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Add a program for your PDA that can track your order(s) [1 Dismissal]


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A new program for your PDA called "order tracker" where you can put in your order number and tracking code and your PDA will notify you of the status of your order: (Your order has been denied/approved, your shuttle is enroute, your order has arrived on station). Also when you press "submit order" on cargo order program a piece of paper is printed out which the customer keeps that gives them the number and tracking code in case they dont notice it on the screen, it will also let cargo know they submitted a order, since as of now you have to ask or continually check the console if they submit their order. Overall these additions will allow people to be less impatient with when their order will arrive and will give cargo a easier time processing orders.

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You can already do this remotely. PDA your order number and tracking number to the QM or Cargo Tech or the HoP and they can use their console to track it for you. All three including the Captain have access to the cargo control and ordering programs.

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