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Custom Assistant Titles


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The option to choose between the default title of 'Assistant', and another, custom title. It would prevent wasting time at the Head of Personnel's office, and makes more sense roleplay-wise. For example, a dedicated musician character on contract to provide entertainment on the Aurora would probably have their own title, on their ID. It doesn't make sense to require this person, having a specific role on the station, to annoy the Head of Personnel with requests and papers so that they can be properly ID'd. It does have potential for abuse, but adding a note to the rules on character creation(or a reference to the 'Don't be a dick' rule, or 'Use common sense') would serve as a warning for those who would want to abuse the function, and the moderation staff would probably hear about anyone with an ID saying 'Prostitute', or any other such title that wouldn't be given out by Nanotrasen. This could also extend to the departmental assistant positions, an example being a structural safety inspector for engineering, or a test subject for research/medical.


-Can enhance roleplay, save on wasting a Head of Personnel's time.

-A character has more identity, and doesn't need to worry about being denied because the Head of Personnel doesn't like the title/idea, even though this position may be the character's entire point of being on the Aurora, or the lack of a head of staff able to change your character's ID.


-Definitely abuse-able, but again, the staff and a warning could easily fix this.

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We already had this suggestion a long time ago and it was resolved with the department specific assistants.

As for custom titles like musician, well first we have no musical instruments on station other than events, and I don't see what other titles you could need and still only have the basic assistant access?

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I meant, the option to have the ID title changed from assistant, to something more specific and appropriate. Musician was just an example, another could be 'Bouncer', 'Magician', (While these two titles aren't particularly great examples, I'm sure if this were implemented, it could be used in many fun and interesting ways.) or another title. It's just for characters with role play-centric jobs in mind, who don't want to have to bother the HoP, or have their request denied because the HoP doesn't like their proposal. It'd be especially useful for characters who aren't just gimmicks, but their custom title is part of the character themself.

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Assistants on the station are supposed to go to the HoP if they want to be assigned to something more specific, guys. Instead of this little function, then go to the HoP, and you can make RP there if he so chooses to accept or deny your application or maybe he decides to give you a little aptitude test of sorts. Cutting out the middle man is always efficient, but is it ever the most enjoyable? No because it cuts out interaction.

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I'm siding with Tishina. Further more, the specific titles pitched sound completely out of place for a research station and are even more dependent on staff setup than the departmental assistants. Instead of having these, or offering user input, just go and talk to the HoP.

No, you can't be a special private detective or bouncer every round that way, but the trade off is the lack of "Erec Bellard, Buttscratcher, has arrived on the station," type announcements. Plus, if we got this, people would start towing the line on what is acceptable, and what is not. Which will cause arguments and the whole charade along those lines.

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"Water boy"








Plenty of little subservient jobs. Making them optional titles would be nice, as well as easy, and you wouldn't need to rely on an HoP being around.


We already have a doorman position. The AI fills it.

Security has a "reception" checkpoint at arrivals.

Cargo Tech is a polite euphamism for porter.

Service droids are so obviously the butlers.

Balds are pretty entertaining.

The warden is sorta like a secretary...

And a water boy? In space? For reals? *thwack*

Having a waiter as a standard slot seems a bit excessive and rarely useful, and anyone who wants a secretary is going to want them to have access, so that goes through the HoP anyway.

I could see adding the courier position, though. People do do a lot of sending stuff around, and having someone to carry small items and paperwork could be useful.

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