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Vaurca: Release Chain Events (Canon)


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Okay, hello there! Those of you that have been following the previousley known Va'tramra'av will be liking this. After lore team deliberation and the like, we have decided to change their names to the Vaurca. The LORE IS FINISHED: LOOK AT HERE: http://aurorastation.org/wiki/index.php?title=Vaurca Now, we also have in store for you a series of introductory events that come in a 'phase' format. Most are unscheduled so far, and will remain so until the lore is finished, the rest of them are sprited, and they are added to the code.

While the events themselves will be a suprise, I will keep to having all of them dated and a single descrption word for them. Note that all dates may change at random, if it conflicts with another event or for some reason it is impossible to do the event on that day.

Please note you can post your IC character responses to these events as they are posted on the thread, and also please move all discussion or insight about the race here as well. If you have ay suggestions, feel free to leave them here or PM me.

IF YOU WANT to be an event character, PERSONAL MESSAGE (PM) me, and do not put it on this thread. I will see if I can fit you in, but you must be available for any time an event is going on, and may need to adapt your time a little.

All events are in a 'phase' format so we can give time to coders, and our very generous Iconner, Rechkalov, time to sprite, test, and otherwise use the hell out of the creation. This is not an endorsement to prompt coding, merely a placeholder for leading events. There may be an idefenite time between Phase's due to code/icon making.


Interactive event: An event that requires players to interact with key characters or parts of the event. Summary will be posted on this thread.

Newscaster event: An event that makes use of the newscaster. May come in multiple stories per event, all stories will be posted on this thread.

Main event: An event that requires many players, and involves the entire crew. Summary will be posted on this thread.

What we have so far:

Part I: (Lore Complete)

- Newscaster Event: December 21, 12:00 - 15:00 PST. (That's 15:00 - 18:00 EST, and 20:00 - 23:00 GMT/UTC)

- Interactive Event: December 27, 12:00 - 15:00 PST. (That's 15:00 - 18:00 EST, and 20:00 - 23:00 GMT/UTC)

- Interactive Event: December 28, 12:00 - 15:00 PST. (That's 15:00 - 18:00 EST, and 20:00 - 23:00 GMT/UTC)

~ UPCOMING EVENT:Indefinite Newscaster Events until Phase II made possible.

Part II: (Everything must be finished, applications can now start to be made.)

- Main Event: -unsched-

- Interactive Event: -unsched-

- Final Release Event: -unsched-

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As you watch the TeleScreen, play on your PDA, browse your holocomputer, or any form of technical link you may have, something in the top right of your screen begins to blink rapidly. Soon, your screen is filled with a standard News Reporting room, although this one seems to be from an Alliance HQ, as the flag and uniform of Alliance members are seen all around. The channel reads: Tau Ceti Gov Priority Alert.

A stout looking man with a gaunt face and red sheeks greets you with a quick SMILE, and his deep and soothing voice booms out, "Hello, and I apologise to interrupt this broadcast. Attention, all Tau Ceti citizens, workers, and visitors, we have a big breakthrough today." His face seems to gleam for a moment. "I am Reporter Johan Kreevs, here to serve your information needs. This broadcast is going out to all PDA's, Telescreens, holocomputers, radio stations, and holodeck simulations. Recently, we have detected a massive object creating some form of artificial light, seeming to exuberate a high amount of energy. Initial long-distance scans are reporting that this object, clearly an artificial creation." He seems to take a pause for dramatic effect. "This construct is approximately 3.5 Kilometers long, which would place it in a Titan class spaceship. Just to give you some perspective, the NMSS Odin is 1 KM long, and the largest Alliance ship is 2.3 kilometers long. Now, we have detected this ship due to a burn they are making to slow down their approach to Tau Ceti, seeming on a interept path with Biesel itself. Currently, it is .7 lightyears away from the Romnavich cloud, any and all stations there are, from now on, under watch. We are dispatching a scout to see what this artificial object is."

