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The Era of Explorers; Largest Galactic Pilgrimage Since the Founding of the Empire








This month has seen the largest known number of the faithful spread out across the stars on personal pilgrimages into other regions of human space. Citizens of the Empire are finding long term employment across the many human systems, principally Tau Ceti, Sol Space and the frontier regions.


Holy Tribune Kasam Kaelesi of Ignotum Balteum took to the ExtraNet to remind the faithful that "although a personal pilgrimage is a sacred thing and is indeed encouraged amongst all subjects of Dominia, one must be mindful of the edicts at all times, specifically the Fourth Edict. Remember that through our Goddess, the Tribunal sees across the stars and with our sight, comes our divine judgment."

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Great Houses Give Thanks to Tribunal and Emperor




The Lord Nobles of the great houses have come together to give thanks to God through the Tribunal and to the Emperor of our most glorious empire. Recordings can be found on the Extranet but for those of us unable to witness these images reporter Harlow Kaanan writes the events below.


On the steps of the Imperial Palace on Dominia proper Lord Nobles Strelitz, Volvalaad, Kazhkz, Caladius and Zhao took turns to give thanks to the God and the Emperor after the latest holy edict.


 Speaking first, Grand Duchess-Electress Dorothea-Frieda Strelitz gave thanks to the Emperor alongside several Imperial Army officers that formed her escort:


We of House Strelitz -- and of the Imperial Army -- raise our sabers in praise of the Emperor, long may he reign, for his wise judgements and continued support of our great Army. Goddess willing, the Empire will continue its prosperity under our Emperor’s reign. Long live the Empire, and praise our Lady!

Grand Duchess-Electress Landi Volvalaad, accompanied by a Necropolis Industries representative, spoke next:


We of House Volvalaad are elated as theGoddess's will aligns with that of the Emperor. As we have always done, House Volvalaad will endeavour to act as a courteous host to our friends across the stars, and a stern arm to any who would think to cross this most glorious Empire. Praise the Goddess, and long live our Empire!


Grand Consul-Elector Marcus Caladius, accompanied by a Caladius priestess, then spoke:


House Caladius will always stand firm behind the Goddess, the Emperor, and our Empire. My fellow House members eagerly await another year of working alongside House Volvalaad to further Imperial interests abroad. Goddess willing, the rate of economic growth enjoyed under the Emperor will continue unabated. Thank you, and Goddess bless the Empire and Emperor!


Finally, Lord Noble Imeral Zhao, standing alongside Grand Admiral Huiling Zhao, spoke:


 We stand behind Goddess and Emperor, and our ships shall shield our most glorious Empire for our enemies and protect our new humble friends as they are welcomed into our embrace. Praise our Goddess.



Praise the Goddess, and long live our Empire.

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Liberation Force to be Deployed to Colony Sun Reach

In the eyes of Goddess and  Tribunal, Emperor Bolesław Keeser, Ruler of Dominia etc etc and all of the five great houses have authorised a liberation force lead by Fleet Admiral Maxim Zhao to attend to the frontier colony "Sun Reach" after missionaries of Tribunal were murdered by the savage frontiersmen.


Sun Reach is a small mining colony that has been offered the Empire’s protection -- as with Novi Jadran decades ago --  but their heathen leaders refuse to see the wisdom of joining  our glorious Empire.


Holy Tribune Kasam Kaelesi of Ignotum Balteum took to the ExtraNet to explain the colonial’s actions explaining that "most of the poor souls of Sun Reach are good, Goddess fearing people who would want nothing better than to join our glorious Empire under the Goddess’ sight but alas, their corrupt and decadent rulers have rebuked our efforts. As such, a liberation force will be sent to Sun Reach to cast those wretched dictators low and to free our brothers and sisters. Praise our Goddess."


It has not been confirmed whether His Majesty's Special Operations Group will be deployed but Grand Duchess-Electress Dorothea-Frieda Strelitztold the network that nothing could be ruled out, stating that "we must ensure that those poor souls are freed from their weighty shackles as swiftly as possible and as such, with the blessing of the Emperor and the Tribunal, our forces will do whatever is necessary for our imprisoned brothers and sisters."


