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Fantasy Universe Competition.

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You heard it. State your favorite fantasy universe and explain why your favorite is the best out all of the others.

Mine is Forgotten Realms.

It's just so expansive, and filled with so much fluff, and so many forms of media to immerse yourself in. There is no other universe that has reached this level of detail, unless you delve into the Warhammer series, and even then, It doesn't even come near as close. Just the Legend of Drizz't alone has well over 15 novels.

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The Commonwealth Universe, from the Commonwealth Saga (Pandora;s Star, Judas Unchained) and the Void Trilogy (The Dreaming Void, The Temporal Void, The Evolutionary Void).

Reasons being:



Intergalactic Travel

Ozzie Goddamn Isaacs

Sentient Intelligence (Planet sized AI that helps/ hinders people at random)

Fully immersive technology

The Primes, the only thing from any series/game/anything I have ever encounted that I truly hate.

The Raieel, because Physics is made to be broken.

The Dark Fortress generator, just because.

Dyson Spheres

Devoir Missiles

Nigel Shelden, because what he can do with wormholes doesn't bear thinking about (If you are Prime).



Organic Circuitry Tattoos.



Just the Legend of Drizz't alone has well over 15 novels.

I raise you 21 Horus Heresy Books.

For a total of 490 canon 40K stories.

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Discworld, By Terry Pratchett.

It's a wonderfully odd, surreal world that doesn't take itself too seriously, has beautifully written worldbuilding that never detracts from the story, is full of Wit and humour, and manages to keep it's characters well grounded and realistically written. It's a kinda like reading a slightly off-kilter generic fantasy world series, only with exceptionally realistic and believable characters, and watching as the characters and the setting slowly change and evolve, turning into something truly unqiue. Oh, and it's 40 books long and written by one guy.

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I'm split between Metro 2033 and Starcraft.

On one hand, you have extremely-well written Post-Apocalyptic scenarios which can often accurately describe the hellishness of the worst-case scenario of a nuclear wasteland that's only beginning to heal, and even then, very slowly. You see pain, death, terror. Ghosts of the past tear into your mind and slowly deconstruct your psyche. Anomalous entities roam the wastes, the Metro tunnels, and perhaps Purgatory itself. Earth is a dead world, screaming for someone, or something, to help revive it.

Then you have a complex, fun, wacky, gritty, and immersive future experience unlike anything that has ever been done before. The characters, plot, and antagonists are extremely well-written and damn it all to hell if I would ever pick another franchise over it. Starcraft's universe is just perfect.

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It'd have to be between The Eternal Champion books, where there's multitudes of different planes and this one guy is a different guy on each of them, and the Lost Fleet books, where space combat actually sounds realistic (ships flying past each other at thousands of km/h fast, with a fraction of a second for their weapons to lock on and fire before thye're past the firing range).

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I'll argue, and I will seem biased. But really, while I love to indulge in some awesome sci-fi (really my main preference) I have to look at what we've done here, on our lore team, and smile, and say 'I love it.'

We've put a lot of work into it, and despite many reforms, I think it's quality shit.

My faovrites though, from a list: (games)

-Aurora SS13 Lore.

-Mass Effect

-Star Wars

-Freespace and its sequels/expansions


-Planescape : Torment (Not Sci-fi, but if you haven't played this game you're not a real gamer.)

-Halo, oddly enough.

Favorites, (other works):

-Aurora SS13 lore

-Star Wars

-Alpha Centauri series of books.


-The Ender's Game series.

- Cowboy bebop.

-District 9

And so many more I'm forgetting.

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Some of my favorite universes are:

A Song of Ice and Fire (richly detailed in the world building without descriptions dragging too much)

Cowboy Bebop (realistic future noir)

Middle Earth (because The Hobbit is one of my favorite books of all time)

Lovecraft (the stories are all amazing, creepy, and mysterious)

And... The Sprawl Trilogy by William Gibson. THE original Cyberpunk universe/series, and a great read.

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