He rubs his chin for a moment, before smiling at the camera. "I myself will be boarding aboard the ASV Achilles, a battleship, accompanied by the ASV Hermes, a frigate class scout for initial scans of the entity. Please stay tuned." After this, a status message appears above the headlines: '-The following stations may be in danger, and are requested to be on alert for the following weeks: NSS Exodus, NSS Fidelia, NSS Aurora, ASP Astrid, ASP Kirona, GFV Tanker, and the NMSS Odin.' and then the broadcast shuts down.

After around an hour of nothing happening, and you are able to return to what you were doing, the beeping begins again.

Johan Kreevs is now standing in an Alliance bridge, overlooking a part of some sort of alien vessel in the background. Officers are running around, and, someone who is presumably the captain, looks deep in thought, staring at the vessel with nearly malicious content. "Johan Kreevs back here with the story of the strange atificial object on an intercept course with Biesel. The ASV Achilles and Hermes have been dispatched to overview the ship coming in, and we have some stunning reports. Apparantly initial scans were completely wrong; the ship is actually 5 kilometers in complete length. It is also of completely alien design, there is no correlation with anything we've ever seen in the history of known space. Furthermore, this ship is... very strange, in design, but seems to lack large amounts of weaponry. We can conclude it is /not/ a warship. We are attempting to communicate with the vessel, but have got nothing but static since initial contact. All station near or around the Romnavich cloud are still advised to be aware. The two Alliance ships, the ASV Hermes and the ASV Achilles respectively, will be escorting this massive vessel into Tau Ceti space.

The feed cuts out with a final focus on the Captain, his identification card reading, 'Captain John Chordata, ASV Achilles.' You are able to return to wat you were doing, once again. Sure enough, however, the feed interrupts you:

There he is again, Johan Kreevs. He looks to be slightly sweaty, as though either very excited, or nervous. He clears his throat and begins to speak. "Hello again, Reporter Johan Kreevs reporting from the ASV Achilles, watching this scene unfold. Is this a first contact scenario? Is this simply a derelict that made its way to our system? We don't know yet. However, I have reports from Biesel and New Gibson, and even on some stations, that Human Supremacist groups are riotting and in an uproar, attempting to bully the Alliance into destroying the Alien vessel, that we will now name 'Titan Prime.' " He stops talking for a moment as the feed changes to a winter scene, with rioters with red arm bands are waving signs and have a random ship with a red 'X' over it. They seem to be shouting, "No more aliens! No more aliens! Humanity prevails!" Johan adjusts his tie as the feed turns back to him. "To give some physical characteristics of this historic event taking place in our very own System, the ship is definitely not made for aesthetic effect. Completely with massive engines on each side, and seemingly large cannons, (The only weaponry we have detected) and a turgid brown color. From scans, we have detected approximately 3.8 million lifeforms on board, and there are large bays that seem to lead into Titan Prime, but are not currently open. We have determined that the ship runs on a fusion drive system, but seems to lack any form of known FTL drives, that we know of." The feed moves to a scanning view of the utterly massive spacecraft. Indeed, it is quite ugly in appearance, but the notable parts are the massive engines, the two huge cannons mounted at the top, and the strange bays.

The feed cuts for a moment, before returning after moments. Johan looks worried slightly as he reads over something on a datapad, and he looks back up at the camera, regaining his composure. "Er... we've had a mis-report from the biotic scan department. Apparently, the initial scan was just one part of Titan Prime. Full scans of the ship indicate 6.2 million lifeforms present on the vessel, but... they do not appear to be alive. We have movement, they are definitely moving, but they do not correspond to any life signs that we have yet discovered. Stay tuned. "

After many hours of the feed being cut, a final interruption happes. Johan smiles, definitely a fake one. "This will be the last... er... report going out, as mandated by Alliance military until we get a greater grasp on the situation. Final scans indicate a massive presence of deactivated weaponry, of which we are theorizing for self defense, but-" The feed cuts and there is strange static, seemingly interrupted with strange clicks and buzzes. Soon, large bold red letters fill the screen. 'THIS CHANNEL HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN BY ALLIANCE DICTATION. PLEASE CONTINUE YOUR WORK.'

