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Personnel Requests


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We've all had those rounds. The engine isn't ever set up. A virus runs rampant across the station with mucus everywhere. No one with the robotics expertise to reset the AI. No janitor to clean up the bloodstains covering the station after mass genocide, even.

Thus, I suggest the following:

Heads of Staff should be able to put in a request with CentComm for a specific job position for a specific reason (e.g. We need a virologist; we have an unknown disease on the station and no one to make an antidote). This request can then be approved, and an OOC message will appear for any person joining the server (and the dead) to know a Virologist is requested. When one arrives, the message will no longer pop up to newcomers.

Not sure if any sort of incentive is even needed here. Just the information being out should be enough. Just a little thing I thought of.

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That misses the point. OPs suggestion is for when there already are open slots, and we want to guide joining players to them because they are desperately needed; not when they are already filled but the players are dead/SSD (in which case if its a truly a desperate situation an ERT might be called)

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Please note the need for this has not gone away. There are rounds when one surgeon kills the other surgeon and, despite the crew manifest claiming there are two surgeons, there are not, in fact, two surgically-capable folk active on the station.

Some way to let people joining know help is needed in a specific way would be great.

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