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The Politics thread(Insert Trigger warning here)

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

The only solution to the healthcare crisis in the United States is to form a ritual to summon Cxaxukluth from the outer plane and have him implement a comprehensive "devour the sick" policy.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix
Heterosexuals should not be allowed to marry. Only gays should be allowed marriage. Also, fuck the police!


Heterosexuals only want to marry in states that have a police force.


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The concept of Trigger warnings seems to be my trigger, because I was about to smack someone.

Like, holy shit it's called not getting mad because someone likes Obama. You don't need to steal the word trigger and make me think of that instead of friggin Vash the Stampede.

Kids these days, with their fucking trigger warnings and Bon Jon Jovi's.



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and de lizrd ppl w/ sekrit polis r trynig 2 tak ovr, we must kil de unafis and phphphphpphphpeebe de broodmoder of teh unafis


it's too late for you.

my lovely little broodlings are in your governments, your homes. they will overpower you.

we will rise.


in all honesty tho this topic went to hell quick

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