The feed cuts completely, and is not touched again.

((Remember to post IC reactions if you like, as well as feedback!))

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Meanwhile, in a small room which appears to be a lab on Biesel, Samantha looks up at the small telescreen on the wall, reading the closed captioning on the "screen". She turns off the bunsen burner, putting the beaker she had in her hand neatly on the table, before standing up to sit on the small recliner in the corner of her room, staring intently at the report.

"A new species...all of dead, dead?" She thinks out loud to herself, rubbing her chin. "No...no, if deres movement, den dey are probably not dead but in an odd state of hibernation. But...I'm worried at how...things are abruptly interrupted." Samantha sighs, shaking her head, and says softly, "I don't like where dis is going to go."

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The TV had been on for quite a while before Roy Wyatt even bothered to glance at it again. He was too focused on a device which he had been working on for weeks, and the loud music he had on due to his roommate's absence did not help either. The blinking had caught his attention from the corner of his eye, and he finally turned at the TV to watch the newscast. He stopped the music and listened to it, still more focused on the device in his hands. By the end of the first broadcast, it had gained some of his interest, but not enough for him to stick through the entirety of the second part of the broadcast.

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In the darkness, Luna's PDA illuminated and took it upon itself to start talking at her. The glow filtered through her eyelashes, but she remained unmoving. The reporter, oozing with charisma, spoke with an intent to excite the listeners about the anomalous ship. At the mention of the NSS Aurora, the pulse beat in her neck, and the silence which followed was not like before. Jarring.


Stirring awake at the sound of protesters, she recognised the voice that followed from the device as that Johan Kreevs from before. History unwound right there in her room, and this time Luna listened intently at the record-breaking facts and figures. As the feed cut out for the penultimate time - for she would not be around to hear the last message - one thought flowed through her mind.

Worst... case... scenario...

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

The Republic of Elyra was a fringe faction on the border of the Sol Alliance. As such it would often respond sluggishly to news from the Sol Alliance. However, this often didn't apply to crisis' like the one currently taking the known galaxy by storm. Once the reports of a massive, unknown spacecraft on a crash course to Tau Ceti was confirmed, the Interior Government of the Republic quickly convened in the New Ankara system on their capital planet of Perispolis. After a terse meeting, Prime Minister Rasheed Tatenda agreed with the proposal that the Elyran military increase its alert level and military tracking stations go online.

It was was very expensive - and to some, probably pointless, since the Elyran navy was only large enough to chase off pirates, but it was done all the same.

By the time the latest developments on the crisis came in, however, things kicked into overdrive.

Government Continuity Complex 4

System: Jedeed Isfahan

Planet: Medina

Out of 12 originally built, only 3 of the 'Continuity Complexes' remained; bunkers hidden under hotels or other unassuming structures for the government to hide in if ever needed. And with a massive, mysterious Titan parked in a major human system filled with millions of unidentified life forms, the Prime Minister felt much safer with a hundred feet of rock and concrete above his head. The 57 year old arabic man sat at the head of the polished mahogany briefing table, with the Minister of the Army, and Minister of the Navy Tau Kwadwo and Daniyah Latifah respectively sitting on either side while the Minister of Foreign Affairs Andile Nabil sat at the other end.

"The hell is going on in Tau Ceti?" Rasheed asked, sounding completely exasperated.

"Well sir," Daniyah responded, looking down at some paper in her manila folder, "we've - not gotten much information from the Sol Alliance military. They're extremely tight-lipped, and we don't have any equipment in the area. So... We only know what the newscasters tell us."

She showed her palms helplessly, prompting Rasheed to exhale forcefully through his nose.

