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Change Whitelist Application Format to be an IC application to the NSS Aurora


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I personally love the IR system that our CCIAA's have setup to resolve in character breaches of protocol. I think it would be even better if we can expand upon this idea, and reframe whitelists, (At least head whitelists) as a in character promotion request, or in the case of an alien whitelist ( A resume/job application) This I feel will cut down on bait and switch tendencies, and allow much more creative freedom on the part of those who are judging the whitelist ( would NT hire/promote this person?) and ultimately lead to more consistent and believable characters.

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As a whole, I can get behind this, but there are some issues. For the most part, IC is better than OOC, but sometimes that just can't account for everything.

For promotion requests, I could see CCIA gathering "performance reports" from coworkers to determine if they actually do their job in their department well enough to warrant a promotion. OOCly this would just be as it has always been, a player deciding to post with their input, but from the perspective of a character within an official format.

However, what about circumstances where all of the positive experiences with another player have been non-canon? What if those experiences are with a character that is not being applied for in the promotion request? How would resume posters, for alien whitelists, get IC recommendations?

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Command whitelists are an OOC process for a reason, the same reasons we have a particular question in the application about OOC responsibilities. Command players have the ability to make or break an entire round, which goes to say that whether an applicant understands this or not is more important than creative freedom. That is why administration and moderation oversee this process, instead of CCIAA.

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How would resume posters, for alien whitelists, get IC recommendations?


That was the major hurdle on my overall thinking of this plan, It would work for head whitelist I believe, as very rarely do ALL instances of interaction with a character become non-canon. I can't really think of an answer to that but maybe someone in this suggestions forum can!

I'm not suggesting the CCIAA oversee whitelists, but rather re-formatting it into an IC application, similar to how the CCIAA operate on the forums.

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I think applications in general work better as OOC ventures, it gives people the ability to critique or compliment regardless of their IC character's interactions with the player, and just because someone is competent at their job doesn't necessarily mean that they can push the round for both the crew and the antag as opposed to properly doing their job and just merkin' the fool in the hallway. It also disallows discussion of antag events because those things aren't canon so nobody could discuss it.

Best way I see this working is by having two seperate sections of the application, one which is essentially a resume that CCIA checks over to make sure it checks out lorewise and the rest being OOC information that people can comment on.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I cannot get behind this. "Bait and switch" isn't a huge problem and when it does become an issue it is usually easy to identify and resolve.

I don't have a problem with someone playing a Unathi character that they didn't apply with. Applications exist to show you have an OOC grasp of the lore of the species well enough to play into its tropes at some minimum level.

I have purposely tried to keep whitelists as intuitive as possible without abandoning the necessary parts that throw up the usual red flags. Before I was loremaster, in the OLD days, whitelists for aliens and command had to be really long-winded and it was all really dramatic. Applications of course require a minimum level of investment but.... It's a whitelist to play a fictional alien on an online roleplaying game.... I don't want to ask people to write actual job applications. I do that enough IRL! It's not fun.

It would also be harder to give OOC feedback on an IC applications. With your actual human OOC voice talking we can have a conversation and dialogue about the applicaiton. I have no interest in roleplaying out a whitelist application. That's super unnecessary.

On a personal level I don't like the first person perspective, so reading all first person perspective applications would not be ideal for me or the applicant.

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