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[Accepted] Cirukcaller Jobban - Head Roles (HoS/Captain)

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BYOND Key: Cirukcaller.

Total Ban Length: Permanent job-ban on both Head of Security and Captain respectively.

Banning staff member's Key: It isn't privvy to me, but I'm uncertain if it matters on this occasion given there was no actual communication with the aforementioned and myself at any given moment of the ban's taking place, which I'm not voicing as a complaint; I'm voicing as a fact. Its completely fine for it to be the case as far as I'm concerned.

Reason of Ban: I've asked inside the game to moderators and admins through the adminhelp if there were any notes pertained to these bans, and the answer was none. Due to that, I'm afraid I can't fill this section unless the job-ban adding staff would like to contribute on the the thread.

As my understanding goes, however, the reason I was banned - pertained to a PM here on the forums - was due to an incident ICly regarding an out-for-blood security team seeking to arrest a janitor that had sought shelter within the Kitchen to ensure that, through access, security couldn't come to arrest him. As Captain, I had the opportunity to have security completely scream for me to come open for them, and seeing a chance to dissuade an otherwise foolish situation I opened the door to two officers who I assumed were about to head inside to perform lawful arrest under SOP. Instead, they flashbanged the kitchen and performed the arrest under the presumption the Janitor was resisting lethally. He was not.

Due to circumstances within my country of residence, I was unable to participate in internet-related activities for a good few months and so I was unable to be here to defend myself in this situation, and was made the escapegoat to what was an enactment of unprecendeted chucklefuckness successfully without me here to speak my mind on the matter. I recognize a lot of time has passed, so to pursue proper justice on the unjustified true wrongdoers doesn't matter, I just want to get unbanned. My character's objective, as Captain at the time, was to difuse a situation that was quickly escalating out of hand due to a bloodthirsty, arguably bored, security team in search of excuses to exhert their power open the crew, regardless of what the janitor had earned their wrath for.

Reason for Appeal: I've RP'd in many fronts; on Hypatia, Polaris - both when they were popular - and other fronts. Aurora is my favorite, despite its popularity often cursing it with less-than-likeable individuals for whom I have infinite patience, regardless of their sworn hatred to immersion, and I'd like to once again begin RPing on the server on my pre-set characters now that I've managed to cobble together a semi-reliable, stable internet connection. Thanks for your time.

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Reason of Ban: I've asked inside the game to moderators and admins through the adminhelp if there were any notes pertained to these bans, and the answer was none. Due to that, I'm afraid I can't fill this section unless the job-ban adding staff would like to contribute on the the thread.


Which is funny, considering how easy it is to pull up notes of a particular individual on the spot, either on-server or from the discord bot. I'm not sure why they didn't help you, perhaps things got busy.

That being said, the job-ban was placed by IncognitoJesus who has since resigned due to personal reasons and school encroaching on his available time.

Banned from Captain - Continuously joining as HoS on a character that was permanently barred from holding the position of HoS or Captain. See: https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=84&t=2069&p=78270&hilit=dvorsky#p78270 Apparently you cannot see that, though.

I've little idea as to whether you still have access to that subforum or not (it actually seems not, I'll have [mention]Sharp[/mention] fix it) but the general gist of it was this character was barred from filling the role of either HoS or Captain due to related misconduct. Either this wasn't made aware to you, or otherwise. So perhaps it was a mistake of communication. I'd like your thoughts before I proceed further.

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The following active action is linked to Jarod Dvorsky in the WI:


Action #39: Jarod Dvorsky - Demotion

A demotion has been filed following our investigation into a recent Incident Report. The person(s) affected are:

-Jarod Dvorsky

Indefinitely barred from holding the position of Captain or Head of Security, this action may be subject to appeal no sooner than in one month's time. 7/2/2017

This demotion is to take effect immediately upon receipt by the above mentioned parties. Any attempts to circumvent this demotion by the above mentioned parties will result in further action taken by the Central Command Internal Affairs Bureau. Any attempts by command staff to circumvent this demotion will result in an investigation of said commanding officers for negligence of duty.


This action is viewable from the welcome screen when you join the server, as the game alerts you that you are linked to an action.

Meanwhile, the character's play history from that effective date:




Once this was noticed, the player was actioned by Incog.

Also worth noting: Jarod was listed as a witness and supervising command staff member of an offender in an IR that I just closed. However, when I contacted you for an in-game interview, you mentioned being unable to log in to the server due to RL circumstances. It's coincidental timing that this appeal was filed the night I closed that incident - has your situation improved, or do you still have no real way to play?

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I'll add that this ban was placed only after repeat offenses when you had already been notified of the action taken against your character.

When I initially put out the demotion on the character, you were non-responsive to all of my contact attempts. Unsurprisingly I spotted you on the character in the same roles again, so I had an admin contact you.

2017-06-08 04:36:09 || sircatnip || Informed of this CCIA ruling: https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=8133#p78269 - after joining as this character in the HoS slot. Was previously unaware due to not checking the BYOND pager, but expressed no issue with the ruling and went to cryo as soon as he was informed.

The action was placed on 06/02/2017 and you were notified on 06/08/2017 as is shown in your notes. The ban was only placed after we found out you were joining restricted roles on the character again in August. The announcement about what action was being taken against your character was also placed in a public location, on the IR thread itsself as well as the Head of Staff restricted CCIA Action thread, which I'm fairly certain catnip should have linked to you when he reached out.

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I was originally unaware that I wasn't supposed to enter my character. The IR notice also came to me as a surprise- when you invoked the happening in conversation I had no idea where the issue was coming, and given that I couldn't recall a time where I performed wrong to the point of being forced to shift my gameplay to the point of being unable to play as Captain and HoS, I just began my day as usual. As you mentioned, however, I had no issue in cryoing myself to follow in the need to fall-in to the judgement given.

I can assure you I didn't 'ignore' you on purpose. I'm not the sort of person that cowers behind these sort of judgement passings then 'connects' assuming it won't make a difference, while I don't enjoy victimizing myself speaking of my circumstances IRL - at the time - the current communist fiesta of a country I'm in meant that, at moments of relatively stable internet, I'd want to rush to play games or find a source of joy prior to scheduled blackouts, and the sort. I hope with this you can understand why I wasn't active in more casual platforms like forums, discord, and others, I essentially just got on to play games as to avoid missing the train.

To answer second poster, my situation has indeed improved. I've catalogued a good half month of stable internet, and upon contacting my IP I was notified of a previous fault in my cabling system that's been allegedly fixed. They never answered my calls, so this was honestly a nice change of pace.

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