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Well, I have many hobbies that I really enjoy. For instance, I play the Upright Bass. I love it so much. I think that instrument is very underrated. Another thing I do is filming and theater. Acting is such a fun thing for me. I have created millions of channels on YouTube, sharing my latest creations. My favorite TV show/Anime Series in the world is Digimon. I love the emotion it puts me through, the music, the story, everything. That's all I gotta say. Bye.

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For Theater/Filming, I enjoy, but don't do much. The technical side of things. I ain't the person you would see on stage I would prefer to be behind the lights/desks doing the technical stuff that you need inorder to have a show.

I assist a Pink Floyd band as a technician/roadie. My dad does equipment transport and Lasers/Projections.

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I'm hoping to minor in theatre arts or something similar. I love stage acting, and I can play just about any string instrument there is. I actually had a harp until my roommate crushed it, and yes, I could play it. I currently screw around with guitar and vocals, for the most part, and I'd like to think I'm alright at both, though I play by ear because I'm shit with sheet music.

Fun fact: I grew up around blues-y bands, as my mother managed two or three different artists when I was a wikkle Jenners. I think that's where I get some of the love for music- Sitting at the back of a venue with my mother somewhere in Texas, signed picture from the playing band in one hand and a soda in the other. It was a pretty awesome experience, and some of the live music (if you find the right areas) can be awesome.

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I've been told I'm a terrific actor by teachers and friends alike, but...

I don't like actors.

Their arrogance, ego, and general 'look at me and my flashy smile' attitude irritates me.

I've nailed every audition and shit, got the second to leading role in my first play at the high school drama department when I was just a freshman. Then all he senior actors responded by being, well, dramaticists. Actors can be good people. But they can also be the worst life forms to witness, and I got a pretty shitty end of that stick. I won't say WHAT exactly they did, how they act and always show off to no ends besides pushing their reputation to unstable levels because I'm over it, but damn. They ruined acting for me.

I witnessed myself becoming a bastard at the peak of my popularity spike later on, which landed me, at the very least, in the top 5 most popular teens in the school a thousand, and so I've been taking a break from ego and arrogance, and I feel better about myself because of it. I'm also not at all relevant in all the big gossip, but I find it a small price to pay for being a good human.

Oh look at me I'm rambling. Point is, be careful, actors. Don't accidentially threaten the wrong mean girl. Because then drama will suck.

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