"On the plus side - we've got the fleet deployed. It's in orbit around Bursa in the Cairo United system, since it's the closest to the Sol Alliance. The other governors are throwing a fit about the fleets leaving the systems empty, but we've been soothing them with the assurance that the defensive installations are more than enough to deal with any coincidental pirate raid..."

"My approval rating is 36% ever since that plasma mining deal with Nanotrasen in that stupid asteroid field in Serene Riyadh," Rasheed responded, fanning himself with his own stack of papers, "having the entire fleet 'abandon' the systems like this will make people think I don't care about them and it'll sink it lower! Let's - can't we have the fleets just... Go back to where they were?"

Andile Nabil spoke up before the other two Ministers had a chance, running a hand through his well groomed hair.

"According to the Sol Alliance embassy on Perispolis and sources in the SA itself, the 'Titan' has enough firepower to obliterate our entire navy with ease. If you're looking at this from a public relations perspective, I think having a military vessel orbiting the planets would put people at ease and make them feel safer."

"Bullshit!" Daniyah shouted, "we have to look at this from a military perspective! Insha'Allah we won't scatter the navy in a time like this!"

"No - no no no," Rasheed frowned, shaking his head furiously, "the navy can't do anything about the Titan anyway; it's the Alliance's problem, not ours."

"Prime Minister-!"

"Nope!" Rasheed slapped the table with his palm, "I want it done. Have the fleet disperse and be real vocal about orbiting the planets - have the carrier around Perspolis since that's where all the votes are. Have some marines hold drills with journalists filming it too - in fact, raise the entire alert level! I'll hold a press conference at once, and have everyone know how much I care about their safety. Hell - this might even be good for my approval ratings."

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Kay Lee was poured over various drawings on a wobbly wooden desk. The drawings were crude and covered in scribbled Mandarin characters. Most featured a large egg shape with various circles attached, some labeled "Cannon?" and others labeled "Engine?" The small wastebasket was filled with crumpled sheets.

"Faster than light...," Kay mutters in Mandarin. "There isn't. Not possible without... stasis. But movement. So no."

Kay had heard the news earlier while on-station. But now, at home, was the only time to dig deep into how it could be possible. An engine with a fusion drive but no faster-than-light travel. The ship must have come from uninhabited space, else it would have been spotted before entering the Tau Ceti system, right? Perhaps there's a way to jump large sections of space instead of moving straight through it? A system like that would require a cooldown. And depending on the intensity, it could also rip space.

Kay wasn't as concerned with the beings aboard. It was how they got here that was important.

Kay takes a moment to stretch, looking around the small studio apartment. To think, a ship unseen before is floating through space, right now. What Kay wouldn't give for the chance to tear it apart and put it together again.

Enough dreaming. Figure it out. Kay returns to the drawings, the words echoing in the walls.

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Vittorio sat in his wood floored office, with a cup of Monte Rosso, red wine firmly in hand. He glanced at his labtop on his desk, which flashed a red advert on his browser, the advert came from the HIIP's website that published news with a Far-Right spin. He stared at the screen and read from the page, he scoffed "Bah, Tau Ceti space endangered? Good, damned capitalists in Nanotrasen probably will harvest the damned thing, Maybe if they are actually alive they will use them as slaves....Only acceptable thing about Nanotrasen really is their treatment of Xeno's".

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Welcoming the excuse to delay finishing his paperwork -if only by a few minutes- Andrew Stockstill put aside the patient file and reached for the newscaster unit.

Obediently, it beep'd, and filled the dim-lit office with brightness and sound.

Andy squirmed his eyes at the sudden light, and made out the features of a man on the screen. He was pleased to recognize him as Kreevs.

While skeptical towards pretty much any form of informative services, for different reasons both with the mainstream and independent ones, he enjoyed Kreevs' reports; if only for the soothing, reassuring quality of his voice.

He involuntarily recalled all sorts of disorders and character flaws that manifested themselves as the craving for certainty and reassurement - all in a split of a second, because the next, his train of thought had stalled completely as the newscaster presented the feed of the alien starship.

