to those positions. King Azunja retired to his accommodations without answering this request, citing indisposition as the reason for being unable to continue the discussion.

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Parliament Signs Economic Treaty with Foreign Investors



After the conclusion of the last session between the King and his Parliament, the Crown has announced the ratification of a treaty with selected foreign investors. NanoTrasen has been granted rights to operate within the Kingdom’s borders. A NanoTrasen recruitment office is expected to open in the capital within the next week. Plans to modernize the mining and agricultural sectors were also discussed, alongside the expansion of Kaltir’s spaceport. Subsidies were promised to any Tajara willing to help the Kingdom create its own spacefaring merchant navy, facilitating trade with the rest of the galaxy.

Members of the Royal Party praised King Azunja’s efforts to repair the economical situation, and proposed the withdrawal of the current conscription laws. Landowners and entrepreneurs claimed that the draft deprived the national industry of valuable workforce. The Officers Party protested against this motion, citing that the armistice was not a concrete peace promise. Under the Kingdom’s legislation, each household must contribute a single able-bodied Tajara for mandatory military service.

Elements of the Commoners Party have brought once again the creation of electable parliamentarians seats. Met with shouting and protests by the other Parliamentarians, they argued that due representation of the population was necessary for the success of the Kingdom. King Azunja, after consulting his advisor and the Crown Heir, has replied that he has been cautiously considering this possibility. The Commoner Party has displayed their dissatisfaction with the King’s reply, threatening further action if his idleness on the subject continues.

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