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Remove/Nerf Lich


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I don't know about anyone else, but I'm getting kind of sick of Lich rounds. Let me list off what usually happens on a Lich round.


  1. A wizard spawns. Joyous day! They pick a Lich with fireball. Booooo.
  2. The wizard arrives on station, and hides their heart somewhere the crew wont ever find it
  3. They go around station, killing people to fulfill the goal of having some kind of army of minions
  4. The crew kills them many, many times. Whenever the Lich is downed, they spawn fireball at a wall to try and kill themselves
  5. Dsay is salty as hell at oh boy look another Lich that kills everyone how origional


This isn't great, to say the least. The entire point of the Lich book is to be unkillable, and rewards the player for killing other players. It's worse than cult, because at least cult is trying to convert people, and there can be some interesting roleplay involved in that. I think that out of all modes, only changeling is worse for rewarding the antag for killing people. I would be alright with Lich being removed, personally.

But, there are alternate options to just removing the gamemode altogether. The first, and in my opinion the best option, is to tweak the Lich's spellbook. Give them more spells that focus around death, or getting power from undeath. Take away fireball, because nobody* likes fireball. Give them spells that do pain, or create wounds. Maybe even throw magic snake swords, I dont know. Anything but fireball spam and minion gathering.


*Disclaimer: I'm probably the only person that dislikes fireball.

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If a necromancer has a lichdom, raise dead and fireball, that means he has no other spells and is probably walking all his way into the station, or using the limited use teleporting scroll. So, if a necromancer has both lichdom and raise dead, means he either has a mobility or an offensive spell. Besides, when returning to life, there is a chance that a central command report will be send with the location of the phylactery. Liches can also be destroyed via gibbing and dusting, that also stops them from returning to life.

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