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[1 dismissal]Security Camera Spoofing


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So instead of getting sleep, i decided to think about SS13 and some problems i've had with it as antag, and I had an epiphany.

You know how in the spy movies, the cool chad spy needs to get past the security cameras, so he does some spy magic and spoofs the camera? like takes a picture of the room and props it up in front of the camera, or does some tech magic and makes the camera feed back a loop of the room footage so no one suspects anything? We need this.

I've had a few issues with Ruthless/Powergamer AIs and Sec just hounding my ass on the sec cameras, and i know for a fact i'm not the only one who has had this issue. If you bring it up in an Ahelp, the Powergamer/Ruthlesskilljoy will come up with some flimsy excuse for following you for 30 minutes on camera, and it will be accepted, and you will get a message saying its a dick move, but its not against the rules.

If we had a way to spoof the cameras, this could alleviate issues like this. I have two ideas, one makes more sense, the other is more fun.

MAKES SENSE - let us e-mag the cameras. this sounds like something that falls completely in line with what an emag would do to begin with, and makes perfect sense for an operative traitor to have this ability anyway.

MORE FUN - let us Multi Tool the cameras. This gives cultists/vamps the ability to pull off sweet chad spy moves and helps alleviate ruthless ai stalking across the board.

FUN COMPROMISE - let an emag have instant success/longer effect and the multi tool have challenging success/shorter effect.


Here's the way i see it making sense and working as a mechanic. Chad Powers walks in a room that he knows hes going to do bad stuff in. He approaches the camera, and does his sweet Chad magic. Then, he has X seconds to haul ass out of the room. After X seconds, the camera will begin to record for Y seconds. After Y seconds, the camera will now play back that recording to AI and terminals for Z minutes.


To nerf this effect, there is an inherent danger of something happening during the recording, like someone walking in the room. If someone walks in the room, then the recording ends, then when someone watches the camera footage, they are going to see someone walk in, warp back and walk in on repeat, and know that someone tampered with the camera. A second nerf would be sparks that would occasionally fly out of the camera, alerting those around them that the cameras been tampered with. Also, just the general lack of traffic in populated areas would tip off the viewer.

Valid hunting is a serious problem in a HRP server. There are players (you know who you are) that are far more interested in making arrests and "winning" as opposed to letting antags play out their mechanic and the crew as a whole having fun dealing with it, and frequently have a half hearted excuse as to why it's justified.

"well, he said that you were in the brig for 3 minutes for stealing something off of someone's desk, so it's valid for him to stalk the ever loving fuck out of you for the next hour."

Having a non stop eye in the sky that you can't do anything about without instantly alerting someone something's been done is a really potentially abusive power that needs to be nerfed, and i feel like this would be a great way to not only do that, but give a little RP to traitors/antags that makes sense contextually.

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First off, you can disable a cam without triggering a cam alarm, so you get more time (at least util they see it on camera list)

Second off, that will mean that the AI with it's (mostly) all-seeing eye would likely crash the second it goes over the area you just did, as it sees whatever the cameras see. The AI crashes enough as is and a area that is overlapped by other cams but one looping could crash it when the two areas intersect.

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I have to agree with ben or whatever here. Anything that makes an AI's crashtastic experience worse is a definite no.

I remember someone once talking about giving you a device as traitor that lets you know if the AI is watching. Not sure if it went anywhere.

But that seems the only reasonable thing of all these ideas. The AI doesn't need a nerf. People just need to learn how to deal with it. The sense of self-entitlement that people have about being antags in an AI round is obnoxious. There are so many ways to counter the AI.

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Well, I dont really see a feasible way to make video recording and playback happen within byond.

As mentioned before, there are ways to disable cams without triggering an alarm and a device that allows you to see if the AI is watching, is still planned.

Therefore voting for dismissal

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