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No, not that kind of game. Basically, OP gives a brief setting and description of what's going on. Other posters give answers/suggest reactions. The OP will reply to the most recent post as that action, so work against the other posters to get your decision picked! Don't spam, though, or post back-and-forth before OP responds. The other posters control the actions, OP controls the consequences. Of course, I won't kill the main protagonist every single time. If the main character dies, the OP starts over with a different setting or a party member as the new protag.

So, we'll start now.



Blurbs of memory crackle and fizzle in your mind. Your eyes open slowly, and you feel extremely groggy... but, you've realized something. You have no idea where you are, what you're doing here, or who you even are.

A familiar question utters out from the darkness, it sounds old, aged, and cranky...

Are you a boy or a girl?

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So, apparently, you're a woman.

You awaken from your not-so-vivid-yet-horrid nightmare and look around. You're in a cell, specifically surrounded in thick and hardy concrete. Cobwebs clutter the corners and dirt smudges the walls and floors.

You'd infer this, anyway. You're in almost complete darkness.

What do?

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You arise from your "bed" which was, quite honestly, a cold cement floor.

You pat yourself down for something, anything, on your person. In your right pocket is a bulge. You reach into your pocket and pull out an engraved yet dirty lighter. You're unsure of what is on it. You flick it open and light it. The room lights up with fluorescent blue light.

The flame itself sustained by the igniter is a cool blue fire. You look around, waving the lighter about to get a feeling of how large the room is.

You look down to your side to see what felt so leathery before.

It's a satchel, apparently, made of fine leather. However, its tattered and torn, but not enough to have it fall apart.

What do?

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You flip open the satchel and find a multitude of assorted tools. Chief among these, a hatchet, a flashlight-mounted headgear piece, a strange watch, a compass, and a P226 pistol. Some spare clothing is also buried within the satchel.

You unload the pistol and check the clip. Unfortunately, you only see three bullets in the clip. You reload the weapon and pull back the HD slide.

You put the headpiece onto your head and toggle the flashlight. The battery for it is very weak. You'll have to use it sparingly until you find replacement batteries.

You put on the clothing, and slip the watch onto your left hand. The watch beeps repeatedly, and stops. It doesn't appear to tell time. You take the compass and attach it to a bare slot on the watch. The compass spins around erratically and then stops, pointing directly to the left of you, towards the doorway.

You throw the straps over your shoulder and keep the hatchet in your bag.

You turn to face the door, and start walking.

You see two paths. One path is somewhat lit by a fluorescent light. Another path is poorly lit, and you swear you can hear howling...

What do?

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You ready your pistol, with both hands wrapped tightly around the grip, and a forefinger feathering the trigger. You advance slowly, stepping around glass or other debris in the hallway.

As you inch closer and closer to the light source, you hear a slight skittering sound. You jump for a moment, and sweep the corridor with your eyes, terrified of what might leap from either end of the corridor.

You gather your senses and regulate your breathing. You continue down the corridor, and suddenly your foot snags on something. You hear something snap, and then hissing begins...

What do?

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You step back slightly, but to little avail. It would appear the hissing was from an ignited shaped charge... thankfully, it only manages to knock you on your feet and give you minor first degree burns... still, it hurts like hell.

You pick yourself back up again and pick up your gun... next time, perhaps, you'd do well to look at the floor... this could have been a hell of a lot worse.

You continue down the corridor, and then finally make some progress... you appear to be in a well-lit cavern, primarily by glowing cyan mushrooms and other cave flora.

You see a light at the far end of the cave. You see three ways to get to it, a large yet cracked log propped over a river separating you and the exit... a sturdy bundle of vines that could be used to swing over the rushing ravine of water, or perhaps the long way around, up the river of the cave and over some stones.

What path do you take?

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((wow i forgot this thread existed))

You grab hold of the vine and pull yourself up a few feet, and then begin to swing back and forth. You hear the vine snap a bit before you stick the landing and land on the other side of the rushing river. You bend your knees a bit late, your feet ache a little bit. You'll be okay, though.

You walk ever so closer to the light... and become blinded for a few short seconds, heat slamming against your skin. Your eyes adjust to the light, and you see a glorious paradise littered with flora and fauna hopping about. Downhill, the path splits into two. One path becomes engulfed in a forest as your eyes attempt to follow it, the other path being a rolling flatlands with odd deer-like creatures grazing upon it.

What do?

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