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[Accepted] SebkillerDK's Skrell whitelist app

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BYOND Key: SebkillerDK

Character Names: Jack Walker. Colton Stern. Samiya Radka. Kaizen. (AI) MX-42 (Android)

Species you are applying to play: Skrell

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Blue.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes i did.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I wanted to try something new, i have been playing as Tajaran for some time now, and i feel that i am ready to move on to a new race,

to try out new ways of playing, and interacting with other players. I also find the skrell lore quite interesting, with their scientific research and the Glorsh singularity.

Their focus on astronomy and effeciency are also traits that i think i would be able to make some decent RP from, also, a decent amount of my chars are pro-synth or synths themselves, so i want to try the opposite.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Their way of being, in regards to scientific research, and effeciency. Skrells love science, and astronomy, they have allways focused alot on scientific research, also their Glorsh singularity, with the genophage and their hatred for synthethics.

They tend to have a harder time socialising, but bond more with people they like.


Character Name: Kirina-Qlip Qxique

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Kirina was born into a primarely scientiffic family, living in the city of Qe'Blak'Qlip with both her parents being researchers and scientists. She was the only egg out of 8 eggs that hatched, and her parents where overjoyed when she came to be.

From a very young age, Kirina was thaught about the mysteries of science. She loved reading about it, and studying it, and finding out new ways to improove and develop things. To put it frankly, she was a true science lover, allways looking for ways to improove and learn from the things she saw, pursuing the knowlegde of science also fit well with her Religion of Weishii.

She graduated from a local university with several majors and PhD's in science. Afther her education she began working with her father doing research and development in one of the larger skrellian research labs.

However, life at home was starting to become dull and repetitive, and she wanted to try something new, she gazed upon the stars, which had allways fascinated skrell, and decided that she wanted to try and work in Space, she then began sending out job applications for various companies and space stations with a focus on science and research, some time passed before she eventually recieved a reply from a coroporation by the name of NanoTrasen, offering to hire her aboard their station the NSS. Aurora , as a scientist, she happily jumped at the chance to leave home and seek new knowlegde and accepted the offer.

What do you like about this character?

i like their science orientated way of being, allways interested in learning new things, and improoving them.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

Honestly, i would put it at about........ 6-7 out of 10?


I apologise in advance for anny and all grammatical and spelling errors present in my application, as i am not a native english speaker.

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I've played with Seb's characters, mainly Samiya and Colton, for quite some time now. His RP is rather good in my opinion.

Regarding his OOC attitude, he's pretty good there too. I don't have any outstanding complaints, as I think he's fit for the Skrell whitelist. Glossing over the backstory, it also seems good. I also get why it's rather barebones, it's much easier and in my opinion even better to have a character grow organically in game.

It's a +1 from me, definitely. Good luck, dude. Can't wait to see you warble.

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Hey there. Loow here.

There's a little bit of feedback here, but you could use more. I'm here to keep the conversation going.

First off.

I apologise in advance for anny and all grammatical and spelling errors present in my application, as i am not a native english speaker.

There are a few grammatical errors, but I can still read your application. It's not perfect, but it's definitely not the worst I've seen. I understand that English isn't everyone's first language and that grammar is a complicated thing. Good spelling usually tells me how much effort someone puts into an app. A few mistakes here and there are natural in anything, but I tend to see applications as a chance for people to really show off. Applicants can show off a character design, their thoughts on a species, their opinions on lore, and even their writing ability. It's really satisfying for me, and hopefully for the person applying too, when an app comes around that clearly has some thought put into it.

I could go on, but I want to stop and make sure that I remember to mention player feedback again.

To me, player feedback is one of the most important parts of an application. How much do people write and what do they write? I like seeing when an app (and its feedback) gives me a good picture of an applicant, their whitelist character, their previous characters/rp, and what people think of the app's character-concept.

On that note, please make sure you get more feedback. You can post a link to your application once per round in the server's OOC chat.

More feedback, good or bad, helps.

Sorry if this next part is a little rude.

Glossing over the backstory, it also seems good. I also get why it's rather barebones, it's much easier and in my opinion even better to have a character grow organically in game.

Hey, [mention]Datamatt[/mention] you're not in big trouble. When you respond to someone's app, I have to ask that you don't "gloss over" the backstory. Don't get me wrong. I'm happy that you're replying at all. I also understand that characters largely form and change over time. Character concept and backstory is an important part of the process, and anything you might want to say about it could be a good conversation topic that could really help the app. Even if it's something that might look "negative" like finding an issue or asking a question, chances are it will help the app. It usually shows someone's taken the time to read it, that they care about it, or that they're at least paying attention and not just offering blind support. Again, thank you for offering feedback on the recent Skrell apps. Every little bit really does help.

On that note, I do have some questions/comments for Seb.

She was one of 8 eggs that managed to hatch, and her parents where overjoyed when she came to be.

Am I reading this right? I'm not sure if this says that she was one of eight eggs which all hatched or if she's just one of the eight eggs. Basically, do they have seven siblings?


She gazed upon the stars, which had always fascinated Skrell, and decided that she wanted to try and work in space.

I really like this part right here. It's a relatively simple explanation for why they would work abroad, but it makes complete sense for a Skrell. It also sort of implies a sort of "wonder" to me. Maybe I'm just looking too deeply into it. Either way, I liked that detail.

Moving on. You have at least a couple more days, so try and get more feedback in the meantime. Anything is better than nothing, but I would love to see some more conversation about your application.

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Thanks for the feedback Loow, and about your question with the eggs. to clarify, she was the only egg out of a batch of 8 eggs that Hatched.

I will try to get more feedback on the app, an i do actively post the link on the server to try and get feedback.

I will take your words to me, and try and find the remaining grammatical errors in the app.

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Been meaning to say something on this post for a while now, but I'm pretty sure I like Serb's OOC attitude. I at least can't complain about anything I have personally seen with how limited my interaction has been with a lot of aurora. The app seems pretty good, minus the grammar errors that still are there. Serb fix up the post a bit more and I would recommend asking others who are more fluent in English to look over your post. Unless that somehow counts as cheating or something. Which if that's the case, that's very weird.

Anyway I like what I see and have seen. I just hope you get to fixing up the post more and get more feedback sometime. If you're still interested that is.

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I've played (namely as antagonist) with Seb's character Samiya quite a bit and I can say I'm pretty happy with the way they role play. Their dialogue, grammar and IC character interactions have always been top-notch and I'll happily leave my +1 here because of it.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Hello, I am very sorry for the long delay. Loow has been hit with non-Aurora real life business and so I'll be ruling on this app. In the future please PM me periodically if your app sits for over 4 days.

There's little more I can say that was not already addressed. Due to the positive feedback and the response you gave to Loow's constructive criticms and questions I'll be happy to trust you with a whitelist.

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