More on this story as it develops. Praise our Goddess, and long live our Empire.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Diplomat to Hegemony Kidnapped ny Bandit Scum: Emperor Vows Their Extermination



On the day of the 5th of May 2460 the Year of our Goddess, barbarian despoilers have launched a campaign of humiliation and depravity against the sovereign instruments of Imperial will. Holy Ambassador Keanu Markarus had his shuttle transport forced out of its bluespace transit to the Uueoa-Esa system. Markarus was travelling on behalf of our Emperor. The envoy had on his shuttle 105,000 credits worth of gold, fish, and exotic Dominian goods meant as a diplomatic gift to the Izweski Hegemony that are now ripped from our hands.

The shuttle was forced out of bluespace in the surveyed Youthstone system, relative-west of the Tricardia system. Once the vessel was forced out of bluespace its engines were rendered offline by a vile and cowardly hack upon the shuttle's systems. The shuttle was then intercepted by a large pirate vessel and surrounded by sixteen more warships manned by the barbarians. Our brave pilot, who now rests with the Goddess, broadcasted his vessel's status as an unarmed diplomatic shuttle and demanded the immediate surrender or withdrawal of the ambushing forces in the name of the Tribunal. The attacking pirates disobeyed this order and boarded the vessel, committing an act of war. The pilot was vanquished as a martyr in defense of Ambassador Markarus, who was dragged off the shuttle in chains.

The barbaric pirates looted the vessel of all valuables, defaming the sanctity of our entire Empire and violating the very essence of civilization. These defame abominations before Her have been condemned by all civilized peoples.

Emperor Boleslaw has issued a decree ordering His Imperial Majesty’s Fleet to deploy the 15th Fleet -- led by Fleet Admiral Turcanu, an exceptionally-talented secondary and veteran of many engagements on the Imperial frontier, to the Youthstone system. The armada of 30 vessels has been ordered to purge the entire system of any remnant of barbarian despoilment and purify it in the name of the Tribunal.

We are presently receiving reports that scout ships of the 15th Fleet are now conducting their Goddess-blessed mission within the sector. These brave souls are uprooting the weeds that conceal the secrets of the barbarians in preparation for the cleansing fires of the Lord to sweep through the system. They have received transmissions from the barbarians demanding a ransom for the diplomat Marakus of 550,000 credits, but we know that Marakus personally broke his restraints and seized the microphone to demand Dominia pay not a single credit for his return, saying he would rather die a martyr than have our glorious Empire be extorted by barbarians.

The Izweski Hegemony has been notified that the diplomatic envoy has been intercepted. We are pleased to report that they have expressed alarm at the assault and are pledging their own forces to combine with ours in our sacred mission. The combined forces of Dominia and the Hegemony will no doubt lead to a swift and decisive victory in the name of the Goddess.

More on this story as it develops. Praise the Goddess, and long live our Empire.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix



Glorious Battle Over C-19B: Complete Victory!


The day of the 9th of May 2460 the Year of our Lord will no doubt go down in the history of ourEmpire as one of the finest days gifted to us by the Godess. At 3:01am (GST) the entire combined armada of the 15 Fleet jumped into the Youthstone System with our Hegemony comrades-in-arms. All 59 ships within the combined fleet teleported directly into the center of the 168 strong barbarian fleet in orbit of the habitable moon world C-19B. The battle commenced immediately, withouthesitation by our glorious armada. Over a dozen pirate vessels were vanquished by the superior gunnery of House Zhaos within minutes of the battle. In a striking blow, the enemy flagship was crippled by a ramming action by a Hegemony corvette, which pierced the enemy ship with its mounted plasteel spear and immobilized both vessels -- making the barbarian’s flagship an easy target for Imperial gunnery.


The Dominion Talne-class battlecruiser "Infinite Bastion" launched a torpedo salvo at the barbarian’s flagship, and the Goddess reached down her hand to guide the strike as it hit true -- cleaving the entire enemy ship in half. Both ends of the decapitated vessel floated off in opposite directions as the Hegemony corvette remained stuck on the rear piece. The Infinite Bastion's marines exited the ship alongside a squad of His Majesty's Special Operations Group commandos hand-picked for the operation by the Emperor himself and landed on the hull of the remaining half of the enemy flagship. Using boarding equipment they sliced their way into the vessel. With hardsuits and bravery they fought their way through the depths of the ship even as it completely lost power. Delayed at every turn by closed firelocks, barricades, and fierce resistance by the barbarian horde, First Lieutenant Kliment Dobrev of Sparta bravely led the marines and commandos forces through the vessel all the way to the bridge. Through the Goddess’ favour and the determination of the boarding team, the bridge of the barbarian vessel was breached and their heathen leader was struck down by the righteous fury of Imperial gunfire.


