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Feedback: Faysal Al-Shennawi and Sslazhir Yinzr

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Since I am curious on what people think about my characters, and I want feedback and criticism on them so I may improve my ways. thoughts on my characters and how I roleplay them?

My most played characters;

Faysal Al-Shennawi: tajara head of personnel.

Sslazhir Yinzr: unathi security officer.

Less played characters:


Zairjah: ipc roboticist.

Iskra Ayrat: tajara cargo technician.

Uzoma Khamisi: unathi research director.

Sayyidah Al-Kateb: tajara librarian.

Timur Svyatopolk: tajara security cadet.

Kresimir Kostadinov: tajara botanist.


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Where's that one Cargo human you said you would play when Newmap came?

But, er, seriously, though? Yinzr is a professional officer. Does his job well, doesn't let "MUH HONURRS" get in his way but is still roleplayed properly.

Faysal and his harem of catgirl 'clerical assistants' are also great, just saying. I should totally make a whitelist app just for that.

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I really enjoy both of your characters. Yinzr is a very good officer, one of those officers you can actually trust in following regulations.

Faysal is one of the best and pretty much only active HoP I see around my time. He is a really good HoP from what I can tell, and his harem is hilarious.

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Guest Menown

Experience with Sslazhir ended on a majorly sour note, so I won't be going into that.

Faysal is probably the closest thing to a friend Muhawir has. At the same time, it's less than a friendship, due to Muhawir's own personality. Faysal's done a lot to try and educate Muhawir on his culture, as well as the culture of the New Kingdom itself, and what he went through when Faysal served. He's shown a lot of appreciation, it seems for Muhawir and his ethic, especially regarding Ian and his initiative.

Faysal is probably my favorite of your characters. It's just a shame that you haven't been able to play him as much recently.

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