"Hell's bloody bells," he said to himself, eyes fixed on the screen - and his mind blissfully blank.


...Apparantly initial scans were completely wrong; the ship is actually 5 kilometers in complete length. It is also of completely alien design, there is no correlation with anything we've ever seen in the history of known space. Furthermore, this ship is...


A speaker came to life at Andrew's desk, and an artificial voice politely informed him that the emergency alarm in patient room 5 had been activated.

As the door opened at his approach, he glanced one last time at the newsfeed, threatening God or whatever there was that this better be an actual emergency, and not just one of the nutjobs discovering for what had to be the billionth time -that day only- the big red button by the door.

As it turned out, it wasn't a prank.

The girl from the Fifth had used the lighter from the smoking room to punish herself.

Presently, she sat on her bed with her shoulders squirmed close, refusing to look up at him even as he examined her forearm.

Andy whisteled quietly. "Third degree burns. Impressive," he said and activated the earpiece, informing one of the 'real doctors' that they had a job.

"Ouch!" the girl hissed as he covered the burns with a moist bandage whilst waiting for the doctor to arrive. "Be gentle, it hurts!"

Stockstill couldn't hold back a chuckle.

"It hurts? What about when you were burning yourself?"

The girl laughed in response, and there was the familiar twang of the void in her voice - or so he thought, anyhow. It sent a shrivel down his spine.


"This will be the last... er... report going out, as mandated by Alliance military until we get a greater grasp on the situation. Final scans indicate a massive presence of deactivated weaponry, of which we are theorizing for self defense, but-"


Stockstill stared at the now-blank screen, oblivious of the words urging him to return to his duties.

'What we are seeing is history in the making... Whatever happens next will change our society forever,' he thought, concentrating in an attempt to fully grasp the weight of the situation, which he failed to do. It was simply too great to comprehend, even more so from the familiar setting of his office.

Once again, the universe reminds us of its vastness. Who knew what awaited them aboard that vessel? He now focused on imagining a completely alien creature, something beyond any man's fantasy, and failed there, too.

As the newsfeed was playing in his head over and over again, he threw the cold butt of a cigarette into the ashtray -on top of the pyramid that had 'happened' there over the last couple of hours, a monument to his too-weak-to-quit will.

'They -whoever 'they' are- must have made such a long voyage until they found something worth stopping for, until they ran into us; and already, some of us are demanding the ship to be blasted to kingdom come. Fearing the alien, fearing change... humans,' he scowled as he reflected on the destructiveness of their race.

Andrew couldn't comprehend how great such a people's hate -or fear, if you will- must be to get the better even of their innate curiosity. 'They must all be mad,' he concluded. 'Out of their heads. They would destroy an opportunity to speak with beings that -judging by the scans- are fundamentally different from us, more so than any other race we have encountered so far. Whatever we might learn from them might offer a new perspective on... on everything, entirely! Only a lunatic can yearn for such senseless destruction-'

A face came to his mind. The Girl from the Fifth.

Stockstill picked up the pen and, feeling numb, resumed writing up the report on their earlier theraphy session.


Meanwhile, in patient room five, Daniela sat hunched over, examining the patch of synthetic skin on her forearm.

She could not tell it apart from the rest of her arm; the doctor had done such a great job that she would have believed that it never really happened.

Except, of course, that she was now banned from the smoking room.

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As the lights began to fade in from the sides of the room, a man could be seen sitting up in an empty bed to the sound of a soft alarm.He sleepily murmurs, "ARCTURUS, initiate morning procedures." An affirmative ping echoes from a corner of the room and a cheery voice crackles through the speaker, "Gotcha, Dad!"