Despite being vastly outnumbered, the superior tactics of the allied fleet and the decapitation of their leader, the orbiting pirate fleet lost heart and began scattering.


The HMV Catastrophe itself was isolated from the rest of the fleet during the fiercest hour of the battle. Surrounded by 27 hostile vessels, three of its cannons were destroyed by enemy fire. Admiral Oyuti, personally piloting the vessel, had the dreadnaught's engines burst to full speed and it rammed a pirate cruiser, slicing it in half with ease. In the middle of the ramming action it then bluespaced, inertia carrying it into a second ramming action against a second pirate cruiser, tearing off the entire front half of the ship and sending both pieces careening towards the planet below. The rest of the pirates surrounding Oyuti lost heart at the sight of such tactics and immediately jumped out of the system, showcasing their cowardice.


Within two hours the battle had finished. The crusade of the Righteous was victorious as willed by God. Dominia is proud to be the source of 48 martyrs who now rest with the Goddess. The Hegemony lost 76 of its own warriors who are now in the afterlife. Fleet Admiral Viorel Turcanu  has said the allied fleet did not lose a single ship to enemy fire. He has said that the Goddess her brought down a hand to shield the crusaders from enemy fire. Six vessels have been scuttled by the personal choice of Fleet Admiral Turcanu for being unable to continue effective combat operations or return to a shipyard for repair. The allied fleet is now in orbit of the moon where the pirate headquarters is hidden. Already vessels are beginning to descend to the surface.


More on this story as it develops. Praise the Goddess, and long live our Empire.

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Emperor Keeser Delivers State of the Empire Address in Capital


Today, his Imperial Majesty Boleslaw Keeser addressed the assembled nobility and officer corps at the Court of Chalser in the capital. Standing behind him were the Lord Nobles as well as two members of His Majesty's Special Operations Group in uniforms marked with the Imperial crest.


The speech, which lasted just under an hour, touched on several topics and included remarks from the Lord Nobles. His Majesty announced an expanded budget for the Imperial Navy for the upcoming fiscal year. He thanked houses Caladius and Zhao for the increase in the budget surplus noting their zeal, praise the Goddess, in reducing inefficiency and corruption, as well as receiving huge amounts of treasure from the recent anti-piracy operations. In the midst of these remarks the young son of Lady Noble Volvalaad, Eri Volvalaad, who was standing near the front of the crowd, shouted a question to the Emperor, asking “what are the giant dockyards for?”


Though many were shocked at the interruption, the Emperor was seen laughing at the boy’s question. The enclosed slipways that the child referred to were constructed over three years ago, and are currently the largest ship construction facilities in the Empire, though no ships have yet been launched from the two docks located south of the Imperial Sea. These dockyards, dutifully guarded by the Navy's security force, have been closely secreted away from public view. Before continuing his remarks, the Emperor said that he, and the Empire, “would see in the near future the purpose behind them.”


He further spoke on his desire to increase colonization efforts near the outer edges of the Empire, continue to cut down on inefficiency in the bureaucracy, and maintain the budgetary surplus the Empire has enjoyed for the last year and a half. The Emperor also spoke upon the impending opening of the first large stretch of the Imperial Canal, connecting the Imperial and Lyodic Seas. He closed with remarks that the Empire was “the largest, wealthiest, modern, and most powerful it has ever been, praise the Goddess and the Dominian spirit.”


After a long standing ovation, he retired to the Imperial throne at the head of the courtyard to observe a parade by the three branches of the Imperial Military. The Lord Nobles proceeded to give brief remarks upon various matters pertinent to their Houses’ efforts, including a flustered Grand Duchess-Electress Volvalaad.


The Imperial address, given at the Emperor’s pleasure and discretion, is his most recent following one last year where he spoke on the political state of the Empire and the Orion Spur as a whole.

