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Lord Fowl's Dionaea Whitelist

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BYOND Key:Lord Fowl

Character Names:Maximus Crane, ASIMOV, Radigan Connelly, OVERWATCH/Solo

How long have you been playing on Aurora: Two weeks or so

Species you are applying to play:Dionaea

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): N/A

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yep

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Out of all the possible species to play as, the Dionaea attract me on a level that truly resonates with me. The Unathi and the Tajaran don’t even come close to attracting my attention, and the IPC would just be a free version of my synthetic characters, so the Dionaea really is the only one that is even applicable to my nature.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:On a deeper and fundamental level, the Dionaea are radically different than humans because they are not a singular multicellular organism, but a collective of organisms. They are naïve by nature, and undyingly curious. They are just to me radically different than mankind in almost every way, from birth to death.

Why does this species in particular hold your interest? Really, the two above paragraphs quantify my interest pretty well. Their inquisitive nature, their collective body, their life-cycle. Its lore just strikes me as sound, its mechanics are interesting, and I feel I can roleplay an inquisitive character pretty well.

Character Name: Two Birds, Beaks Together.

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs We were born from the dark expanse of nothingness into the plains of steel. Great trees of iron held the heavens from the earth. The sky was of metal, and the expanse was infinite. We reached out tentatively, and our approach was blocked by a force of nothingness, separating us from the infinite void, from those beautiful pinpricks of blinding light that spilled upon a canvas of pure, pitch blackness. We turned, and beheld the other side of the universe; we saw many boxes of steel and of metal, and within creatures, creatures of many numbers. Some strode upon their legs, and some upon their arms, and some did not stride at all, choosing merely to levitate. One creature did not choose to contain itself within the boxes, and instead stood in front of us. Soon, our world began to rise, and we saw into the eyes of this creature. It opened wide its maw, and forth issued so much hot air. We scurried to the edge of our world, and pricked him on the finger, a drop of blood issuing into our proboscis. Our world shook, and then fell with a loud bang to the world below. The creatures genetic and memetic knowledge was ours, and with it we contemplated his words deeply. “Oi, nasty lil’ bugger!” We comprehended much of what we saw. We were within the “cage”. Without was the “space”, and within was ourselves. Upon the other side was the “ship”, and within this ship were many “animals”. “bears”, “apes”, and “birds”. The creature without the cage was known as “Human”, and he was lord of all in this universe. He was “piloting” us all to a region of space known as “Tau Ceti”. It was within this “system” (A cluster of rocks, that surrounded those beautiful pinpricks of light. . . We could not wait) that our animal companions would be sold to a “zoo”. The humans appeared to enjoy spectacles of existence, and “Terran” animals were a peculiarity. Ourselves however were to stay with the pilot, a “pet”. We wondered why the pilot need not give us to the zoo as well. It knew something of “regulations”. These regulations appeared to bind it. We contemplated upon this as we travelled.

It was many moments of foreign time later, we now recognize to be hours, that we arrived in Tau Ceti. Silence invaded our universe, for all slumbered except for us. We gazed outside, into infinite space, at the approaching light. It was marvelous, and so large. The humans called it a “star”, and we were overjoyed that our universe appeared to be “on course” directly into it. Our contemplations were interrupted by a dire voice that came from nothingness. “Error. Error. Trajectory computer malfunctioning. Emergency alert; this vessel is on direct course with object TAU CETI. Projecting fatality rate if impact with TAU CETI is not avoided: ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Causes of death: Extreme temperatures, radiation seven hundred REM. Automatic pilot is disabled. Manual control is required.” We heard this message repeat six and a half times before it was cut off. From beyond our universe resounded a great and tremendous word. “FUUUCKK!”. Our universe began to swerve immensely, and soon the beautiful light was moving as well. It was so very large at this point. The voice from nothingness began to resound again. “ERROR ERROR. Trajectory with TAU CETI is avoided. However, this ship has a ninety nine percent chance of undergoing radiation exceeding three hundred and fifty REM. Please don a radiation suit immediately. Radiation shielding modules are not installed on this vessel.”. The universe’s end opened, and the human ran out quickly. He opened what they call a “closet”, and pulled out a large “radiation suit” donning it immediately. We began to tingle. The monkeys began to screech, and then they began to vomit. The bears lay deep within their cage. In the far corner of the universe, the two birds began to hoot. Light began to fill our universe, and the two birds vomited. Whining, they flapped to one another, and upon their hind legs they stood like the manfolk. The universe began to wobble, and then suddenly the birds came together, in an embrace. A blinding light filled the universe, and we felt whole.

