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Airlock Pressure Sensor


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Okay, so by airlock I mean the normal doors... they're airlocks, apperently.

So here's the thing... it makes sense that doors on a space station would be able to tell if the atmosphere in either of the non-door/wall tiles adjacent to it were the same pressure. And if they're more than 1 or 2 psi different, the bolt light (assuming lights are on) turns yellow and the door won't open automatically. Or for beepsky, though it would still open if clicked on. That would help contain most atmospheric problems and warn people before they're going into a location with more or less pressure (especially in access corridores, which often don't have air alarms or emergency shutters).

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Not every area need a firelock.

People need to stop opening firelocks as that is the main reason for the station venting when something happens.

The air alarms job to detect pressure change, the extra processing power required to put a sensor on every door is like zas checking each tile every tick.

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Impractical, honestly. A lockdown at every 1 to 2 kilopascal will end in terrible flickering, causing more confusion than firelocks already do.

Further more, almost all important areas have an air alarm, fire alarm and firelocks. If you think that an important area is lacking firelocks, please, do let us know. But as it stands, I think the majority are under proper lockdown.

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As someone who plays security often, I generally have to go into maintenance tunnel. The issue with that is that if a tunnel is breached, then. Engineering generally (not going to say all because that would be a lie) does one of two things:

1) Doesn't announce the breach.

2) They do not put engineering tape up while working on the breach.

Rarely, both happen.

I'm not saying all of engineering is incompetent. I mean , we're all most surely not even working in a field were interested in irl so it's normal for fuck ups like that. The issue win this is that since there is no way of telling if maintenance is breached or not, means that security or medical or other personnel will open the tunnel, spread the breach without knowing, and then all of engineering berates the person calling them idiots by shunting the blame on them on the unknowing personnel. I can understand not wanting to give maintenance tunnels, but some form of warning for a maintenance tunnel would work wonders. I assure you that if a tunnel is breached, then it's almost certain that it will be spread. Whether it's because engineering forgot to put tape or because somebody forgot where the announced breach was while not having a way of knowing, etc. I think Raven's idea is logically sound both OOC'ly and IC'ly because OOC'ly it prevents this, and IC'ly it's a serious health and safety violation for a room to not have any form of automatic indication that it is breached or on fire. I assure you whatever Sol Gov department handles safety inspections would have a field day with the Aurora.

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Okay, so maybe 1 or 2 psi is too low a threashhold, but the idea is sound. Even when people respect the shutters (which is rare enough), pressure loss often spreads like wildfire through maintenance corridores. But more than that, I've seen sooo many engineers tossed around by opening a tunnel that they think is either pressurized or depressurized. Which is bad when they have hardsuits on, and worse when they don't.

Also, beepsky. Yes, he can be turned off, but it rarely happens before he's started spreading the problem. As it stands, he does more harm than good.

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as an engineer, beepsky does more damage to the station's oxygen supply than any meteor shower I've seen in the past 4 months.

I''ve called for security to lock it down before, because we had a breach in maint and port primary, by the time I saw beepsky roaming around 20 minutes later all of primary was at 20kpa and the super easy 4 tile fix took another 30 minutes to fully restore oxygen to the station.

I've taken to wrapping beepsky up in engineering tape in an emergency. There needs to be a remote turnoff rather than running to him and hoping the menus load before he shoves off on the next two tiles of his patrol route.

and yeah, a lot of engineers don't put up the tape, I personally do, but they figure it's better to get the issue solved than put up a warning when we told everyone to stay away from the area anyway. The AI and command staff knows about the breach locations, we're working to fix the issue not hold the hand of security officers who really need to open that airlock this second.

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, we're working to fix the issue not hold the hand of security officers who really need to open that airlock this second.


Except that failure to put up engineering tape (literally take something out of your pocket and click the door and DONE) is neglect of duty; serious neglect of duty if someone opens the door. Let's also not forget new arrivals. How do YOU expect them to know? It's extremely common for someone to join mid-round, and their department doesn't tell them squat. Wanna know the last three times I opened a door to a breached tunnel? Being a new arriving officer, and using he maintanance tunnel, not knowing it was breached because I JUST arrived, engineering deciding NOT to put up tape, and then everybody calling me a retarded redshirt both in IC and LOOC. Not putting tape up is endangering lives, man, and you're trying to SAVE those lives.

If you know you can do you job properly, but choose not to, then that's fine by me. I'll arrest you all the same for the charges I said above after the crisis. I always forgive players that I know did it as a mistake because often breached are in places with a firelock. Anyone opening those get exactly what's coming to them. If you don't take even the three seconds it takes to put tape, then you should change that because aside from somebody saying a tunnel is breached on the radio, there is NOTHING else telling people that the tunnel is breached if it hasn't spread. And don't get me started in operatives that break tcomm and then tunnels. Or all of the other things that can happen to stop your announcement from being heard. Ever seen a crime scene without tape? Ever seen men working on the road without tape or traffic cones set up in their perimeter? No because these things naturally tell you "Do not pass. Sensitive work going on"

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arguing about tape isn't the point of this thread, but I think huge fire doors being down might prompt at least a 'is it safe to go into maint? i see doors down all over the place.' Not our fault your department didn't tell you something they've already been informed about

just be happy tapes goes up when it does.

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Sounds to me like this issue could be fixed if we started purging engineers that don't do their job properly. Half the time when you see firelocks, the first thing through your mind is how to get around the lockdown--via maintenance. Naturally, engineers hardly ever put up tape, and the unwitting get sucked into space as all the engineers laugh at the puny mortals and their lack of omniscience. At least, that's what I'm reading here.

If you can't be bothered to do your job right, get a different job. Good Security gives warnings and puts up crime tape. Good Research gives warnings and puts up data sheets. Good Medical gives reminders and keeps up medical records. Good Engineering, naturally, gives warnings and puts up construction tape.

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Yeah, no, I'm not arguing tape with you. I'll just handle it IC'ly every time it happens.

The thing is that it's sort of doesn't work like that with firelocks? Every nuke and heist round the glass hallway in Eva maintenance gets broken and nobody knows that hall is breached at a glance. Why? Because they have no firelocks. Engineer griefers? Break a single wall in maintenance and nobody knows that hall is breached. Why ? Because they have no firelocks. Hell, any antag with Eva capabilities does that as a matter of fact to get in and out. If it's a maintenance tunnel that's breached but no other adjacent room, there is no firelocks or tape. There is a perfect IC and OOC reason to implement it.

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I agree, pressure bounds for doors would be great, obviously not 1 or 2, but 20 or 30 requiring a manual click to open (if possible) compared to walking into it

however, I could see this eating up a lot of processing power (the system would have to check two tiles every time a door was triggered to be opened)

I, personally, encourage liberal use of engineering tape. If I'm laying it down, I'll tape off the door itself, then usually across the door, then I'll tape up Beepsky when it walks by, and if there is ANY way around I'll usually tape off an entire hallway because I don't want people messing with our inflatable barriers. It really depends on the engineering staff any given shift. I've had teams that put up inflatables on both sides of every maint airlock with walls blocking off areas to keep atmos issues from spreading, and I've seen ones use their crowbars to open firelocks to get to an area, leaving them wide open, and then venting the entire primary.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

If you shift-flick downed firelocks it tells you the pressure in the tiles around it. As well as this, they refuse to open if the pressure is too low, and you have to crowbar them.

I have seen firelock types on other servers that flash when the other side is vented, so maybe we could incorporate that visual method of saying "Don't fucking open this you twat"?

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