Praise the Goddess, and long live the Empire.

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Empire of Dominia Officially Recognizes New Kingdom of Adhomai


This morning, at an officially scheduled conference, His Imperial Dominian Majesty announced that his government would recognize the New Kingdom of Adhomai as the legitimate and sole government of the planet of Adhomai. Present alongside the Emperor at the conference was Valirey Hirron, a Tajara professional soldier well known for his tactical expertise who has served in every conflict the Empire has seen in the past two decades. With him was Colonel-in-Chief Strelitz of His Majesty's Special Operations Group.

“My government, as the nearest to the Tajara homeworld of Adhomai, has taken careful interest in their affairs throughout my reign. It is after a great amount of consideration and debate that we are today officially granting diplomatic recognition to His Majesty Nazira Ka’rimah’s government as the sole legitimate government of Adhomai. Goddess willing, we will attempt to open diplomatic relations with them as soon as possible, in order to better cultivate a friendly relationship that is mutually beneficial to both our peoples. Praise the Goddess.”

    For the Imperial citizens unacquainted with the frozen world of Adhomai, it is the homeworld of the noble Tajara, which are rarely seen inside Dominian borders. This planet has suffered under a three-sided civil war for the past nine years, before which was a vicious world-spanning revolution against the nobility that previously governed the planet. Currently the People’s Republic of Adhomai (PRA), a collectivist, secular state is recognized by other nations as the legitimate successor to previous administrations, fiercely opposed by the Democratic People’s Republic of Adohmai (DRPA), and the now-recognized New Kingdom of Adhomai (NKA).

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Battleship Moroz Launched


        Today the first pair of massive doors at the Imperial Naval Arsenal opened to reveal a newly-constructed battleship, hundreds of meters in length, to the public. Asserted to be unrivaled in size and power, little substantive information on the ship itself has been released by the Imperial Naval Staff. Several thousand men alongside vehicles and equipment were seen boarding the ship before launch. Countless gun turrets and hangars dot the ship, which is adorned by a huge gilded plasteel prow. Speculation exists as to the contents of the other slipway at the Arsenal, still strictly guarded by the Navy.     


        Admiral Lingxin Zhao, a veteran of the Imperial frontier, formally took command of the ship at the launch ceremony. In command of the ship’s marine contingent is Colonel Johan Strelitz, another veteran of the Imperial frontier.  As the now-largest ship in the Imperial Navy it is assumed that the hulking battleship, named the Moroz, will take the role of flagship after its trial period.     


        His Imperial Majesty Bolesław Keeser addressed the Empire later this evening saying, “It has always been, and will remain, the position of my government that the sovereignty and safety of the Empire and its people are our foremost concern. This crowning achievement of our proud military is just one step of many that we will take to protect our independence, religion, and culture. May the Goddess bless our Empire.”    

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    This year’s founding day was a fortuitous day in the history of our grand Empire, united in faith, as it was the three-hundredth and twenty-fifth anniversary of when humankind first set foot upon the planet of Moroz. Celebrations have been held throughout the Empire to honour the memory of our pioneering ancestors, who traveled so far to arrive upon what would become the heartland of our grand Empire. Imperial subjects as far afield from our lands as the Republic of Biesel have held magnificent celebrations honouring our predecessors, with His Majesty’s embassy in the Republic of Biesel serving as a place of congregation for good Imperial subjects in the system that wish to honour our predecessors. Embassy security has assured our reports that, despite protests, Founding Day celebrations have continued regardless.


    The Imperial capitol of Nova Luxembourg has seen a grand celebration of Founding Day, with the festivities continuing well into the evening. Crown Princess Priscilla Keeser - the heir apparent - has addressed the Empire from the Imperial Palace of Moroz alongside Emperor and Empress Keeser with a rousing speech calling for unity amongst the people of the Empire on this most magnanimous of days. In a rare gesture, she extended an olive branch even to Fisanduh, which shares our grand holiday despite their unwillingness to accept the rightful rule of Moroz by the Goddess’ own Empire of Dominia, calling for the rebels to respect our mutual origins on this day. In honour of Founding Day the royal family, spearheaded by Crown Princess Priscilla, has established a significant fund for the personnel and families of personnel injured or killed in the liberation of Lakto Prime. While those that have fallen in Her name are generally honoured with the Feast of Remembrance in early August, the Crown Princess has become renowned throughout the Orion Spur for such acts of generosity.