The man finally stands from his bed, rubbing at his eyes before letting out a yawn as the room began to change shape, the very bed sliding back into its appropriate slot in the wall. The metallic shutters open, revealing a view of cascading stars, and nothing else. The voice comes up on the speaker again, "The current time is 0500 Nautical, it is December 25, 2456. We are currently located--"

"That'll be enough, ARCTURUS," he mutters as he moves to the mirror, studying the reflection for a moment, before continuing, "Give me the news. Tau Ceti, preferably." A click of acknowledgement sounds throughout the room, before the newscaster reads the list of headlines, before it is suddenly interrupted, "Hold on. Open article."

A video feed opens, showcasing a stout looking man.

As the video feed comes to an end, the man lets out a deep sigh, having slipped into his uniform. "Well, ARCTURUS, they'll have a lot on their hands over there. Give them my regards, if you can get past the firewall...again." With a tussle of his chestnut brown hair, the man moves to the airlock, and slips on a blue lab coat, straightening the lapels before keying the airlock. It hisses open, revealing a corridor with different sorts of people moving about, before closing suddenly, revealing the name stenciled in block lettering. Ishikawa, S. - Chief Medical Officer

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In a cold dark room, a man with dark, faded brown hair stood peering over a corpse. He mutters something under his white sterile mask rather dully before beginning an incision approximately six inches from the base of the neck, on the right shoulder. He continues the cut to the sternum just as the room is brightened by a hologram from the news bulletin. He glances up quickly muttering something about the media, before directing his attention back to his gray friend. As he starts the second cut he is distracted once more- annoyed he puts his scalpel down with a sigh and pulls his mask below his face. He takes his gloves off and tells his friend not to go anywhere before going over to the holographic display.

With a few fingers he swipes the display, an automated AI pops up on screen, "Greetings Dr. Scofield, you have 5 new notifications. Displaying..." He squints slightly reading of the news 11 light years away, "Interesting...any further developments, VISCERA?"

"Negative, Doctor. Would you like me to subscribe to this feed?"

He nods slowly, skimming over the display once more. "Yeah, keep me informed." He walks back to the table, pulling his mask and gloves back on. "Hope you didn't miss me," he states without emotion as he picks up his scalpel and resumes his work.

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A few days pass. Again, you are surfing on your PDA, watching a telescreen, or otherwise interacting with a device connected to the extranet. Your feed is cut off by an alert, and there he is, Johan Kreevs, staring at you with his trademark smile. "Hello there! It's Johan Kreevs here, bringing you the latest news from the Titan Prime situation!" He gives you a warm, inviting smile, and then looks off the screen for a moment. He is standing in the bridge he was before. "Well, have I got something exciting for you here! We have discovered something extremely strange about Titan prime. Remember how we thought initial scans and the like were all summed up to be: The ship being Five kilometers long? Wrong." There is a long break, before he continues to speak. "'Titan Prime,' as it has been dubbed, is not only alien, but it also appears to be able to elude our scanners frighteningly well. The only part we were scanning yesterday, was the engines. Facing towards Tau Ceti in a burn attempt to slow itself down. These engines are five kilometers long. After running full physical, internal, biological, thermal, and other scans, we have determined that the full object is 30 kilometers long (18.64 miles.), including an assumed habitation unit, the engines, the massive radiators, (32.53 miles.) To give you some reference, the administration district of Mendell City, (The Capitol of Biesel and the largest city in Tau Ceti space,) is 23 miles long. Already, engineers from the Sol Alliance are calling this a 'technological wonder' and an 'impossible creation.' To build a ship of this caliber, it would take nearly all of the funds of the Sol Alliance combined."

He seems to pause, letting that sink into you head before smiling wide again. "To expand on the 'ramjet engine' the engine is a 'nebular Ramjet engine' harvesting interstellar particles and ionising them, creating fuel and power for these obviousley massive engines. Furthermore, a we have just received word from our communicaitons department that radio contact has been made. This contact, despite being completely un-intelligble, is a break through in this tricky scenario. I would also like to inform the members of the Romanovich cloud that probes have been launched from the pays of Titan Prime, seemingly unarmed and non-dangerous, each with around eleven lifeforms present. We have no clue what they are capable of, but we assume that they are for informational gathering purposes. I'll leave you with that for now. Keep tuned!" He makes a slight bow, and the feed cuts away.

