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Modular Guns/Gunsmithing - The Shotgun Gatling Gun Suggestion


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So I was recently checking out other servers when I discovered Europa station. It's pretty standard and runs off a baycode derived base similar to Polaris and us, so the following system should be do-able.

But basically every single gun in the game has parts. The barrel, the body, the stock, the loader, and so fourth. The system means that you can alter it, heavily. You can mismatch parts around to make a unique weapon or just for fun. The only limitations is that you have to use somewhat logical use. So pump action laser rifles are out for the time being. No mixing ballistics and lasers sadly for the most part. But basically anything can be done. The barrel dictates what round will be fired. Meaning a assault rifle barrel only fires assault rifle rounds. Pistol barrel only fires pistol rounds, and so fourth. The loader is what decides on how you load, and how it fires. Meaning a pump action loader means you can only load seven bullets of any kind, and have to pump inbetween shots. While a assault rifle loader means it only accepts assault rifle magazines. Stocks, as far as I know, have no real effect. But basically this means you can make pump action pistols, machine guns, taser rifles, laser sniper rifles, gatling gun rocket launchers, machine gun lawgivers and so fourth. Obviously this is overpowered so perhaps only certain roles such as antags, security and research can dabble in it, or perhaps have it behind a skill lock that staff can bwoink if abused.

I think if this is ported, and made, it'll mean that we can make gun fights alot more interesting with taser sniper rifles, machine pistols, and so fourth.

If staff are worried about abuse, or overpowered things, I am sure some guns can be made modifiable. But in my opinion, all weapons should be modifiable if they are obtained and the work is set aside to modify them.

Here is the link to the GitHub, I have no clue what to link for the gunsmithing so sorry! https://github.com/Yonaguni/EuropaStation

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As I said to Xor on Discord, guncrafting isn't really finished per se. Chinsky removed some sanity checks on part matching and caliber and we have yet to add appropriate downsides for things like making pocketable .50BMG (sniper rifle ammunition) revolvers.

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