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A Complete ERT change.


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I know this is a massive game changing suggestion, I know that, but stick with me, I just wanted to throw my points out.

Currently, you have two people swipe and bam, you get 1-6 dudes (depending on ghosts) joining ERT with OP weapons and items that just steamroll the antags. This is basically the stations "swipe to win" while there is really zero counter against it other then killing heads of staff, but even ONE can get the station a ERT. On top of that, the station AI can get a ERT. The only time ERT will not be called is if there is a lack of people to call a ERT.. but even then, your random dude can just take the station spare ID and send a request for help. ERT has frags, massive guns that easily do internal damage, combat modules on their suits to run 50 miles per hour. Get that during prime server time, and you have six heavily armed ERT getting cloned if they die and shooting up everyone who crosses their paths. This honestly, from what I watched, very very over-powered.

My suggestion, to have ERT admin spawn only and replace the swiper command with a distress beacon the station can send out. It is a massive risk for command staff who decide, and it enables something more then "pew pew we win once we get a ERT team." It would be something good, or bad, and maybe be something that uses the stations self destruct more often.

Now people will tell that NT has a mercenary team, and I understand that, but it could just be reserved for military operations? I mean, we are on a science station in the middle a asteroid belt. The worst NT would really be expecting is needing extra help for medical or engineering when some anomaly destroys shit whilst relying on the stations nuke if shit goes haywire. Hey, maybe there will be a chance that something is good through the distress beacon, but it would have a chance for some rouge syndicate to bash down a dangerous and vulnerable station. We could have a medical/engineering team still be on request via command staff using the console.

Feel free to shoot this down though, I will try my best to answer all your questions.

TD;LR, My main point is to make ERT something not of a "Swipe to Win" mechanic for when shit hits the fan.

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I think you just need to make it Captain only, or it takes 3 heads and restrict AI access. but thats just me.

I don't see how restricting it more will help. It would still be the swipe to win or contact me to win bring OP weapons button.

I think a distress signal would add a risk for your easy win button.

We could at least find a way for ERT to be less of a "swipe to kill" button. Antags litterly can not do anything once ERT is called. Especially if it is a malf AI.

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