Six hours later, the same thing happens. This time, it is not the charismatic Johan Kreevs standing at the helm. It is a battle-hardened looking Admiral, adorned in a Sol Alliance uniform and absolutely covered in medals and ribbons signifying rank and deeds long past. He looks to be middle to old aged, with a scar on his eye and grayish hair covered by a navy cap. "Greetings." He says first, his voice gruff and very professional; and aire of inteligence about him. "My name is Admiral Adiyama, currently in charge of military and defense operations in the Tau Ceti system. I am here to take over news for the entity named Titan Prime, as this has gone from a civilian and socialk issue to a military and government one. Now; before I say anything, do not be alarmed. While the following tale may seem like this bodes differently, I assure you, the outcomes of them will prove for the better of mankind and its allies." He gives a quick, almost forced, smile, before returning to his former posture, crossing his arms behind his back slightly as he talks. "Today at around 13:20 hours, a probe made contact with the NSS Aurora, a privatised research facility owned and operated by the Interstellar Megacorporation NanoTrasen. Ordered by Alliance personnel, the crew were told to investigate until authorities could arrive. Investigate they did, and inside they found an incubation unit for the species that resides within Titan Prime, and eleven of their eggs. They also found an artificial intelligence created by this species; one of very advanced technology, nearly surpassing one of the best of our own; Artemisia VI, the experimental super-AI that has relative control of the Extranet."

He seems to make a slight sigh. "Following initial investigation, the computer and the eggs were found. The computer was given a miss-guidance, causing the eggs to explode. After a very very long time of deliberation and attempting to crack the unheard of language of the machine, the science team aboard the Aurora found out how to hook a pAI up to the device. The pAI was downloaded, and the machine knew how to speak all languages currently known, as well as access the Aurora's database and Humanity's history. After some talking, the science team convinced, or perhaps the machine convinced the science team, to come aboard the station. After transportation, some valueable information was learned about the race, including basics of their biological and caste structure, and the appearance of one of their members; while the actual image was lost, an artists interpretation can be seen here:" An image pops up, covering the Admiral's face and splashing over the screen. (http://imgur.com/T5UEXZ0) He seems to take a moment to let the entire known galaxy sink the image into their head, and then continues, it fading away from view. "After this, however, the machine took liberty to hack into secure channels, and remotely access NanoTrasen and Sol Alliance databases from the Aurora's extranet bluespace connection. All files on the Sol Alliance, Tajaran, Skrell, Unathi, and Diona were downloaded, and stored on the computer's database. Following this incident, the Sol Alliance blocked all raido contact going towards Titan Prime. This did not stop the computer." He furrows his brow slightly, his eyes seeming to shift.

"The computer made its way down the Aurora's main corridor and illegaly accessed the station's AI core, conveniently also the only major extranet bluespace mass-storage and transferrence system in that part of the Romanovich cloud. The computer bored a data-cable deep into the AI core, and accessed the direct bowels of the Extranet. There, it downloaded and decrypted military secrets and weapons, Bluespace drives, positions of Alliance and Skrellian fleets, passwords for automated defense platform procedures, codes to nuclear fission explosives, social security information of all residents in Sol and Alpha Centauri, and all passwords to Sol banking. While the Aurora's staff did not know the entirety of what was downloaded, the computer elucidated it was downloading classified information, but still, the crew did not stop it. After the initial download, all information was mass-transferred to Titan Prime via bluespace link. So far, this is the biggest hack that has ever occured in the history of the galaxy. The computer claimed that the information was not going to be used, and that the Vaurca, so they call themselves will not harm humanity and is not looking for interstellar war. We also learned that the specific faction of this species is called the Zo'ra, theoretically the face and the strongest force of the species, similar to how the Alliance is to humanity. Furthermore, we leanred from the computer that Titan Prime was one of 16 similar Hive Ships, first launched from their home system, Sedantis, behind the Spider Nebulae. And, we also learned that these hive ships are sent to colonize planets, and that Titan Prime, or Hive Ship 001 as the computer designated it, was to colonize Biesel and New Gibson." He stops speaking, and nods a few times.