    Praise the Goddess in all you do, for without Her there is no Empire.

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Crown Princess Condemns Ongoing Violence in the “Wildlands”

Act 1 Article 14 of the Amor Patriae arc

Following the Imperial News Network’s traditional opening bells, and part of the Imperial anthem, the camera fades into a view of a Morozian man in a suit typical to the Empire’s lower nobility, though it lacks the ornamentation of any of the five great houses.

“Good day, and praise the Goddess in all you do. I am Valentin de Blanchet, your host for this event. Over the past months as our glorious Empire has contributed to prosper, and we have given thanks to both Goddess and Emperor for their wisdom in avoiding the poisoner chalice of phoron, much of the former Solarian Alliance — known as the “Wildlands” in their dialect — has been wracked by the scourge of violence. The heir apparent, Crown Princess Priscilla, has been chosen to speak on behalf of His Majesty, who is currently recovering from an illness. We now go to the palace, where the Crown Princess is preparing to speak.

The camera switched to Priscilla Keeser, who is currently seated in a quite nice-looking chair with one leg crossed over the other. She is, as perhaps expected of royalty, poised and elegant in both her posture and garments, which appear to be a high-quality noblewoman’s dress in the strikingly red colors of the royal family. Two guards, one male and one female, clad in the dress uniform of the royal family’s bodyguard, stand behind her at attention.

“Citizens of our glorious Empire,” the Princess begins. “I and my father wish you good health and hope you have kept both Empire and Goddess in your hearts as we approach the Feast of Faith.

“Our Empire has much to thank Our Lady the Goddess for, as it is through Her wisdom we have avoided much of the suffering which has blighted the Spur since the start of the phoron crisis, which has direly impacted many nations of the Spur which do not heed Her wisdom as our Empire does.

“Perhaps no area has been impacted more by the crisis than the northern Solarian Alliance. This region has recently fallen into a civil war which threatens to draw the broader Spur into a conflict perhaps more destructive than the Interstellar War. Much of the blame for this can be placed firmly upon the shoulders of men and women whose ambition is untempered by faith and the compassion which grows from Her.”

The Crown Princess pauses for a moment before speaking again, seemingly to let her previous words sink in.

“Rest assured as the Empire, through both Her wisdom and that of the Emperor, shall not involve itself in such a conflict. We will remain resolute in the defense of our borders against any aggression, and we shall seek to bring Her guidance abroad, but we shall not become involved in a Solarian conflict. Thank you, and praise the Goddess through both your words and deeds for without Her, there is no Empire.”

The broadcast fades out to the polite clapping of several unseen dignitaries.

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Unathi Heretics Caught at the Border
Stoking the Flames Arc, Article 6

This morning, a number of heretics attempting to cross into Imperial space were apprehended as they were landing in Nova Luxembourg. They were immediately taken to the Nova Luxembourg Jail and questioned by the Tribunal Investigations Constabulary before being swiftly executed. According to a representative from the Royal Guard, those captured were a group of high-ranking Si’akh Fire Priests who were attempting to cause upheaval in the Empire.

Chief Minister of Unathi Affairs Kasz Han’san was quick to respond, and had this to say regarding the situation:


"Our nature, as Unathi, does not make us any more susceptible to embrace this "Si'akh" heresy. Far from it, in fact, for what the Empire and the Goddess have offered us, for what we owe, we will never turn our backs on them."

Additionally, the Great House Kazkhz-Han’san has announced that they will be making several significant donations to the Holy Tribunal, to aid in further defending the sanctity of Her Immortal Empire against foreign heretics both Unathi and human.

During a press release later in the day, His Imperial Majesty Bolesław Keeser had this to say:


“I have no doubt that the Unathi in the Empire are and will remain loyal to the Goddess. It is clear that the Hegemon is unable to control his own heresies, and that other nations around the Spur should be on the lookout for these ‘Fire Priests’ lest they face unrest.”

Praise the Goddess, for without Her we would not have the foresight to deal with unrest before it rears its ugly head.

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