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[Completed] Apophis' Thick Jacket

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BYOND Key: Kingmatt9

Character name: Apophis Quihtzin

Item name: Thick Jacket

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Apophis, when he gets off work, goes straight to Adhomai to do his /other/ job, which is protecting some of the Jawdats' property.

Item function(s): The jacket would be in the armor slot, and if able, would have minor armor rating.

Item description: A brown leather trenchcoat-like jacket, it smells of snow.

Item appearance: Basically a copy of the armored trenchcoat, but a dull brown color.

Additional comments: I'm not very good at these things, this was spur of the moment stuff.

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Isn't this somewhat similar (pretty much identical) to that jacket of DeWitt's?

I don't know how that turned out, so pardon me if this sort of topic was closed already, but the arguments ran along the lines of NanoTransen requiring its personnel to wear uniforms, and would likely not stand for their people to run around in admittedly swaggy, but nonetheless personal clothing items.

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