Two weeks later, when we arrived upon the rock known as “Luthien”, the master of our universe brought us from our cage, and took us from our universe, into a new realm of light. As we traversed from point to point, we beheld the scene of “emergency”. Vomit covered the cages, and animals lay motionless. As we traversed through the airlock, in the most distant cage, there lay an eternal embrace; two birds, beaks together.

It was upon this rock known as Luthien we did develop, and it was with much excitement that we came upon the space place known as the “Aurora”, for much can be learned from there. And when the time is correct, we can peer through the invisible force that the humans call windows, and we can see framed upon the massive canvas of blackness one great point of light that man calls Tau Ceti, and we recall distinctly two birds, beaks together once again.

What do you like about this character?Uhh, well he’s Diona, and he has Dionaea attributes, but he is also a character that I made. I don’t really know what I’m meant to say here, but really it is his inquisitive and naïve character that most Dionaea tend to possess.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?I’d say I rate fairly well. I certainly wouldn’t call myself the best, but I hope I’m not the worst.

Notes: I was probably going to put something, but at this point I've forgotten. The one problem with this forum is that it doesn't save incomplete and unsent replies or topics.

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That is... wow. That is a very well-written backstory. I think you deserve the whitelist just for that alone.

I haven't had much interaction with your characters, beyond observing, but I haven't seen anything unbelievable, or anything that would give me doubts about your ability to RP a diona. +1 from me.

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I would have to voice concern.

Though I think Bear's backstory is decent, most of the interactions I've had with your characters, such as ASIMOV, have left me with a slightly sour taste in my mouth, or at least a questioning of your grasp on other species. I'd have to watch you again or interact with him and your other characters to see how things have improved since last, but until then, I'm unfortunately against this app.


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I love the backstory.I have a single issue with your application, and that is the name. Our server prohibits referential names, and your name is a highly referential name to popular joke amongst the Fallout community. The image that was first posted is an ink blot that's part of a test that you need to take at the start of New Vegas. The staff noticed it looked like two bears high fiveing, and named an NPC exactly that in a DLC. I'm not going to support your referential name, and I highly suggest changing it in your application because it won't fly on the server. If its changed , you get my +1 as I believe you are a good roleplayer, and someone that sticks to his guns when it comes to consisten good RP.

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I'd really like to hear your complaints fleshed out, Jennalele. I'd really appreciate if you'd send me a PM on the matter, because I more than anybody else would like to see my roleplay improve. I'd really appreciate case examples as well.

As to you, Tishina, I can see where you're coming from. It will however require some thought, because the name is highly linked with the backstory, as it is a Diona. So if it takes a while, its not because I'm ignoring the complaint, but because I'm trying to think of a suitable replacement name.

EDIT: While I'm editing, I might as well change "forelegs" to "hindlegs". THAT sure must've been an awkward embrace >,>

EDIT2: I figure just changing it from "bear" to some other animal will probably obfuscate the chain of thought leading some to believe it to be referential, thus obviating the need to modify the backstory to some great extent. While I feel this bastardizes the name to some lesser extent, I am willing to make the sacrifice on account of it being perhaps referential.

EDIT3: I decided that as Farwa were in essence a mythical creature, it became rather hard to associate with them, or to apply to them any sense of pity or human qualities. The bears proved a much more suitable animal. However, I have changed "palms" to "arms", as "palms together" isn't really an embrace.

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