"After download and data transferrence, the computer swiftly made its way out of the Aurora and back into its initial EVA probe, without hinderence by the crew or command staff. While this may have been a good thing, possibly key in deferring an initial contact war like with the Unathi, we are slightly dis-pleased with the staff who will remain unnamed. A recovery craft has been dispatched to salvage the probe." He seems to think for a moment, before speaking again. "Although, these mass downloads are not what you may seem to think; all bad. At around 19:00 today, we received massive data transferrence from Titan Prime. Periodic tables, their alphabet, binaric codes, colors in a rainbow, music clips that seem to be generated from a piano, also in a binaric format. These are signs of an intelligent cilvization that had planned for first contact, or at least, were ready for it. This also means that cntinued hostilities are likely low, and first minor communications and diplomacy have begun. This is all we have at the moment, and we encourage you to stay tuned, and also will be keeping the no-fly zone around the Romanovich cloud."

"Before this tranmission ends, I would like to commemerate one of the staff aboard the NSS Aurora for their conduct and treatment of the situation. First, Doctor Phoebe Essel, surgeon and xenological expert aboard the station, excercised extreme caution and ingenuinity when speaking with the alien computer. She was also the one to come up with the pAI integration. Doctor Essel will be receiving a Nobel Prize and 300,000 credits as a reward, as well as having the gratitude of the entire Human race, and possibly, the gratitude of the known galaxy."

The Feed cuts, and you are left to go back to whatever it was you are doing.

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Imraj stares at the telescreen in his study, cleaning an newly bought shotgun. "I knew we should have fucking destroyed it..." he mutters. "Now the godamn thing knows our secrets, our plans, our fucking personal data!". Hearing a noise, Imraj checks his windows and doors, before sitting back down in his study. "I tried to stop it...shit, they're gonna fucking come after me.". Content with the state of his shotgun, Imraj sets his on his wall among an arsenal of other weaponry, from knives and curved swords to assault rifles and a LAWP. "If they come for me, I'll fucking be ready." before walking out of the room to sleep. His next shift on the Aurora was in 8 hours.

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Head of Security Syrus Seto sighed, PDA in hand, looking out his office window, into the black void of Tau Ceti.

On the other side of the desk, sat a blonde woman, dressed in feminine captain's attire, 'Elena Raschnikova' printed on her visible ID card. A ceramic teacup, complete with saucer, rested on the surface, steaming with freshly brewed Duke Purple Tea.

It was a slow day aboard the NMSS Odin. This wasn't anything new. Even the Pheonix response team had downtime. It was days like this that Commander Marcus Kaplan would allow him to board the shuttle onto the Aurora, take up the mantle of head of security for a few hours, and hopefully, relax for a bit.

As it would turn out, today was a quiet day for the Aurora as well.

Syrus turned his attention back to his PDA screen, and began flicking through news pages on his choice news networks, taking a slightinterest in the recent "New contact," stories he'd been seeing. He'd fallen behind on his current events, these included, as a result of a week-long vacation taken up until now.

"Have you heard anything about this?", he asked, sliding the PDA across the table to the blonde captain.

"Yes," she replied, tapping one of the articles on the screen, "I know another rotational captain. They worked when this whole business happened. Told me all about it."

Syrus nodded, and retrieved his PDA, and began reading through the story she had indicated quietly, as well as a few related stories.

Perplexed, he accessed the remaining news archives, hoping to see more news on this incident soon, and configured his newsfeed to display future stories with the keywords, "Titan Prime," and "Johan Kreevs."

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